Home Theatre System creating Lag?

Recently bought a Sony Home Theatre System 3.1 (model number HT-CT 150, if that’s needed to know) and I’m wondering if Theatre systems have been known to case lag or not?

To get the best possible sound, an HDMI cord is needed connected into the back of the speakers, and then going to the TV.
Was wondering if anyone had more info on this.

** And a question about the Theatre System itself.*
I know this is a silly question, but seeing as how I’m running 3.1 sound, and the system supports DTS, I was wondering if the PS3 supports 3.1 sound for the DTS or only for 5.1?
It sucks to know my system can use DTS, but it seems like the PS3 will only output into 5.1. If possible, can this question be answered too? Otherwise, just wondering about the lag.

the sound will be off-sync.

i dunno about your picture tho, it all depends on hte cables you use, and the type of screen too. dont use hdmi, stick to vga

About my picture, my TV is known to be lag-less when plugged through HDMI straight from the PS3 to TV.
There’s an option on the Theatre system to ‘sync the sound’, but I don’t know if that cases more lag or not.

My system does not support VGA, sadly.
Still need more details if it’s cool to have my PS3 plugged into the Theatre System, then into the TV.
Something like this does sound like it will lag, but hey, I’ve heard some don’t cause any lag.

Two things:

  1. Make sure any upscaling options are turned off in the receiver. Just set it to pass-through (or whatever Sony may call it)
  2. Turn off ‘Auto Lip Sync’ or any audio/video sync features.

If you keep the signal as pure as possible from the PS3 to the TV, then you should not experience any additional lag from the AVR.

I see.
There are functions on the Theatre system that allows syncing type deals, I’ll have them disable.

I believe it may lag because on my Xbox it allows sound from both my TV and the Theatre System.
When set to the same volume, I hear a echo, not a big one, but enough to notice there’s some kind of echo if hearing closely.
Maybe lags by 1 frame?

What type of PS3 do you have slim or fat? I’ve have the older Ht-ct100 model, but both soundbars support DTS 5.1. I don’t think theres a DTS 3.1.
The Ht-ct 150 takes it a step further to support DTS-HD. (5.1, 7.1) HMDI only.

If your just using regular DTS 5.1, just have the ps3 connected directly to the TV (HMDI) and have the sound going to the reciever through an optical cable.