Honda Advanced

yeah I figured I’ve been playing him for many years since cvs1, i’d share my knowledge about him and give back to the community, a top8 character in cvs2.

I’ll be more then happy to answer any questions about honda in any groove, I can assure you I know everything there is to know about him (i hope :x), and im just bored with school starting, people need to pick up honda!

Key Term of my ghetto language special moves:

Hand - Honda Handslap
Head - Honda Headbutt
360 - Honda piledriver command grab

Comming here im sure you know the basics of him, you can always ask here, so ill go right into the advance things.

Every reference to handslap and headbutt and 360 grab will be in Roll Cancel form, there is absolutely no reason for you to do the regular special move unless its a lp headbutt obvious anti-air, or the opponent just-defending a lk or lp, for 360.

There’s 2 things to know first off. Honda’s MP and HP variations of his handslap are faster/slower then one another (MP being faster), the same goes for his headbutts, you will need these both, (in RC form) as they will greatly asset your honda game.


On Crossup Jump (enemy jump range a bit away from crossup distance) - reverse RC headbutt

this is the only solution because if they press a button, it will trade with you… esp against Bison’s meaty HK crossup. the command to do this is to hold downback… wait for them to jump over you, and when you see they have done that and you turn around, press ROLL + back + HP. you retain the charge through the animation of the turn-around.

On Crossup - lp headbutt

basically same as above, except this time they are directly over you, crossing you up, downback, on turn-around animation, back + lp.

On opponent empty jump (no charge) - handslap.

A good example for this would be if the opponent is trying to bait your headbutt from a distance, or up against P or K groove, this will be your best friend anti-air, mainly for the fact that it knocks down, and you get to charge if you mash it, and its very unpredictable anti-air. the main reason is for the knockdown, as you can go into 360 traps/mindgames (will be explained later.)

vs K groove anti-air:

this has to be honda’s hardest matchup in the anti-air department, mainly for the fact that all of his anti-airs are obvious. honda 2 hit lp headbutt (deep) is decent, as is his s.HP if they try to cross you up, never do a headbutt. jump back + HK is pretty decent if the range calls for. early sumo splashes are alright too, I personally love his j.lp (early) but ALWAYS keep your opponent guessing.

Ground Game:

Honda has one of the best ground games in all of cvs2, for the mere fact that the opponent pushing any poke strings/buttons will make them eat a handslap or headbutt.

First and foremost, do not let the opponent pressure you in any way, if the opponent is pressuring you with poke strings, there’s something wrong, because you can always get out of them with handslap or headbutt, depending on the sitution, im not going to list them, you can post here and ill tell you, go figure it out yourself :p.

Some of his decent normals are s/c.lp,, c.HP, c.HK, and c.MK, but every normal attack has their reasons which lead up to some things im going to be explain.

c.lp - his good “filler” button, also looks like a headbutt, you can use it for charging purposes, and has random counter properties (shrug). - great low attack, I personally use it to buffer into hands all the time, very quick as well, much faster and harder to notice then lp.

c.HK - needed for 360 mixup tricks.

c.HP - a decent far-ranged sweep, very quick. - (2hits) combos into head super.

RC 360 Mixup game:

Honda’s Roll Cancel 360 grab is the perfect/best command throw in cvs2 hands down, it has VERY fast recovery time, very quick, and the only way to stop it is to jump away or throw honda back!

First im going to explain the command motion for it (well the way I do it)…

I go from forward or back, then do a 180 degree turn to the opposite side, press ROLL, then roll it from that to UP (doing a 270 in total), there is no need for you to do a 360 turn because in cvs2, you just need to hit the key 4 point (up,down,left,right) to register for the 360, you can alter this to your liking.

now that you have that down hopefully, open your mind, and expermient with the possibilities, im really tired and I got class in a few hours, im going to need to get some sleep, I will update tomorrow with everything about the honda 360 (there alot about it).