Honda 2012 Change Discussion

I’m aware that there’s a “What you want” thread already up, but with the Dev notes already flooding in I figure this would work as a clean slate to discuss the proposed changes Capcom’s making to Honda.

So far:

E. Honda

Jab headbutt gets its upper body invincibility back.

Strong headbutt loses it, so it works the same as Jab Headbutt did in AE (Lowe body invincibility to avoid stuff with).

[H. Hundred Hand Slap]: Hit box towards the end has been increased, allowing for easier full combo hits off a [cr.LP].

[EX Oicho Throw]: Stun damage increased from 100->150.

[Orochi Breaker]: Command has been simplified so it will be easier to use from now on.

Jab headbut possibly only doing 100 damage now kinda blows but at least we got it back, gonna help in so many matches,

Didn’t even know Strong Heabutt had upper body invincibility. rofl

Very happy he is getting his anti air headbutt back. Me, personally, I thought that was his biggest nerf in AE.

I’ve no issues getting an AA with lower damage, an extra AA is always better even if it did like 10 IMO.

Anyway, thumbs up so far just because all I wanted not to see was nerfs. Sure hope this patch is a return for most of the cast to Superpower.

I’m looking forward to see how the buffs are going to change Honda’s match ups.

It seems the rumors were right they will buff the cast and keep the twins and Fei untouched. Anyways this buff is a very welcome addition. I was only expecting a combination of something in the lines of standing HP chop damage normalized or jumping MP returned or maybe an increase Honda’s damage output a bit but yes this is quite something.

I almost dropped my laptop in excitement when I read the changes.

lol what are you talking about? Most of these buffs doesn’t change the fact that AE Twins and Fei will still be top tier, and did you miss Viper getting nerfed? Expect Twins, Fei and maybe Akuma to get nerfed along with Viper and everyone else to get buffed to varying degrees.

Good changes. With these Honda will be exactly as he should be. Only other thing I’d change is making Ultra 2 a more viable option.

I’m VERY excited to see him get his lp. headbutt back.
Though, I never knew Honda had upper invincibility for his mp.headbutt here in AE. That’s got to be a translation error, right?

Yes, I love that we got Jab Headbutt AA back, but why wouldn’t they make U2 usable again? It’s so stupid the way that it is in AE, it’s totally useless :frowning:

Does this mean mp. headbutt will have lower body invincibility?

Also did anyone notice the the change in Chun’s fireball and Guile’s air throw…fml

Yes, it means MP headbutt is the new LP headbutt, and LP headbutt is the old LP headbutt again.

And the chun change is for her ultra 2, not her normal fireball.

Hopefully they’ll give us back Ultra 2.

Yeah hopefully this isn’t the sum total of the honda changes for 2012.

No, it’s for her fireball.

The Chun change is listed as “kikoken” (her fireball) not “kikosho” (her u2). Unless the front page SRK article has it wrong, that is.

I’m hoping for the same!

Take a look HERE.

Other places I read had it being her fireball and not ultra as well, guess we will have to get some clarification somewhere.

It’s definitely her ultra if only because why would they buff her fireball to be a better anti air, makes no sense.

True that, but the “official unofficial” patch notes from srk and hubs say otherwise. In any case I hope she dies in a fire and that’s all.

It’s kinda funny, I was thinking about how I’d rather have AA jab headbutt but still would kinda miss having a headbutt that beats lows. I thought to myself “They could make strong headbutt go over lows…naw, that’d be way too good.” And then they went ahead and did it anyway.

I still they’d either make ex ochio not crossup, give you a safe jump, or just remove it.