Home Button LED


So i just did my parts swap, graphics mod on the SE…very very pleased with it all.

and Laser cut holes, worked very well, super accurate! PM me for details…

How do i mod the home button LED, i saw one on here an SE too…with a blue LED, cant find that post or anything else with “search”.

Anyone mind posting some info?

are they soldered on to a board? are they loose and easy to swap?

Anyone know the ratings of the LED’s?



Not to hijack the thread, but in a similar vein I’d like to know if it would be possible to make all of the turbo LEDs fade in and out or do some kind of activation pattern (I don’t care if it would wreck Turbo functionality since I’d never use it). Anyone have any insight into doing something like that?


i know if you want to play with timing and such your going to need a new driver for your LED, making this job pretty tough…

i just want it blue instead of green…simple swap i hope…
im going to pop her open tonight, but i need that guy who posted his pic o his blue mod to give some insight…


IIRC, its a size 0805 surface mount LEDs. They are most definitely soldered to the board, and not the easiest thing to swap out. You have to desolder the existing ones and solder new ones in for the color you want.


thanks for the info!

if i manage to mangle that, will it affect the functionality of the rest of the board??
im getting a pro to do it, but worst case? hope it doesnt damage the joystick functionality, i could care less if the home button died…
and turbo i suppose…

also what kind of Lumens? I dont want her too bright lol…im seeing a range from 160(WOW) down to 60…
imagine 160 lumens in your home button lol…


I have no idea on the lumens.

If you muff it up, the Guide button should still work fine; the LEDs are separate traces. Ditto for the turbo LEDs


Awesome, ill see what happens…

and post a pic.

thanks mang