Holy nutsack wtf is up with the influx of online giefs lately?


If Cammy wins next year’s evo, will we see more hooligan hoes? Christ. I must’ve played like 50 giefs online yesterday. I get randoms that normally spam jab srk’s now spam kick lariat. Luckily I used to main Gief, so that counterpicking crap doesn’t work on me. :looney:


I, for one, support this newfound Zangief popularity. :angel:


You know why…


Thanks Snake Eyez…



I haven’t ran into many :-\


Yes thanks to Snake Eyez, we get shit like this:

2010 Comic-Con - Costumes - Photo Gallery on Yahoo! Movies


LOL Dude shoulda cosplayed Honda.


Compare with: http://thelo.ca/uploads/zangief.jpg


Much cooler Zangief, and his beard is real too. Extra points for that.


Oh for sure. Thelo’s link shows muscles. Mine is a fat tub of lard. I think Rufus should’ve been his constume.


I know that they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I’ve been on a diet lately…


I rather to see a ton of zangiefs than seeing the same ryu flowchart… think about it, ryu has been the most used and overused character in 16 years!


So says the Ken player! :razzy:

Edit: anyway, it’s kinda true.


I’m guessing on PSN? I haven’t seen any randoms going wild over picking Gief’s on XBL, at least not yet anyways.


Damn I noticed this too I think I played like 5 different Giefs in a row on scoreboard matches on PSN earlier.


Dude both of those Gief costumes are bad assskk. I wish someone did like a vega or a dhalsim.

Last time I played there were a bunch of cheap giefs online it was weird


Yeah me neither, even when we played you didn’t use Gief…Last time i played gief was against Rashid-o…

PSN - I’ve notice more Chun’s on here then 360, also akuma


I don’t think it is a bad thing. We all need the Gief match up practice don’t we :karate:


Everyone’s copying my pad 'gief…
It’s just a fad, give it a few weeks and everyone will go back to picking their good characters.


but Zangief is a good character…