Honcam Fighting Stick

hi i was looking at this fight stick that is made by Honcam. if my research is correct it is the Honcam HC-MU001 model. does anybody have any experience with these joysticks? what kind of parts are they made of? are they easy to mod if i were to switch the parts out?

Honcam Fighting Stick For PS2/PS3/PC


jdm, your link was broken. Try this one: http://shoryuken.com/f177/honcam-mod-first-tutorial-mod-free-easy-mod-tutorial-212826/

It is because the Forum just changed.
After I linked it, the Forum Formatting changed.

The shuffle annoyed me. I was used to /f177/, but it was broken, then to /tech-talk/ and now it’s /f177/ again? Annoyed.

Yes, it was whack.
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JDM, it seems many links are broken. Google search results come up with a link broken as well.