Homosexual undertones of Street Fighter: The Movie


Homoeroticism is a hallmark of the 80’s action movie and although SF The Movie is a 90’s movie, it features an oiled up Van Damme, which is as 80’s action as it gets.


Attempted a joke
But the simple fact is that
Youre trying too hard



Man if you can get gay vibes outta what you saw in street fighter then everything might as well be gay.


I knew what pic this was going to be before I even clicked it. :lol:


i like how JCVD shows off his butt in almost all his big time flicks. he said himself hes really proud of the work hes done to get it lookin the way it does so he loves to flaunt it.


God damn…sftm’s pretty fuckin’ gay, but not in THAT way.


Yeah please stop trying so hard. You just proved how silly this all is by saying that one can interpret the movie as gay. So for every movie about two opposing male forces clashing, I’m gonna assume that it’s gay then huh? Two male best friends? They must be secretly queer.



People need to get over this movie. We all know it’s a bad movie. Do we really need a thread about this?


I smell troll


Shitty thread but the OP has some mean vids!



Nah…that Abel was just shitty. Wude is decent…i played him a few times when i actually still played sfiv.


The movie that really had sexual undertones, at least according to Quentin Tarantino was Top Gun heh



I think the saying “You’re reading too far into it” would apply here.


Are you kidding me?! The most popular song from the movie was Highway too the Danger Zone by a guy named Kenny Loggins. The main character’s code name is Maverick and he rides in a giant phallus. Shit doesn’t get any more gay than that.

Oh really? Hadouken. Ha - dou -ken. Get lazy with the H and you’ve got I do Ken. Then there’s Shoryuken which is clearly supposed to be Sure you can.

Now put a question on the first, have Ryu say it and Ken answer and you’ve got I do Ken? Sure you can.

…Reading too far into it?.. not far enough. Not far enough.


The only homosexual undertones that occur in this movie are the OP’s projected onto the film itself.

It’s all personal perception.




:wgrin: This guy right here knows what he’s talking about. Right on. Top Gun doesn’t even need a dissection of its homosexual undertones, in fact it’s blatantly, overtly obvious.

A slightly more elaborated video of Tarantino’s breakdown of Top Gun. It’s different to other similar videos, do watch.


I for one found op post hilarious. Needs more content tho


Wow I never realized guile was talking about anal. Thanks dood, your thread has enlightened me :rock: