Honda Combos

Here are some combos that I use with Honda. As far as I know these are the most basic, simple, and damaging combos that I have come across.

1a)j. RH [j. Fierce], cl. Forward, FP Headbutt
130 [120] + 90 + 128 (160 x .8) = 348 [338]

1b)j. RH [j. Fierce], cl. Forward, FP Headbutt, Super
130 [120] + 90 + 128 (160 x .8) + 280 (400 x .7) = 628 [618] O_o!!

2a)j. RH [j. Fierce], cl. Strong, cr. Jab, FP Headbutt
130 [120] + 90 + 32 (40 x .8) + 112 (160 x .7) = 364 [354]

2b)j. RH [j. Fierce], cl. Strong, cr. Jab, FP Headbutt, Super
130 [120] + 90 + 32 (40 x .8) + 112 (160 x .7) + 240 (400 x .6) = 604 [594]

******For Combos 2a/b I think you can do a cr. Forward instead of a cr. Jab for more dmg but I haven’t tested it

(frame wise it should work, but timing the link is way harder. 40 more points of damage though)***

3)j. RH [j. Fierce], cr. Jab, FP 100HS, s. RH
130 [120] + 40 + 112 (20 x 7=140 x .8) + 70 (100 x .7) = 352 [342]

4)j. RH [j. Fierce], cr. Jab, FP 100HS, Super
130 [120] + 40 + 112 (20 x 7=140 x .8) + 280 (400 x .7) = 562 [552]
***For Combos 3&4 I know you can substitute the cr. Jab for a cr. Forward for more damage, but I personally have a

much easier time cancelling 100HS after the cr. Jab as opposed to the cr. Forward*****

5a)j. RH [j. Fierce], cl. Fierce, Super
130 [120] + 120 + 320 (400 x .8) = 570 [560]

5b)j. RH [j. Fierce], cr. Fierce, Super
130 [120] + 140 + 320 (400 x .8) = 590 [580]

Frame data wise Combo 5b should work, but I haven’t tested it yet. Combo 5a is for sure though

6)crossup Forward, cr. Jab, FP 100HS, s. RH
90 + 40 + 112 (20 x 7=140 x .8) + 70 (100 x .7) = 312

7)Saving Attack Lv3 [Lv2], Ochio
160 [100] + 200 = 360 [300]

8a)Saving Attack Lv3 [Lv2], cl. Strong, cr. Jab, FP Headbutt
160 [100] + 80 + 32 (40 x .8) + 112 (160 x .7) = 384 [324]

8b)Saving Attack Lv3 [Lv2], cl. Strong, cr. Jab, FP Headbutt, Super
160 [100] + 80 + 32 (40 x .8) + 112 (160 x .7) + 240 (400 x .6) = 624 [564]

9)Saving Attack Lv3 [Lv2], Ultra
160 [100] + 340 = 500 [440]

Stun Meter
Combo 1 = 460
Combo 2 = 480
Combo 3 = 457
Combo 4 = 352
Combo 5 = 400
Combo 6 = 400
Combo 7 = 400(Lv3); 350(Lv2)
Combo 8 = 480(Lv3); 430(Lv2)
Combo 9 = 200(Lv3); 150(Lv2)

*****Just in case you were wondering why I didn’t do stuns for Combos #a/b is because the stun damage is the same

since supers (and ultras) do not do any stun damage(according to the frame data)*****

Oh one last thing, after calculating damages for combos with super I realized what a fuck-ton of damage it adds in combos. I mean pretty much every combo with super will basically kill half the life bar of any character.

I don’t think any of honda’s EX moves are that great save for the EX Headbutt (because of how fast, damaging, and safe it is). It’s a very good tool for getting in and pressuring. That’s pretty much the only thing I use it for because it is pretty much unpunishable if you can get someone to block it (in most cases).

Long story short, I think that saving meter for super might be better for honda as opposed to using it for basically just the EX Headbutt. What do you guys think? Is the damage of his super worth trading the utility of his EX('s)? We should discuss this more in the Honda Thread.

Fuck, it’s late (or early depending on how you want to look at it). I’m going to bed. Hope you guys find this useful. peace

What does cl. stand for? close?

yes cl. stands for “close standing”


Honda needs that ex badly. Ex but. saves his ass along with butsplash. Any of the combos xx to super does crazy damage but having the patience to save EX with Honda getting crossed up left and right is VERY hard:shake:. Uphill battle…

you can link s.RH after an FP 100H?

yes. very beefy stuff. i just mash fierce till the hands come out and stop pressing punches. and then i start to double tap RH about 3 times and after the 3rd press it will pretty much always link for me

Variations on this most likely work, and it’s probably not the best use of EX and I’m not sure about the damage AT all, all I know is it connects and registers as a combo: j.Forward, cr. forward, EX Buttsplash.

