Holy crap, humbled in training mode. Halp

So I’m giving Birdie a try, and figured I messed around in training mode.

I set the Ryu dummy to St.lk or LP hado or jump Mk.

Mostly wanted to train my anti airing.

Holy SHIT. Did it for about 20 min at about round start distance. I’d say about 90% of the jumpins I got counter hit on the jump Mk. Not traded – I got hit on startup frames.

My reactions are SLOW. Any suggestions, or just go back to playing invincible DP chars? Or just more practice – AAing with MP DP for however long has given muscle memory.

Thanks for any help.

Just did the same exercise as Ryu. Slightly better luck with anti airing, but was also trying to count hado with hado. That ended up with me counter hit about 70% or so.

Just wow.

More practice. Don’t “just go back to playing invincible DP chars”. Why? Because it’s much easier to AA with a good normal. Practice AAing with normals and then use SRKs. Think about how fast you can press cr. HP compared to pressing an SRK motion. Not to mention, you’re probably screwing up the motion some of the time because you’re panicking.

Practiced some more and it got marginally better. Still though, damn, I had no idea I was this bad at AAing.

Is it normal to have to practice something this simple so much?

Ok so I back up a step and just had the dummy spam jumpins on me as I attempted to AA with Birdie’s c.MP. even that was a struggle to do consistently at first — hour or so of practice over the last few days has helped lots though.

I guess to all the other terribads, doing some of this super basic practice is probably really worthwhile, especially if you have slow reactions like I do. I’m pretty sure like half my losses are due to being free to jump in on.

Once I can always do it 10 times both sides with no trades I’m gunna work in the comp fireballing again.

I’m thinking this is a way better way to spend training time at the moment than practicing combos.

Any suggestions anyone?