Holy Jebus Crap.... Yang vs MAKOTO

It’s so hard to play against this character. This guy that I play against keep using that move where makoto shouts “GAY DOH!!!”. First he does either a crouching light kick or a crouching medium kick, I don’t know which one it is since I never used makoto before then he follows it up with that move. Afterwards he either repeats it against or he does this grab where makoto picks up my character chokes yang and puts me down and I can’t move for like half a second. This grab from makoto has so much range compared to yang’s grab too.

Also after he does that “gay doh” move I try mashing crouch light kick but his grab beats out that… WTF?? :wasted:

I can see Yang starting the grab motion, but halfway through his grabbing motion makoto GRABS YANG FIRST.

Plus the stupid thing is that after he does that move, he does crouching medium/light kick and does it again, but heres the stupid thing… I block low, but his light/medium kick connects anyways… and its always a 2 hit combo. He does that 2 hit combo, and somehow after he does that charging move with makoto he can connect it against with another crouch light/medium kick.

english please? If you wanna get out of the command grab the only reliable way is to jump out.

Maybe I didn’t explain it clear enough, but this is how it is.

Makoto does crouch mk, then her punch move which I don’t know what it’s called.

It says 2 hit combo.

Afterwards he does crouch mk or lk again, and I am blocking low… but it still connects. What’s with this? He did it 3 times in a row and all 3 times I was blocking low and it still hit.

Look at where you’re holding the stick. It may not recognize that you’re holding down-back.

Uh. IIRC low forward xx hayate doesn’t combo. In fact, the only thing you can get off a low forward is a linked SA1. You’re talking about low short.

Also it sounds like the stick you’re using is shit.

Makoto’s tough. Even when they don’t reverse slashes with SA1, it’s still hard because everything does so much damage, and Yang doesn’t have reliable ways to make a comeback unless you’re very consistent in your mixups. Arcadia chart had it as 7-3 for Makoto but I’d say it’s more winnable than that. Here’s a good video of what NOT to do! I think this was the first time I picked Yang in a tournament.


There’s also another Makoto thread lower down on the page.

Edit: I doubt the Makoto you played was any good, aside from Henry what Makotos even play at Funland?

Ah well I don’t know much people who play at funland, but makoto’s command grab is so hard to get out of.

thats low short x jab hayate.

if he gets into the habit of karakusaing you after the 2hit combo, just jump up and punish on the way down.

however he’ll probably see this and start smacking you down with short x ex oroshi or jump up along with you and hit you with a chunky roundhouse.