Holy Crap! Over 23,000 viewers on the stream!

EVO staff, you guys outdid yourselves this year!

Sure, there were hiccups here and there, with the streams randomly cutting off, but overall, an epic event!

The Grand Finals for SFIV was a nail-biter!


Lived up to the hype.

Had to be the biggest Evo yet. The stream had some lag, but even then, I was at the edge of my seat.

I was one of the 23,000+ viewers.


It was so awesome having a stream.

Stream was laggy but matches were INSANE.
I’m going to buy the DVD this year, totally nuts.

And srk has 21k accounts. I had a small party at my place. good stuff.

…there no DVD, just IGN Insider for 15 bones. GET IT!:rock:

Id definately rather the DVD than IGN insider. :-/

Stream was bad for me, but thanks to Keits and Seth, everything was all good.

DVD would be better than IGN insider, but going pure digital saves a ton of time.

23k = good shit. Too bad they didn’t reach their goal of 30k.

maybe not 30k streams but with the croud of 2-4k and people at other peoples homes and stuff i bet it was at least 25-40 ez

Yea, stream on my end was horrible. It would freeze so many times, all I can think of was F5 F5 F5 F5


That’s awesome.

I am so going to get it.

IGN Insider.

Fifteen dollars.


Final destination.

Oh I see, thanks.

You are welcome.

It is what I do. I help people.

Should anyone get the IGN Insider and see the footage, please report on the quality.

Pretty incredible, some friends and I watched it on the big screen (laptop video out), first time I’ve ever done a “superbowl” type event. :smiley:

i’ll let you know asap cuzzins

Yeah, can’t wait to watch it. Live stream was laggy. And the chat seemed to be racist and annoying. Other then that. the matches were fun to watch. Made me wish I was there.

Ustream cheat was epic failure but I had the video just pop up only.

The framerate was my only gripe.