Homosexual/bisexual characters in mainstream movies


What homosexual/bisexual characters can you remember from mainstream movies? How many of them were main characters? What genders were they?

Playing with characters’ sexuality in some of my scripts, I tried to think about what characters in mainstream movies were anything but heterosexual. I can’t really think of too many outside of Scott Pilgrim or Brokeback Mountain.

Dr. B is omnisexual and manages to be straighter than John Wayne.


The one, the only, the greatest, Dr Dr. Frank-N-Furter



Vice and Mature as lesbian secretaries in KoF movie…urgh.


wallace wells in scott pilgrim vs. the world. one of, if not the funniest part of the movie.


Willam Dafoe was gay in Boondock Saints. The guy who played Pedro in Napolean Dynamite was gay in Crank, Tom Lennon from Ren911 was gay in I Love You, Man, as was Adam Lambert. Nothing else comes to mind at the moment.


Everyone in Rent for the most part?


It’d be even harder to find non-stereotypical gay characters.


Um…uh…Sharon Stone’s gf in Basic Instinct?
The couple in The Kids Are Alright.
George Clooney said he played Batman gay
Jared Leto and Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain
James Purefoy as Mark Antony in Rome Kevin McKidd plays Lucius Vorenus a gay character in Rome too
Sean Penn and James Franco in Milk
Sacha Baren Cohen as Bruno
Roman Polanski


Val Kilmer as Gay Perry in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”.
Terry Crews as Damon in “Friday After Next”.


Tom Cruise as Maverick & Kilmer as Iceman, shit was the first Brokeback Mountain…


Wesley Snipes in Blade.


the black dude from Chasing Amy


the black dude from Chasing Amy


I think that was Jake Gyllenhaal, not Jared Leto. Jared Leto just got his face broken in Fight Club.

Adding to this list, Stephen Fry in V for Vendetta.


Hrm, maybe you could base a character on a real life person that was gay, instead of looking to find some sort of gay or bisexual archetype from a movie to ripoff. The fact that all you can think of is Scott Pilgrim and Brokeback Mountain made me laugh. Hell maybe you can just look back at actual actosr who were/are gay or bi, like James Dean or Neil Patrick Harris. It really depends on what your script, if you are just throwing in gay to get people to pay attention to you than shame on you.


Tilly & Gershon in Bound
Pacino and Fredo in Dog Day Afternoon
JGL in Mysterious Skin (any main character from any greg araki movie)
All the characters in Rules of Attraction
Keanu and River in My Own Private Idaho
The prince in Braveheart
The old guy in Four Weddings and a Funeral
suicidal kid in Pump up the Volume
the kids from The Dreamers
the killer kids in Elephant
lots of people in Cruisin’
The rapist in Irreversible
Alyssa Milano in Embrace of the Vampire
The main girl in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
main girl in Chasing Amy
james dean’s best friend in Rebel Without a Cause


To Wong Foo - Wesley Snipes , Patrick Swayze, John Leguizamo
And i think maybe The Sorority Boys? haha.


Agreed, especially non-stereotypical gay characters in protagonist roles.

I understand your wariness and assure you I don’t just pick character sexuality for trend or shock value, and I try to craft realistic characters as opposed to slightly modified versions of others. When working on a script, I thought about this and really couldn’t think of too many examples, so I’m like “SRK will know.”

Dr. B eats despair and shits shit.


oh, Steve Carell as Frank in “Little Miss Sushine”


Forest Whitaker in Crying Game
Hilary Shank Boys Dont Cry