Honcam PS3 Fighting Stick Mod


Ok, I figured rather than start another thread about this, I’d just edit this one.

I got this stick a few days ago. Originally I intended to keep it stock just as a spare, but I just can’t help myself, so I’m gonna chuck some Sanwa buttons and an LS-32 in it. i’ll get the first few pics up this evening

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How do you wire buttons to this fightstick

That kind looks like a rebranded mayflash.


No, the button layout is different from the Mayflash, but like the Mayflash it does looks like a cheap and generic Chinese made stick. I’d like to know how moddable it is, so if you can Glennicio after you’ve received it post some pics of the interior.


The thing looks modifiable. Also waiting for pics inside as well :smiley:


Niking did have a thread, but I haven’t seen this stick before

Old thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=183435


looks nicer, has a home button, actual start select buttons. Pretty sure it will be an easy mod like the mayflash


well, apparantly iy shipped yesterday, so I should be able to get some pics up early next week hopefully.


does that look like a skinny generic version of the HRAP 3 to anyone else besides me?


reminds me of my old HFS3, except with a HRAP3 face.


Where did you get that stick? it looks cool. how does it play?


So this is it stock when I just took it out of the box…

Holy Shit, not much room to play with…

You can see here how the buttons work. I am going to leave the four little ones as they are, but the rest are outta there.

After removing the PCB. First thing I’m going to do is desolder the big board and throw it in the bin. I’ll be wiring the buttons to the row of rectangular copper points right next to where the two boards join. Too easy.

to be continued…


do 30mm buttons fit easily?


room to put in your own pcb?

looks like a pretty good stick. if you peel that sticker off will it just be all murdered out?


lol at the “quick disconnects” it uses for the stick… and the buttons act like control pad buttons? It looks like it’ll be a pain to put them sanwas there


Yep, looks like a mayflash with a bigger board. Once you remove the contact pcb youll have so much room. Have you measured the button holes yet? Wonder if they are 28 or 30mm. If they end up being 28 its so easy to widen them since its plastic.


Hey… the button holes are 28mm, as you said they’ll be easy to widen. I went ahead and ordered some OBSF-30’s and an LS-32. My only concern is how i’m gonna mount the stick, but where there’s a will theres a way, so I’ll figure something out.

@Nismo, yeah I’m not too sure about the sticker. I’m leaning towards just leaving it as is, it looks like a real pain to replace.

Anyway… I hacked the board and have it all ready for the buttons to go in.

More when the parts arrive.


can you unscrew the joystick so we can see the mounting surface? More than likely you’ll have to grind/flatten the mounting surface then drill some holes through the top of the stick to sucure the ls32.


Yep, it looks just as easy as to mod as a Mayflash. Too bad I can only find this stick for $65 USD on ebay, otherwise for < $45 I would have gotten it over the Mayflash just for the button layout.

I’m not familiar with the LS-32 but if you can’t use the existing screw holes in the case you can always drill some new holes and mount it from the top. And don’t forget to determine whether or not the PCB is common ground, unless of course the LS-32 that you ordered uses quick connects and not a PCB with a wire harness. What kind of micro switches does the stock stick use? Also, how much room is in the case? Will you have to bend the button connectors for buttons to fit with QDs?


yeah thats looking like my best option at the moment. I might be able to screw/glew a small piece of wood in there and mount to that, but I’ll see how it goes.


Buy an ls32 just to be safe, might be alittle extra wiring, better safe than sorry. Determine how thick the control panel is including the thickness of the mounting area. If its jlf height you have some sanding to do. Which im more than 99% sure your gonna have to do.


Yeah, i bought the LS-32. Looking at the mayflash thread, its pretty much identical inside, the stock joystick mounts exactly the same. Proabably would’ve been easier to use a JLF, but I’ve been wanting to try out a Seimitsu for a while, so I’ll go with it, looks straight forward enough anyway.

fokkusuhaundo: The stick has no PCB, so no problems there. The case is just under 40mm at the front, i think I might just squeeze the QD’s on there, i might have to bend the pins a little bit.