HOLY SHIT UFC e3 footage

well…er If there is already a thread for this feel free to close this one down.

But I just saw the trailer for UFC ps3 and shit…if this is in game i.e not pre rendered then damn best looking 3d fighter period

check it the fuck out I mean the sweat and each blow makes me cringe.

nice fmv of a non fighting game

…hmmmmm so what exactly stops this game from being considered a fighting game ?

and if its not a fighting game then what is it, and don’t say sport

Funny guy. Otherwise, we would have Fight Night on the boards too.

That’s the old trailer, not gameplay.

The new trailer is with Rampage and Forrest, with gameplay.
Unfortunately, that trailer looks like crap.

This is actually a really interesting discussion. maybe I should change the nature of the thread - to what defines a fighting game ?

But basically people are not calling this a fighting game. on the grounds that it is shit…which I agree now that I have seen IN-GAME footage but the point is that as much as it doesn’t appeal to are personal tastes"This is a fighting game", a shit one but it is a fighter.

when people say games like this are not fighters I get irritated becasue its like taking Mario Kart and Gran Turismo and saying that gran Turismo is not a racing game, just becasue it ain’t got flash and air juggles doesn’t stop it from being considered a fighter, just like how Gran Turismo hasn’t got boost and a revenge meter dosn’t stop it from being a racer.

Please discuss…

p.s. the visuals from the trailer may not be ingame but These viduals can be done on this current gen, developers just need to get there head around it. Trust me coming from within Square enix I can say that they will probs be the first to do it.

I could have sworn there was already a thread someone made about this issue a while back. Might want to try searching.

Its a sports game first and fighter second.

thats better at least people are willing to acknowledge that it is a fighter in some sense.

Nocturnal - I think your right someone one must have this discussion somwhere on SRK I mean its a pretty rich topic .

  • Sqaure enix are currently working on a fighting title and the reason why I changed this discusion is becasue it seem more appropriote(you coul say antural evolution of teh topic).The new fighter is more like a roaming 3D fighter and they are looking into to seeing if there is a market for this kind of fighter in what they would describe as the Hardcore community ?

  • is it possible to get your say on this game and the appraoch that SRK will have towards it ?

Well, people call Smash a fighter, so I guess anything is possible.

It’s pretty simple; Sports games are games that are based, focuses and follow the rules of a certain sport (Boxing, wrestling, ect), while fighting games do not. Fighting games are just two guys beating the crap out of each other, with little to no relation to an actual sport. And that “little” is usually “some character is based on some style of sport” or “some sports have guys beating the crap out of each other”.
Maybe you could consider “If you can reasonably see these kinds of fights in real life, it’s a sports game. If not, it’s a fighting game”.

There are many games that are shit and considered a “fighting game”. You probably just didn’t search…at all. Heck, you can probably Youtube search “worst fighting games”.


I see you didn’t understand that part either.:rofl:

Basically Gran Turismo and Maro kart are both racers, but on is more sports orientated but at there route people are racing, much like how T5DR and smash bros are both fighting games becasue at there core character/people are fighting each other…Its a bad metaphor lol :sweat:

  • but yea I can understand shit fighters like Capcom fighting jam and Spectrum vs Generation.

So basically if it isn’t based on a real sport then you can consider it a true fighting game. i.e. VF5, Blazblue , Power stone etc.
going on this vein would you consider a roaming fighter featuring 2 characters from all the Final fantasy games (except the new ones 13 +) a fighting game ?

give your honest opinons… and try not to mention Enhgeiz :rofl:

Thanks for that clarification…just watched it on Gametrailers.

Collision looks okay, mo-cap looks decent.

Maybe this is the wrong place to ask, but anybody know if its their own engine or are they using UE3?

If it has two dudes fighting each other it’s a fighting game.

A game can be more then 1 genre…but most would consider this a sports game for a pretty obvious reason.

your hate always warms my heart.

Thank you.

its more of a sim game, like a sports sim or fighting sim, but still a sim.

If THQ are involved, prolly gonna be shit.

The reason games will never look as good as their intros is because games have to continually find frames of reference for engine things like clinches and blocked punches, and will never flow as freely as choreographed movies (or real life).