"Holy !#@! You sank my BattleShip!" BattleShip Movie

[media=youtube]iKnMo2tbCgI[/media] Looks sick. Cant wait for Risk the movie

I laughed every time they showed the trailer for this. The best they could come up with for Battleship, was a movie about killer alien balls that are getting launched around, and a dude in a power suit?

Liam Neeson looked drunk every scene I saw with him in it.

First trailers looked awesome, but the power suits and giant AI balls makes this look like Michael Bay’s feces.

Looks like movie of the decade.

Looks terrible…not even Liam Neeson can save this shit.

Liam Neeson is doing movies just to get paid. Pretty sure he’ll retire soon after 3 or 4 more paychecks. Neeson in Clash of the Titans was hilarious; he did nothing the entire movie and got money out of it. Hilarious.

Speaking of Liam Neeson, is The Grey worth watching or is he collecting a pay cheque in that as well??

I thought that was another Transformers movie, with the aliens from Crysis. :wtf:



I guess they gotta go ahead get Rhianna out there as an “actress” somehow, eh?

Maybe her herpes will bust out, during the course of the film, and she’ll have four red pegs sticking out of her face which will be the secret to beating the aliens.

I don’t understand what this movie is suppose to be… like… at all.

Wait… So they’re really making a movie based on that board game of the same name ? :wtf: I often hear that Hollywood is creatively bankrupt, but this is just getting ridiculous.

Hollywood cashing in on the Battleship name, without having the tiniest idea wtf to make a movie about a board game about.

So…the Battleship game that is coming out on consoles isn’t actually based off of the board game…It’s based off the movie that is uh…not…like…the board game… I think I’m slightly confused.



And a US Navy commercial.

Guess you never saw clue [media=youtube]NHEpuz_gUGM[/media]

In B4 this is a rehash of Skyline

Clue had 3 different endings, and they were different for certain theaters.
People told me it was cool to watch the movie again at a different theater, only to see a new ending.


I dunno, sounded cool to me…

That actually does sound kinda cool.

And it was, you know, a GOOD movie. Fucking hilarious movie that I will now go home and watch.

This Battleshit movie is literally one of the worst movies Hollywood has had in a long time. It’s probably gonna fucking tank like a beast in the theatres, and will be in a 5 dollar dvd bin before Christmas