--- [ Holy Hay Mixahs Back On The Request Line! ] ---

tnx mixah

raekwon - i got the layout for it done, however, i need somebody to let me know what font the EA logo uses… or, if somebody can give me the original PSD file for it, i can use that instead… other than that, i do have one readily available… but no EA logo on it yet.

jiorn… for some reason my browser wont’ let me view it. could you please just copy / paste it into the thread. i appriciate that more than a PM, thanks

Daytoendalldays - yup, i’ll get right on it :slight_smile:
and that picture is DISTURBING

jiorn, got it


I need your email address… so i can send it to you

as of right now, all requests are done, except raekwons

i need jiorns description better

daytoendalldays email address

bohnett’s email address

this is the original av maybe this can help

PM sent

arite… i got my FTP up again



Raekwon, I already have the original. i need a file with the text type, or it wont look right.
Jiorn, fix the link, and i’ll see what i can do sir…

Kick ass, thanks a bunch man:clap:

do what u can. I preciate the work.

Hiya m1x4h, could you make me an avatar with a pic poison? I think this pic will suffice. http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v289/aviran_naor/hugo-badass.jpg

Somewhere on their I’d like the words DK in there. Thx in advance

raekwon, you’re up


dpossum, sure thing…


jiorn… check your pm’s


thanx bro


all spots are taken

kataki’s makotot avatar is the last one

you av is sexy

hah… i’m most flattered(tho i know its a temporary tote lol)

and my ham sandwhich can wait till 2k6… I have an old av ima use after nec.

feel the love nonethaless :tup:

kataki: pick up


if jiorn doesn’t get back to me in 1 day, i’ll do one moer



Sorry to bug you, this avatar you made is absolutely SICK. However, (here comes the complaint :sad:) I was wondering if you could place the name “DPossum” to the left of the poison picture away from her hair and to the right of the poison sprite past her cap. I think the outlining with red looks absolutely brilliant. If possible, I was wondering if you could form the named DPossum sorta hanging between the picture and the sprite while forming the outline. Sorry for being complicated, but I’ve seriously made up my mind that this is going to be my permanent avatar.

i dont’ know if i follow you

what do you want with “dk”