Homemade Guy Arcade Stick - Sanwa parts

Hi guys! Sanwa parts, some abandoned wooden chops, a Guy player, an old broken pad, home tools and a carnival holiday to exploit. That’s enough to make an arcade stick.

The result is far from I wanted, but it works perfectly, I hope you enjoy. Missing some finishing job yet.

Special thanks to Mr. Andy Pickerill from Arcade UK, recommended for all community.




I didn’t put the connectors yet, you can see the pad’s pcb below joystick.


The template layout I designed. I can scan it if someone want.


The retired pad.

really bad ass!

Does it work good? no lag on the inputs?

My 2 cents on Sanwa parts: I found JLF joystick much softer than I used to, but it’s a matter of habit… the square restrictor is completely AWESOME, you can do moves with geometric precision (all direction TK izunas are pretty easy to do)…omron microswitches… fantastic, no more comments… but for me the best part were pushbuttons: here in Brazil we are used to poor quality Electromatic (Happ’s chinese copy) ones… with these sanwas all of those links and techiniques like plink became easier to perform… I think I finally found the way to do them consistently.

NO LAG, Pedro. It works perfectly.

How much would I have to give you to make me one so I can get it with you next time I go to Brazil?

How much? Nothing hahahhaha… just send me parts with a pcb and I make one for you. It would be a pleasure! I think Akihabara shop have these custom pcbs. In this case, I used an old PC USB pcb from a broken pad I had, I think it wouldn’t fit on XBOX. But there are custom XBOX pcbs available.

Então cara, eu fiz esse aqui com umas madeiras que eu achei jogadas na rua durante o feriadão. Estou testando-o agora, pega perfeitamente, MUITO BOM. Me dá um jeito de mandar as partes ou se quiser eu posso comprar na internet.

As custom pcb são melhores porque eu não precisaria fazer gambiarras na placa jamma do JLF pra pegar. Também fica um trabalho mais limpo. Pode pedir que eu faço, me leva tempo mas seria um prazer.

…now if only you could ship it out…

Bushinryu arcade cabinets - We ship worldwide. Hehehdheshehhahhahahahahahahh…

Our main problem here in Brazil is to find Sanwa/Seimitsu parts at reasonable prices. Much better import them, but there are so much restrictions, including an exorbitant 60% customs tax for goods above 50 USD. Here a JLF costs about 90BR$, and push buttons 12 each, at Akihabara shop in Japan we find the entire set below R$ 100, shipping included.

So Pedro, you are living in Japan, I find it easier to buy goods there and send me by international post. If you can find a xbox compatible custom pcb is way better. The result is much cleaner when wiring is fully solderless. My brother have a 360, I will test if its compatible.