Also, just verifying, you can’t link into cl.rh off 100HS right? Because I must’ve been doing EX 100HS whilst moving forward etc, and trying to link into cl. rh.

thats a pretty good combo to do after cross-up if you want the knockdown again. i just wasn’t sure which version hit aside from ex.

and no you can’t link cl. RH after EX because it doesn’t give you enough frames to do it. but you do have enough time to land a cr. jab according to frame data

cr. jab > ex buttstomp. if you wanted. gotta use d/f to charge and move forward with the ex slaps.

j.fierce, fierce hhs, fierce hhs (3 slaps) super. go go go. its not that hard to do either, but getting a clean j.fierce is by far the hardest part.

Here are a couple of decent confirm combos that I use with honda as an alternative mixup to ochio throw ticks which do pretty decent damage and will score knockdown. They either end in ex buttstomp or fp headbutt. The light punch and chains actually have very good blockstun when combined correctly and you can even use them for ticks into ochio throw which will get your opponent a little scared., cr.lp or xx EX buttstomp
30 + 40 [30] + 80 (100 x 0.8) + 56 (80 x 0.7) = 206 [196] damage (250 stun), cr.lp or xx FP headbutt
30 + 40 [30] + 128 (160 x 0.8) = 198 [188 damage] (260 stun)

These combo are really good after you score a knockdown via throw, buttstomp etc. or when you are jumping in, basically any situation where you usually do tick throw mixups. Your opponent does need to be standing to get hit by the buttstomp which they usually are when trying to jump away from throws but do not execute stomp if they are crouching, do headbutt instead. You do have to be close for the second cr.lp/ to hit so sometimes I do a standing light kick instead for more range.

The standing light kick does need more stricter timing though but as long as it hits whether close or far a cancelled headbutt is always guaranteed to hit due to hit advantage.

Also if you are point blank distance to the opponent you can also add either a before the above combos or a cl.lp before the headbutt combo which will give you more hits for confirmation, more damage, stun, gauge and you can tick an ochio anywhere in between at least the first two hits (three if you use for the third hit). Here are some of the combos that I use.

  1. cl.lp,, cr.lp or xx fp headbutt

Very good block chain too as each hit has great blockstun for the next hit. This makes it very hard for opponent to try to mash buttons to stop offense aside from an ex dp and other similar moves. You can sneak an ochio after the second or even the third depending on how close you are (use jab ochio as it has most range).

  1. cl.lp,, xx fp headbutt

If you are a bit further away from opponent use this combo. Or you can use this one if you are not sure of the distance because the will also hit and cancel into fp headbutt.

  1.,, cr.lp or or xx EX buttstomp or FP Headbutt

Do stomp if opponent is standing or headbutt if they are crouching as you do the chained hits unless the headbutt will hit opponent into corner which in this case you do headbutt. Stomp is used so that you can get another mixup. I have beaten many good opponents by just using one or two ochio/ buttstomp/ headbutt continuous assaults.

I must stress that some of these combos are not easy especially linking two or more light kicks together as the timing is strict. But to be the best honda you can be you must know how to use all of the tools that are available to you. I will probably post some really good punishing combos later.

won’t the damage scaling render that super useless in the damage department?

There are a few really good punish combos that honda has after level 2 - 3 focus attack other than ochio throw. The key in executing all of them is to hold down back as soon as you do the dash forward motion so that you can get the charge to do the moves.

FA 2-3, dash forward, hold down back, move joystick to back while pressing cl.hp,, fp headbutt

100 [160] + 120 + 32 (40 x 0.8) + 112 (160 x 0.7) = 364 [424] damage (530 stun)

This combo is mainly used in the following four situations:

  1. To stun opponent out
  2. To hit the opponent into corner and keep you out of corner
  3. When opponent has about 40% life left this will get opponent close to dead
  4. A combination of the above

FA 2-3, dash forward, hold down back, wait till opponent is about your height in crouching, ultra

100 [160] + 40 + 240 (300 * 0.8) = 380 [440] damage (150 stun) [based on 50% ultra meter]

This is the must do combo when you have ultra unless you can stun your opponent out, in which case you do the previous combo and then this combo for max damage. This does great damage and puts your opponent right in the corner so you can do some more damage. Most of the charge will be gained by holding down back while dashing forward so don’t worry about having to charge partion the ultra.

