Honda and projectiles

is this new stuff?

I’d never seen it before, pretty cool if a little impractical. Timing is pretty difficult, you have to do shikafumi canceled into lp headbut at the last possible moment before the fireball will hit.

Good shit Henry.

It’s old,. from vanilla IIRC. Some guy from japan used it against Sagat on a youtube vid. Hard as hell to do in the heat of the moment. Cen, are you coming back to honda in 2012?

EDIT: Just saw that it was your video Henry, congrats on finding it on your own!

more Honda tech is always welcomed. time to hit the training room.

I was trying to do this in training mode this morning and had some execution trouble. All I could get was an immediate cancel of the shikofumi, not a nice delayed cancel. Any tips? Would this be a handy option against characters who follow-up projectiles like Chun and Guile?

There is no delayed cancel for the overhead unless you cancel it into oicho or hands(or super, but that’s not really delayed). Seems like a delayed cancel because of the slow startup of the LP headbutt. You have to do it fast.

What happens is that the startup frames of the overhead(that make honda’s hit/hurtbox go back a bit) are canceled into the startup of the LP headbutt(that has projectile invincibility in all his body) while the projectile is already “inside” honda’s regular hurtbox, so it makes it easier for a fast projectile to go through him. Slow projectiles will still hit him, but if the opponent is close it might be a trade, IIRC.

Thanks, it just seemed like I got fewer frames of the overheard than Cen before the headbutt popped out. And like you said, it only worked when I did it fast (almost like plink timing) but barely any overhead animation was visible. Back to the lab…

You have a tiny window to delay it, practice it by delaying a regular headbutt’s motion(charge back then forward, delay the punch press) to get the delay time right like Henry did. But it’s not a big window at all, unlike the hands/oicho window which you can do later in the overhead animation.