Home networking/router question


helloo sorry if this isn’t supposed to be here but i had some questions.

i game a lot and my connection is for xbl is ok. my download speed isn’t great but that doesn’t really affect my online gaming. my main problem is when someone else gets on the computer or uses a device on wi-fi. i have an 802.11g router with about 5 devices connected to it but the only active ones are the xbox’s and cell phones which are turned off when either of the xbox’s are online.

i’ve been looking into dual band routers and i feel that a good one will solve my problem, but i don’t if the computer that would be connected to it with an ethernet cord will slow me down while i’m playing online. i’m assuming it will because it won’t be on the 2.4 ghz channel. sorry if i have no idea what i’m talking about.

if anyone knows more about home networking or routers i would appreciate any help.

thanks in advance!


Wire your X-Box, very simple.


left that part out. i’m too far from my router.

i’m gonna try out this router so if anyone uses it let me know how it works! http://www.bestbuy.com/site/NETGEAR+-+RangeMax+Dual-Band+Wireless-N+Router+with+4-Port+Gigabit+Ethernet+Switch/9331403.p?id=1218089527534&skuId=9331403


how old is that router you have now? if you get any new one, it will most likely have QoS (quality of service), which prioritizes certain types of data like video streaming and gaming, so that the other devices connected just doing basic web browsing and such doesn’t effect it.


Just use a DDWRT capable router,most are pretty cheap and the performance increase is very large.
But honestly no wifi in the world will substitute for a good wired connection.

You may also want to look into something like inssider to ensure the house is not saturated with the same communication band.
Usually a good idea to check any other wireless devices like phones or xfm capable devices etc to ensure you are not on the same band they are.


My router is 2 floors below me.

Get some 50-100 foot wire. This wifi thing is completely crap.