Homemade PS2 stick

i recently picked up a ps2 slim and i have 2 controllers (scph-10010)

and i want to realize an homemade arcade stick sacrificing one of those

are the pcbs common ground? are r2 and l2 directly repleaceable with normal sanwa buttons (if i remember correctly those are sensible to various degrees of pressure)?

thanks in advance

The Dual Shock 2 (scph-10010),
According to Slag Coin has four revisions
2 of them, Dual Shock 2 A (Middle version) and Dual Shock 2 A (Early Version w/o Resistor) should be both avoided.
The Late version is the recommended version

Use Slag Coin’s Diagrams for identification

looks like i’m really unlucky, both mine controllers are versions that should be avoided

according to slagcoin, playstation 1 controllers don’t have problems, am i right?

they should work to ps2 too

A non - analog ps1controller is going to be your cheapest/easiest option when it comes to pad hacking (assuming you can solder).

i spotted an old grey analog in a gamestop some days ago it was like 4,99 euros

i’ll probably go for it

A digital (no sticks) pad will be much easier, and likely cheaper to boot.

There quite a few all digital PS1/PS2 controllers floating on eBay for less than $10 (not including shipping).
For a all Digital controller there no difference on the PS1 or PS2. As PS1 controllers is forwards compatible with the PS2 console.
PS2 games that require Analog will not work correctly with a digital pad , but that does not apply to most fighting games.

i heard that those very old ps1 gamepads with no analog don’t go well with ps2 to xbox360 or ps3 converter, and i have 2 of those

what about one of these?

They’re good but lag on many 360 adapters.

damn, so what’s the better choice?

For PS2 support, get an MC Cthulhu:

uhm, i already have a ps3 chtulhu 1.4

looks like i only need an upgrade chip

edit: nope, it cost me 36$ with shipping from u.s. to italy
this is madness, i’ll snipe a ps1 controller on ebay in europe

IMO just get a PS360+, an RJ45 jack, and the relevant cables.

in the end i bought an old grey scph-1080 from germany (looks like the more convenient option for an italian)

i’m mainly interested to use it with ps2 so if it gives problem with converters, peace (i hope not though)

If you have problems, you could always padhack a 360 pcb and dual mod the stick. Once in a while you may come across an inexpensive Madactz fightpad, which is easy to work with.

sure, i already have a stickless controller made by me with a fightpad pcb (and that simple socd cleaner posted on this forum) + an upgraded madcatz se + a datel arcade pro (unmodded)

so it’s not like i risk to not being able to play with xbox :wink:

it’s just that i wanted wider compatibility because it’s always better

The only problem I’ve had with using a PSX controller with PS2 is really specific, but if you use In-Game Reset with Open PS2 Loader (homebrew), it won’t react when you do the button combination on a PSX digital pad. I haven’t tried with a PSX analog, but I figured I’d mention it.

unfortunately i have a ps2 slim that isn’t moddable with that hack

anyway, pad arrived, and it’s a slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagrams/ps1_diagram4.jpg

what’s that black coat over the contacts? should i get rid of it before soldering? should i scratch it away?

Yes, you need to scratch the carbon off of the contact.