Honcam Fighting Stick PCB question

I purchased a Honcam fighting stick on ebay, link: http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a99/xxjoeshmoxx/Honcam/IMG_4541.jpg
I used the pcb to make a new stick, and I was wondering what converter works with the least input delay if I were trying to convert the PS2 signal to a Gamecube.

I found 2 converters, the Cube Joybox Pro, and the Magic Gate II.

I found nothing on the converter compatability thread due to mixed reviews of sticks that are not mine. So I want to ask, has anyone tried either or does anyone have a different converter to suggest?

Magic Gate II, Ive seen people on SRK Suggest that one, The other one ive never heard of in my life.

Sorry to beat the subject into the ground here, but I am going to ask just to be safe.
Have you used the Magic Gate II? And if so, with what controller?

Thanks again for replying!

No read my post, ‘‘its the one ive seen people on SRK suggest’’ I have never personally tested it so don’t take my word for it, Id wait for someone more experienced to confirm.