Of course if you know the focus attack will hit for sure then no need to dash, just do ultra when you recover. This combo is needed when you don’t know if the opponent will block the focus attack or not and does not leave you vunerable.

FA 2-3, dash forward, hold down back, wait till opponent is about your height in crouching, fp headbutt, super.

100 [160] + 160 + 128 (160 x 0.8) + 168 (240 x 0.7) = 556 [616] damage (350 stun)

Just like above do this when you have super always unless you don’t need to to kill opponent or if you want to save your meter for the next round. Decent stun too.

In most situations though especially at mid screen or when the opponent is cornering you the ochio throw punish is the most appropriate. But always keep the other combos in mind as they make a BIG difference to your punishing game.

[quote=“jfizzman, post:12, topic:52034”]

FA 2-3, dash forward, hold down back, move joystick to back while pressing cl.hp,, fp headbutt

uhhh what does mean? forward low kick? if so… how do i move forward and den do head butt?

also… does this mean i can do this combo as a punish? say after a shoryuken miss?

Close Hp = is that Chop from top to bottom right? or is it that 45 degree angle like palm strike to the face?

then into f. lk ? into fierce headbutt?

f. lk = far short

close fierce = uppercut palm

rojo = i dunno about actual scaling percentages in this game, but i know the combo itself does around 55-60% depending on who its done on. dunno how much exact the super itself does, but its considerable, and worthwhile to use, but the combo practicality might not be there. but who knows.

All the combos I posted are of medium level difficulty ie. you might not get it in two seconds but once you do you can do them everytime even in tourneys. The super and ultra combos are in comparison to other characters are some of the easier combos, you just have to be patient enough to build the charge after the dash.

The cl.hp, link is a bit difficult because you only have a frame of leeway but just keep practicing it. In the meantime if you want a focus attack combo that you can use instead of ochio because you don’t want to switch sides then this one is much easier although it does 80 points less damage.

FA 2-3, dash forward, hold down back, move joystick to back while pressing cl.lp, cr.lp xx fp headbutt

100 [160] + 40 + 32 (40 x 0.8) + 112 (160 x 0.7) = 284 [344] damage (380 stun)

Also (although I haven’t done full tests yet) I find that if you do: or j.hp, xx EX buttstomp

130 [120] + 80 + 80 (100 x 0.8) + 56 (80 x 0.7) = 346 [336] damage (450 stun)

The buttstomp does not crossover and keeps you close at wakeup making this combo very useful in pushing opponents towards the corner. I think this happens because the pushes the opponent far away enough for the buttstomp not to crossover.

The xx ex buttstomp is only used against sagat btw. Use xx ex buttstomp against other characters although this may crossover.

I have the execution of the hands combos down finally. There is only four inputs needed but they need to be done quite quickly. My method is by buffering 3 punches between a two hit light punch/kick combo then tapping FP once for the fp hands. It looks a little something like this.

For 1) cl.lp, cr.lp xx fp hands, you do:

cl.lp, lp(you do this one before the cl.lp recovers),cr.lp xx fp hands,

For 2), cr.lp xx fp hands, you do: + cr.lp (hold down press lp + lk at same time to buffer first lp), lp(before recovery), cr.lp xx fp.hands,

The important thing is that you do the three lp and the fp quickly but in consistent rhythm. Works everytime so long as you do it right.

You can even buffer two punches during a dash then press cr.lp xx fp hands. Very useful as an extra option if they block/get hit by your lvl 2-3 savings or if you ex fa cancel your hands, f.fp or for eg., cr.lp xx fp hands, is like doing 2) but instead of doing + cr.lp you do + j.lp (jump in and press hk + lp at same time. Get that shid down boiiis.:wgrin::wgrin:

Jump Hk, c.lp, EX HHS, link to c.lp, fp hhs, link to HK (444 damage, 556 stun)

Great damage and stun.

I was trying to experiment with this one. I know you can keep linking c.Jab - EX Hand Slap, until you’re out of EX, but pretty hard to do without a turbo controller. So far, I could do:

Jump Fierce - C.Forward - EX Hand Slap - C.Jab - EX Hand Slap

Now I wonder how much stun and damage this might do?

Jump Fierce - C.Forward - [EX Hand Slap - C.Jab] x 4 - Fierce Hand Slap - Far S.Roundhouse

I figured out like the ultimate combo with honda, 44 hits.,, c.lp, ex hands, c.lp, ex hands, c.lp ex hands, c.lp ex hands, c.lp, hp hands,

I haven’t got the full thing on video yet, but heres the start of it