Home Theater Thread (Discuss, recommend, & post pics)


Decided to upgrade my home theater setup. Got a newborn & had to move my theater into the family room. Want to get a new projector & a fixed mounted projector screen.

Right now im looking at the Optoma HD33 Projector. Any suggestions on what screen to get, i think maybe 100" max. I dont want to pay more then $600 on a screen…

Here is my old setup haha i know its old, that’s why i need to upgrade…The screen i made myself for like maybe $80.


I got a nice screen from Fry’s a couple years back. It rolls out from the ceiling.


Don’t like my current DVD storage. Going to build one from scratch. Never done this before.


I know it sounds ridiculous but my dad built his own theater room (every single piece of it, including dvd storage) and he just used some damn good white paint on the wall and it projects beautifully. In the end he decided against the screen and instead invested on a nice roll back curtain. Shocks people every time they realize there’s no screen.


Got any pics of his setup?


I used to just project to the wall and I was pleased. Would work better if the wall isn’t textured.


I’ll dig around for some, my picture library is a mess.


Hoping there will be a Memorial Day sale on the HD33…Going to just redo my DIY screen…Cant seem to find any recommendations on actual screens to buy…

Got the family room all cleaned up & put my home theater deco up too…Not sure what color to do the room yet, we are thinking beige…

Things to do:
*Buy projector & ceiling mount it
*Redo projector screen
*Paint HT Room
*Hang up speakers & hide wires
*Make DVD rack
*Buy beverage cooler

Anyway, updated pics…


Got my 100" screen mounted, now i just need a new projector :slight_smile:

Post pictures of your SF/entertainment setup!

Forgot all about this thread…I ended up getting a Epson 3020e for my projector a year half ago. Man its beautiful, such a big upgrade compared to my old setup. Picture looks better then my TV. The 3D is pretty amazing too.


Been a busy week, i painted the home theater & i also built my own poverty media rack.