Homeless Man Helps Robbery Victim Only To Be Ignored By Pedestrians As He Lay Dying

Oh don’t worry, all those motherfuckers who walked by and knew the guy was dying have it coming. Karma is gonna fuck them real hard.

If that’s the case, the city of New York would’ve fell into the ocean decades ago :coffee:

I’m surprised any of you are shocked by this. This shit probably happens on the regular.

Maybe I’m not as sheltered as some people on SRK (I don’t think that is true, but it is always possible), but I call bullshit on anyone who hasn’t been in a SOMEWHAT similar situation. I’ve been out in the world enough to see someone who has been hurt, needs medical attention, and gets ignored by other people. I’m always fucking on top of that, and instantly get help, regardless of the situation. I don’t think I’m friends with anyone who would react any different. I didn’t grow up in a city, so as others have said, maybe that changes things, but I know very few people who are cold hearted enough to not get help. There are a few homeless people in my town, and I’ve bought them food and shit before, gave them a few bills, and never expected anything in return. I know plenty of people who have done the same. I’m looking out for myself in this world, but I’m human enough to help someone out if they need it, ESPECIALLY if it takes as little effort as making an anonymous 911 call.

Okay, she could have called or something. I tell you what, though: you have something traumatic happen to you and see how rationally you respond.

Because it wasn’t reported?

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Many people’s thoughts when the whole Kitty Genovese fiasco happend was “how can anyone do such things?” The thing is, the same people who are saying that are most likely not going to do anything at all. They are average, just like everyone else. They’re just a bunch of armchair heroes who make me sick. Get off your high horse. I would most likely ignore what happend there too–it pains me to say it–at least I’m honest about it, unlike you pretentious douche bags.

Something similar happend in my neck of the woods in San Francisco. A guy was going to jump off some building, and people ignored it or encouraged him to jump. He did jump, and no one cared.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it to even help out in situations like that. I ask myself “would they do the same for the rest of society” and I conclude that they won’t; on average, most people are average, so on average, they’ll do the average thing such as situations stated in this post, so it’s not worth it to even help people out like that, but I’m always open to people convincing me otherwise.

Let’s face it, the people reading this are saying “oh, these people are sickening. I would help. And the people who say they are going to help, aren’t going to help, those people are on they’re high horses.” Yeah, because you are a shepard amongst sheep right? You, me, and the rest of society are most likely going to do shady ass stuff like that.

I agree. Just like “master” martial artist who train to handle a street situation, but when a raging maniac is screaming and starts swinging at them, suddenly the freeze up and get their asses kicked. I feel the same way. It does take some getting use to. Once you do a few good things here and there, you begin to feel good about yourself and make it a habit. I believe in humanity and I still have faith in people out there, but the sad reality is as you said. Everyone likes to be politically correct on paper, but don’t have the balls to do so in reality. I’m glad you’re at least honest about it.

For the second part, it really makes no sense to not help because someone won’t help you, it defeats the whole purpose. Even if you’re the only who will do it, people all think the same way “no one else will do it” It just takes one person to get everyone going. At the end of the day, it won’t be as bad as you thought and you’ll feel much better about yourself. Too many people are worried that they won’t get something out of it. You may not, but does it really matter? Do you really need something for being a responsible adult? Times have changed and so has culture. Go back 100 years when internet and easy phone calls didn’t exist, communities were tighter and people were better communicators, more social, and more responsible on average. If everyone thinks about the next person before they act (would they have helped me?) Then when and where will it end? This is just going to get worst and worst…I’m not bashing you, you’re very honest in your post and there’s nothing wrong with what you’re saying, I’m just shedding light on some important ideas.

well i personlay would not help someone in that situation for fear of BEING SUED! Which has hapened on too many occasions to good people just trying to do the right thing.

In this particaly case though, i would call someone to help if he was begging for help, AND i could see the blood. But probly not if only 1 of those things. Cause If hes just bleeding he probly doesnt mind, and if hes just begging for help with no visible injury hes just a crazy homeless dude

this is typical nyc. i was mugged once coming home at night on the F train in brooklyn. a crazy crack-head was cutting up cardboard about 15ft away from me when i sat down in the train. i was a little sleepy since i was working overtime and nodded off. “what could happen? the train is packed” i thought to myself. next thing i wake up because this crazy crack-head is pulling on my backpack (on my lap at the time) and the train had just come to my stop. he got startled when he saw that i was awake and stabbed me in the face with his scissors and took off and a woman who was sitting right next to me got up and stood at the back of the car. i got up and started chasing that motherfucker but just as i got to the train door i looked back and saw a packed car and everyone was staring at my bleeding face. “what the fuck is wrong with everyone. you all just watched him try to rob me as i slept”? nobody said anything and i just went home instead. spent the next day in the hospital waiting in the emergency room for 6 hours and that was my only day off that week.

in the article on abcnews.com it says that 911 received 4 calls from a screaming incoherent woman when the dude got stabbed, so in all likelihood she actually did try and call for help.

Ok, I take back my emoness after watching the video and reading the article again. You couldn’t see the pool of blood at all. You’d think he’d be just another dead or knocked out junkie in that situation.

There was a victim here in this message board though. In this case it was me. A victim of TL;DR lazyness.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

that pisses me off…

The sad thing is i can’t say i wouldn’t have walked by if it was like 5 am and not assumed he is just a drunk bum passed out. But for goodness sake if you check on someone and see there not moving at all at least call the police…

but if somebody helped him terrorist somali islamic muslimic jewish christians would blow up another tower or 2 and invade yall streets. its better if we just send our kids to church and let them get ass raped.

in all seriousness, wtf does the somali part have to do about it. was the dude somali, or is it just americans being their usual rascist selves. its probably the latter.

Holy shi’t, what the FUCK? Damn, y0, that’s fucking sick…Your case was pretty extreme too, I’d expect at LEAST one person in a packed cart. I’ve been in a train ordeal too that went unnoticed by the bystanders…

Word, nicely said.

If any of you have seen Gantz, there’s a perfect example of this in the first episode.

That train story is pretty messed up, if some one yelled “HEY!” just that would have been enough. Usually when something bad happens like someone getting stabbed or something people whip out the cell phones and put it on youtube instead of doing anything.

This story really makes me sad. I made a promise to myself to not let anyone be a victim of the Bystander Effect and have called the authorities on a few occasions to get help for strangers.

Hell yes I would complicate my life for a short time to save someone’s life. I would never want myself, friends or family to be a victim of this senseless negligence.

Just so you know.

I would of helped. :coffee:

Typical F train, you should know better than to drop your guard during off hours. You got lucky it was some bum, usually it’s by the bloods. Only one person comes up to you but what you don’t know is that he got his friends near each door with guns. I take the F from one end to the next of Brooklyn so I see this shit all the time. If you’re tired at night you’re better off taking the N or the Q and then a bus instead because it’s safer. I see more shit on the F in a week than I did in 4 years taking the Q (back then it was the D) when I lived at my previous place. Some of the kids, back in the day, that I played handball with became cops and 911 operators and they also joined the bloods, so calling the cops is really stupid. Be smart, mind your own business, and stay safe. I wish I could help people but you really have to understand the risks associated with it around here.

So you guys have bloods as cops? :confused:

Let me say that again.

You have bloods as cops?

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