HOLY MOLY! Giant ball of light over Wisconsin!


If I was there to witness it irl, I’d probably think it was the end of the world… :amazed:

Black Jesus is coming.

crap that would be scary to witness

Christine McNorris.


It probably landed on Lambeau Field with the Packers’ luck.

my faith in meteorologist has disappeared. shouldnt someone have known about that thing flying toward us? this is why we’re going to die in 2012, cuz no one will see it coming. lol.:confused:

They misfired, it was suppose to go underground to make more earthquakes.

It was a warning shot…

wow, that’s creepy

Shit, I was practicing throwing my genkidama. Didn’t think anyone was around.


This video needs some DBZ BGM in the background

I’m thinking a selection from the “Clash! 10 Billion Power Warrors” Movie suite.

Oh shit.

Now thisis gonna happen.

It’s ok, I’m pure of heart and deflected it into mt rushmore.

That’s just a Sinistral from Lufia 2.

Oh shit. It’s Jenova.

Astronomy clearly can no longer be trusted
Back to Astrology everyone!

lol :shake:

There was a giant ball of light over austin today too, it came over east horizon this morning and took all day to cross the sky before going over the west horizon! Shit was CRAZY :looney:

This stuff happens more than people think. About a year and a half ago, a meteorite was seen over Canada.



why are people on SRK so stupid it was a weather balloon! :party:

i’d like to find a meteorite, how much are they worth, does anyone know?

That was a whiffed Tiger Cannon.