Home Grown Gaming and Halo 13 presents


Home Grown Gaming and Halo 13 presents:
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 tournament

Saturday March 31st noon-7pm
$5 venue fee $5 registration fee
Cash Prizes to top 3
Pre-register here or on site registration untill 11
payouts determined by number of entrants
double elimination,
all games played on Asus vh236h monitors and xbox 360 bring your own controller
there will be some casual stations

Sounds good! guess I gotta mod up a 360 stick lmao.

I kind of quit playing UMVC3, but I would give this a shot if my work schedule is clear just in the hopes that this could boost our scene a little.

Well I can possibly bring my ps3 so we have a wider range of games to play, I have every fighting game known to man… lmao well all the new ones, ssf4ae,kof13,soulcalibur 5,sfxt,umvc3, and thats all I remember off top…

well one ps3 would cause to much hassle for the tourney, but ill have a stick for you to use,this is a str8 umvc 3 event ,and a few casuals stations for other games.

well come out regatdless if you could make it we need players to show regardless if its just to play casuals we need something like this in order for the seen to grow

Casual stations have set games? Or anything is cool?

if theres a good turnout i will be hosting weeklys there for multiple games ssf4:ae,umvc3,sfxt,etc…please everyone show up!! thanks

theres gonna set as far what is in but anything is cool ill have a sc5,sfxt,sf:ae,umvc3, theres only gonna be 3/4 casuals stations that should be plenty

Alrighty sounds good then!

Yeah, if my schedule permits I will probably enter and get stomped in UMVC3 and stick for the casual SFXT.

Ill be there. I’m ass at marvel but ill attend to support the AV scene. Hopefully we can get some money matches on AE tho!

for sure sounds good glad to see everyones willing to show up!! and A.E will be there !

I definitely want to support the AV fighting game scene. Me and a friend are gonna be there. Maybe we can promote this through fanatiq’s stream (he lives in the AV). http://www.twitch.tv/mrfanatiq

We just got the stream runinng, www.twitch.tv/homegrowngaming

we will stream the event if internet is possible

Let me know if i can help in anyway, whatever we need ^^ I wont mind buying if need be. Also stick mods so people can have their stuff looking fresh in the AV! :smiley:

Will do thanks for offering your help .

Hope to see plenty of AV ppl come out. Whether there for marvel not.

Exactly we need everyone to come out in order for the scene to groW