--- [ Holy Hay Mixahs Back On The Request Line! ] ---

  1. no complex animations…
  2. must provide email, because i can’t access my FTP right now
  3. i’ll do only 10 requests
  4. ask away!!!


10/10 i’m done

ite, jiorn got back to me

i’m done… don’t clsoe thread tho… i needa post up shit

kool mind makin me an ava wit luffy heres the pic…


thanx in advance

ite… give me ur email so i can send it to u

striderhiryu2005@yahoo.com sorry bout that :sweat:



Holy hay why the fuck don’t I have your autograph yet?

you never asked

Hey Mixah!..could i get a Katamari Damacy Av? Using this picture:


I’m not sure if you’ve played the game, but if you could, please make the background of the Av kind of cartoony…something that would fit the whole theme of the Av. Oh and if you could put my name on there somewhere (Mickey D’) that would be great…thanks!

e-mail: ewhsdavism@gmail.com

aite, fa sho mike!

haha, take it easy, i’ll have it done later today… @ work right now

sup mixah let me get AV using this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v511/wassabbi/untitled.jpg email is lilb8bythug@yahoo.com

yeah. i’ll try to get to both of them after school work today

I need a good avatar, I like Jack from Tekken 5, I would enjoy a Tekken-5 Avatar with some animation if possible, but not needed. Please have it say either Dan-5 or Bohnett…Thank you.

give me your email address

mickey D… sent

wassabbi yours can’t be sent right now for some reason


nvm, sent

sank you M

could you chop up the Empire Av for soul calibur.com for me please. Here are the specs. Just make is look as good as you can for a small image. .Thanx bro

Using the standard empire av


Note: the maximum size of your custom image is 62 by 62 pixels or 15360 bytes (whichever is smaller). Only JPG images are allowed! Regardless of the uploaded image dimensions, the avatar will be displayed at 62 by 62

also can you make inverted one also use my av as a reference

email is c0mb0_n00bie@yahoo.com

Request PM’d.


Ok I want this picture, what the words Daytoendalldays on it somehow…maybe in pink I don’t know…be creative

here is the pic