i want home-brew for pm. i keep downloading home-brew exactly the way it told me to, i checked my time, my settings, and everything is correct. i never receive anything from letter bomb. Anything?

Wow, I had to Google practically everything in your sentence to figure out what you were referring to.

On that note, I’m not sure that Tech Talk is an appropriate place to discuss this, considering it’s about system exploits to run hacked/custom games on official hardware.

well its technically legal…

Actually most console hacks are illegal, even on non-supported consoles like the PS2, Dreamcast, original Xbox or the original Wii.

The only exception right now is if you are a Museum, you are allows to jailbreak a console only for the express purpose of games can still be playable for preservation/educational purposes.
Even museums can not set up their own servers for continued online play.

It’s also looked down on here at Teck Talk