Honda at Evo

Just wishing good luck to all Honda’s making the trip to vegas this week.

I’ll be in pool 46… with PR Rog :stuck_out_tongue: (hope he plays yang)

Plus Lamerboi… FML

i am in pool 9. have no idea who else is in my pool

Dagger G is in 9


Good luck, guys!

Pool 2 with Mr. Naps

Good luck my fellow Honda users. Going to watch as much of the stream as possible for AE.

Good luck guys

pool 90 idk who the hell i have but imma make sure honda moves out of it

Mike “Best Honda East Coast” Ross is making it to top 16

<----- Very jealous. They need to bring Evo to Texas. It’s just as hot and I’m damn sure you can find a prostitute here and there. Good luck fellas.

Good luck everyone! Rep Dat Sumo

Dude…get your facts straight…he is the best Honda in North America…and he’s making top 8.

Good luck to all the Hondas at EVO~

shoutouts to jewelman for the epic choke against justin in pools…

wtf jewelman? you played great and he gave you the match and you can’t punish rufus U1?

i am great disappoint…

I just saw Justin Wong vs Jewelman.

Dude, It was amazing… until the big moment, I can’t believe it.

^was ultra 2… and man that was sad…

GJ getting on the late night stream, jewelman

At first, I was like, “Why is Daigo fighting Sylar from Heroes?” Then the nameplates appeared. :rofl:

Missed most of the Evo action.

So Mike didn’t make it out of pools? Did Henry use Honda or fully switched to Yun? Did Hoodaman represent?

Jewelman versus JWong in the pools was a real heartbreaker. :frowning:

Next year for sure, next year ill make it out to evo… I need other Honda players to discuss things with, not that many left in my scene, only other person I can honda too is Mike whenever he comes down here to San Diego.

Most strong Hondas (Mike Jewel, and SNK) made it into top 160 I think, but I never saw any on the stream (and I was up til 2). Saw a helluva lotta Fei though. }:stuck_out_tongue: