Homemade padhack "coverters" using a DB15 port?


A few recent threads got me thinking about this. Rather than constantly dual/triple/quad/whatever modding or hoping for custom multi console PCB solutions (or shitty converters), why not have your controls wired to a DB15 connector, then use padhacks in project boxes (or whatever) linked to DB15 connectors for quick swaps? Is there anything that would prevent this from being a viable solution?


A couple of buttons would have to be sacrificed, but it seems like 6 button layouts are popular anyways. Or maybe something like a kick harness could be implemented to keep a complete layout?


This is a solution that’s been used for years now.
The project box method is the only surefire future-proof method to modding, since you’re basically replacing the PCB entirely as you swap consoles.

You can always use a D-SUB 25 instead of a 15 if getting all the 8 buttons + Home/Select/Start is important to you.

So in essence: totally viable solution. The only thing is that it’s not necessarily the cleanest. Unless you do it with the project boxes inside the casing (see my ABS Modular stick)


Very nice, I love what you did with that whole stick, definitely the coolest (in terms of utility) one I’ve seen yet. Didn’t know about the D-SUB, that’s even better.


Ever considered selling those?


Doesn’t Toodles sell a FGWidget Controller that converts PS1/SNES/Sega Saturn signals to separate signals?




This is quite the oldschool method.
[Project Box Controllers: A Guide to Modular Controllers


That was long before my time here, wish I had seen that before my first mod.


Sometimes, the “old school” is the best school- thanks for the excellent guide.