Home theatre/data projectors

does anyone have experience with playing fighters on these? i’m looking for some recommendation as to which brand/model i should be looking for. i’m not looking for an HD projector, as i’ve seen they’re quite a bit more expensive, but maybe i should be? any help is appreciate, thanks.

Playing fighting games on a projector is amazing. I have used 2 InFocus projectors. One at work and one at home. Both are 1024x768. The work one was $1300 a couple years ago. The home one was $700 about 1.5 years ago.

The work one is brighter and can project a larger screen but it’s bulb was a lot more expensive and it has a 2000 hour estimated life. The home one is great for a screen about 8 feet wide. It’s bulb is about $300 and has a 4000 hour estimated life.

They don’t make the model I have at home any more, but this is the closest one I could find:

The bulb life is good, and replacement cost isn’t insane yet. And this model has two brightness settings. I pretty much only run the projector at night so I can always keep it on the low power mode. Less power, a little less bright, the fan quiets down A LOT, and it’s said to extend the life of the bulb, but that remains to be seen.

I use it every night for games and TVs/Movies. Digital cable looks awesome on it because digital cable res is lower than the native res of the projector and the scaling seems very sharp with no noticeable artifacting. I’ve never tried hooking HD video up to it and downscaling or anything. I have set the computer display higher than the native res to see what it looked like and it looked like ass.

The work one is more like this model:

Brighter lamp, louder fan, more expensive and shorter lasting bulb. So it depends on if you really want the brightness.

Just remember, replacement bulbs get REALLY expensive. When I was shopping around I found some projectors with relatively low prices where the bulbs were $500-$700 to replace and didn’t have a long life expectancy. So I stayed clear of those.

I also inherited a Sony Projector for a while. It did 800x600 res, was abused as hell by it’s previous owner, and it’s original bulb still lasted 6 years after being purchased refurbished.

what about lag issues?

thanks dreemernj, very helpful.

i think i’m also interested in knowing about this also…

how’s the lag? on say…3s or MvC2?

My family has a Canon LV-7210 and if the lag is serious, I’m certainly not pro enough to notice it. (I’ve played Smash Bros. on a bad HDTV before; it’s unbearable.) My friends and I habitually play Smash, Guilty Gear, and Soul Calibur on it and we don’t seem to have any problem. I’m really glad for it because I didn’t know about conversion lag or response time when we chose it, or I would have made sure we got a VGA one instead of 1024 x 768. Most of the games we play support progressive; you might experience some lag with interlaced games.

infocus (often) uses Faroudja DCDi technology… which handles 480i content VERY well. if you are not worried about high rez, then i’d recommend trying to find a 4805. very solid… and cheap.

lag is probably dependent on the projector itself. I know LCD projectors will have the same lag as LCDs, which of course, varies. Not sure about the mirror type (DCP was it?). Just check what the delay is, it should be in the specs.

I second that. The picture is beautiful and I didn’t notice any kind of lag while testing it (video testing tools, etc…). Worst case you turn off the de-interlacing technology on the projector (had to in my case to test which was better: DVD player or the Projector).

Highly recommended.