Homeless Man Helps Robbery Victim Only To Be Ignored By Pedestrians As He Lay Dying

Man that’s tough, props to the guy even though he got gg.

Why do people respect religion again? Especially this one.

Maybe there were less people around when they were drowning. The more people there are, the more likely people are going to hesitate and wait for someone else to do something (as was probably the case in NY), also known as a diffusion of responsibility, one obstacle to intervention for the bystander effect.

Yeah, you’re absolutely right. Major cities have a high bystander effect rate…ESPECIALLY New York. Down south, people are more hospitable. In New York, no one will even make eye contact with you.

As somebody who’s seen a whole lot of bad things happen in New York, I can tell you that that isn’t really true. The only time I ever saw people sit back was this one time in Brooklyn where I was mugged in the subway, a few years ago (and even then, I’m pretty sure that the few people who saw us just thought we were kids that were playing around). Every other situation (My mom falling and breaking her wrist, slipping on the snow, a woman tripping and busting her forehead on a column in the subway, a homeless person collapsing in the street, lost crying children, etc.) got the attention it deserved.

People may be afraid of getting involved from time to time, and they may even be isolated loners who are afraid of looking people in the eye, but they’re not monsters. At least not in most cases. The best example I can give is during 9/11, and the blackout a few years later. As soon as something bad happened, everyone decided to open up and help each other. The “cold and hardened” outlook was just a front for people trying to get by in the city.

Being originally from Bedstuy…

The “Don’t play hero” rule is pretty active in NY

realized that when I was young when no one did a damn thing after a dude got shot a couple paces from my dad’s brownstone =/

Thanks for the insight and I know people in NY is not that cold hearted.

sooo where was the woman whos life he saved? I guess she was too busy being an ungrateful bitch somewhere.

i always heard it was un islamic to listen to music. But then again all of my music loving islamic friends say its just 1 interpretation and not reallly . One of these days i’ll have to read the exact txt if i ever care enough.

Yeah, this is just a way for extremist to try and control people. As a muslim, this isn’t something from religion, it has more to do with culture and government.

Hara! I’m glad you didn’t have to experience the Bystander Effect in this city. I myself have faith in people where ever I go. But In general, New York has more of this than other places in the world (except for maybe Asia, they have a passive culture).

sadly, the reason why this guy died was because…HE WAS A GUY!!!

if it was a hot chick, laying on the ground and needing help…there would be like 10-20 fellas flocked around her trying to be amateur EMTs.

remember when that hot model chick was shot in a NYC subway train 2 or 3 years ago?..

there were like 20 dudes rushing to her aid man!!! all flocked around her being gallant and shit…

if it was a man that would have gotten shot on that train car…instead of a hot model chick…EVERYBODY would have stepped over that dude’s bleeding corpse and so ignored his dire need for help.

sucks to be a dude, mang. chicks have no idea how good they got it.

I am going to expand on your point.

Why did 20 dudes rush to save the girl? It was because of the plethora of scenarios that could of happened afterward.

Examples : Looks like a hero for saving the chick, she falls in love with them after, who knows cop a feel at the moment (I wouldn’t be surprise). The list goes on and on.

This isn’t exclusive to women.

Example a wealthy men gets stabbed.

Replace the homeless guy with Donald Trump.

Do people save him? Of course. Why? I am going to assume they figure they get something in return. Most likely some type of monetary reward.

I am not one bit surprise by this what so ever. Especially in a place like NY, who is notorious for things like “don’t snitch,” or “mind your own business.”

This isn’t the first time this happened in Queens either.



Yes that’s a chick Axl_master

Cold hearted ppl. I would have help the dude out no matter the location of where I was located.

When ppl lives are at stake, I will step up to the plate. My morals are too high.
Also I am not religious.

No one bothered to even call the ambulance…

Man, BedStuy is so bad even the news know better than to go there. Someone tried to help a kid that got shot there and ended up getting shot as well for no reason. I know some people are alone and can afford to risk their lives but there are people that depend on my survival so I can’t just carelessly throw my life away, sorry unknown strangers.

if this is how big city life is, i’m glad i live in the country.

in nyc (and really any major US city) there are people lying on the sidewalk either shitfaced or just homeless all over the place, besides the guy rolled him over how was anyone supposed to know that he’d been stabbed?

if dude wasn’t dressed like a homeless person, he’d have been helped just bcuz it’d have been more obvious that he needed help and wasn’t just chillin’ on the street, same goes for if it was a chick.

you could easily call 911 and keep it moving, no need to hang around and parlez with the cops.

Or possibly terrified because she just got mugged and threatened with a knife, you know, not knowing where the man with the knife was. How can you say something this fucking stupid?

As soon as I read “New York” it all made sense, though. People in New York will make up reasons on the spot to avoid making eye contact with you.

okay? that doesnt change the fact that she got saved and diddnt even give a 911 call, or even a “thank you”. Shes still an ungrateful bitch, terrified or not.

also looking at the vid calling it a “POOL” of blood is quite the hyperbole. It looked like he was just a bum sleeping on the street. only after rolling him over could you see the blood “PUDDLE”

It’s ironic that in an article lashing out at people doing nothing for those in need the victim of the article was someone who tried that. It’s also amusing in a dark way that this incident occurred so close to the release of kick ass.

The people that sicken me in the article are the individuals who took the photos and the woman the homeless man tried helping. It’s not hard to imagine people walking by and ignoring him, as they probably didn’t know he was dead.

Being terrified has little do with it. If the guy actually robbed her shit and ran away however terrified she might be she would have called the police.

WTF… i just finished watching this video, now i live in new york and hear about shit like this all the time, but obviously no ones common sense kicked in… SINCE WHEN DOES ANYONE LAY FACE DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF STREET??? even homeless people sleep on there side or back and not in the middle of the damn street. The same shit happened one time with this homeless woman laying on the floor crying for help and i swear on everything that i love people were walking around her and jumping over her to catch there bus when me and my girlfriend ran up to her and ask her for help, she had a stroke and we called the ambulance immediately.

I don’t give a damn what the situation is, if they have guns and you see it, call the cops right away, if they have a knife call everyone’s attention to the scene if possible, if they are just getting beat up, be a human being and jump in to try to mediate the situation.
There is absolutely no situation that takes place in public that you cannot intervene in somehow some way. If anyone one of us were ever caught in any of these situations we would expect our fellow citizens to help us as well, just as i would so proudly do for them.