Honcam Arcade stick

I saw this on ebay. PS3 PS2 PC USB Arcade FIGHT STICK for Street Fighter 4 | eBay

It reminds me of an HRAP. Does anyone have one of these?

No I don’t have one, but if no one has it, it probably isn’t good.

Did a little research on these the other day myself, I saw a 2 for $50 listing on eBay and the modder in me perked up.


Stock parts are crap, but it looks like a fairly easy mod. Buttons are common ground but the directionals aren’t. If you’re willing to put the work and quality parts into it, I’d say go for it…

Look more like a MayFlash.

I say gut the fricking thing for the case and trash everything else.

i second that. happy modding

What about PCB? If it supports PS2, PS3(and PC naturally) well then thats worth keeping. Also the turbo panel.

Hrmmm does anyone know if the home/turbo panel is the same size that would fit an HRAP’s turn panel area?

^ I would like to know this as well.

bumping in hopes to get an answer to this question.

I say if you love the case, it’d be worth the risk on the PCB. Seems like an interesting connection, splitting off between USB and PlayStation 2.

(Oh, and your username is pro. Love’s me some Ninja Scroll, takes me back!)

tis a decent PCB, works good with an Xtokki 360 via the PS2 port as well. i gutted one of these and made a stick up for my brother, so far it’s been pretty decent. mod job is basically the same as the mayflash but there is less room to get that JLF in there. i had to shave the bottom of the shaft way down and then cut in to the bottom plate a little. even then the gate basically rests on the bottom plate when it’s all sealed up. shaft came out a little long above ground, but a plexi would help that.

the home/turbo panel looks close, but probably isn’t an exact fit though.

That’s what I figured. I don’t think the pcb will fit the way i need it to so I’ll have to go another route.

Both the Paewang and Qanba are better cheap stick buys. Paewang because of the multi console support, Qanba because its (among other things) already drilled for a JLF mounting plate.

Well I only want it for it’s ps2/ps3 pcb. I have more then enough joystick cases.