Homosexual undertones of Street Fighter: The Movie

I actually realised this quite a while ago but thought it may be apt to post it on SRK, now that I’ve joined up. The post is about the oft maligned and misinterpreted Street Fighter movie, starring Jean Claude Van Damme.

First and foremost the movie is NOT about the videogame, nor is about fighting in general. It is a critique of societies perceptions of homosexuality and the outing of repressed homosexuals. In many ways it is the forerunner to Brokeback Mountain.

The whole movie is littered with homosexual undertones.

Guile and M.Bison representing the brutality of repression and repelling of same sex partnerships, like two magnets with the same polarity. They refuse to accept what they are, and at one fight out against it. Their antagonism is an allusion of repression.

Ryu and Ken represent the homosexual couple content with themselves, i.e. acceptance. As is normal with Ryu and Ken, they represent very much the same “character”, effectively the same sex. The movie highlights how acceptance can bring fruition by working together rather than against.

E.Honda and the sado-masochist scene represents the perversion which is often seen of homosexuality. The darker, grittier side of underground “gay” culture, the pains that some of these men have to go through to be who they are. As E.Honda states ‘it hurts, but he blanks it out’.

Even Zangief (obviously), Vega etc have their place.

The whole movie is obviously a critique of how society perceives homosexual relationships as inherently violent and perversive.


The speech is an anti-thesis condemning those views and an outing of Guile’s love towards M.Bison.

The scene starts with his military superior condeming Guiles behaviour. Effectively the superior wants Guile to stop being “homosexual”, he doesn’t want any contact between Guile and M.Bison.

“I’m not going home”, a refusal to stop being homosexual, and not to fall in line.

“I’m gonna get on my boat”, effectively he’s saying he’s made his choice and he’ll be damned if anyone stops him.

“I’m going up river”, an exclamation that he will fight against societies condemnation even though society sees homosexual love as against nature i.e against the current.

**“I’m going to kick Bison’s ass so hard the next Bison wannabe is gonna feel it”, **this should be obvious. He’s emphasising that through his sacrifice others after them, i.e Guile and Bison, will be able to openly declare their love and feel the fruition of what Guile intends to do by coming out openly. He’s paving the way for future homosexuals.

I think I should clarify before I get asked plenty of times. I ain’t homosexual.

…Er Okay?

Damn my nigga, it’s just a cheap movie…not some subliminal anti-heterosexual shit…ain’t ever heard of cheezy dialogue before? :looney:


Contrived Literary Efforts 101

:wonder:Next thing you know you are going to say top gun was gay.

Too much time on your hands there buddy.

Nah, next he’s gonna say Brokeback Mountain was straight. :rofl:

Very good. Now play Jojo’s! :lovin:

And Double Dragons was gay too, right? xD

just because dudes are friends doesn’t make em secretly gay.

the movie is just bad.

Man movie was just bad what the fuck is wrong with this dude. You know what this thread is uncalled for. I can jump to assumptions about any movie with two male characters showing mutual respect or downright uncalled for animosity.

I don’t even know what to make of this…

Even in 2010 the 09er stigma continues.

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Look I know some of you guys feel uncomfortable with the whole homosexual undertones, but this is about the movie not the game. I ain’t dissecting the game, I’m just stating some of the ways the movie could be interpreted and backing it up with what I’m seeing in the movie.

I ain’t saying Street fighter is homosexual, I’m saying the movie and purely the movie can be interpreted that way.

Chill out. It’s called an interpretation, and not a wholly “idiotic” one at that. Hollywood movies are rife with drug, sex and even homosexual undertones. Homosexuality in Hollywood… NEVER!

I don’t agree with this guy’s gay propaganda buffoonery but I do see his point about Ryu and Ken. Ryu and Ken have always been gay in every street fighter game. Look at all their safe special moves and combos and ultra setups…

Single minded much?

AKA: lolwut?

This thread needs more [media=youtube]qYGLQJPwawY"[/media].

I can understand where you are coming from. But keep in mind, this is just a purely shitty movie. :rofl:

Yeah, I think Double Dragon was hands down a propaganda flick trying to promote twincest as well.