Home Theater System Question

Hey guys, so I have a slight issue with my new Sony HTSS370 Home Theater System. I have my ps3 connected to it and my 360 as well. The receiver transmits audio and video perfectly for the PS3 but only audio for the XBOX. These connections are using Hdmi cables. I checked the tv settings and the settings on the receiver and everything seems connected properly.

Anyone have any ideas on what could be the issue?

I have checked around online and I checked on Sony’s forums and I found nothing. Even the online chat with the sony support rep was no help. They just said “check your connections” which I have done multiple times.

Sometimes it can still be the cables that cause problems with one device or the other. I’m a firm believer that at anything below reference level a cable is still a cable, but sometimes unbranded ones genuinely do cause problems like you described. I’ve had similar with PS3 myself and it was all down to the cable.

Could be your HT system does some processing of it’s own and messes up the signal, perhaps there’s a setting on the specific input you’re using to pass-through the 360 signal?

Some amps actually require firmware updates to work as intended when there are problems with the HDMI connection, maybe your device falls under that category.

For the HDMI cables, I have 2 generic ones I got online and another one from Radio Shack yesterday. I have used the generic cables for both systems multiple times and I haven’t any had trouble at all. I just find this so weird that I can only get audio but no video. Specifically, the word “Unsupported” comes up on the screen whenever I am using the XBOX 360 and the sound still comes through, just no video.

The HTS is being used as a pass-thru to feed the signal to the tv for video and audio processing. The input I am using on the tv is “HDMI 1”, the same one that’s used for the PS3. The input for the receiver is labeled as “DVD”.

I’m not really familiar with the 360’s settings but i’ve heard turning off “display discovery” can help with some video problems when connected to certain devices.

I’m actually having a problem of my own with a HDFury and PS3 at the moment and reading on forums, the same setup as mine, but with a 360 would work :wtf:

Alright, I will try turning off Display Discovery and I will see if that work. In addition, I will let the system determine the video settings for me as well. Thanks!