Honda Combos

I see other people have thought of this, but it does work =)

Impressive. But isnt the damage about the same or a bit less than j.hp/,, headbutt->super? Haven’t been in practice mode much so i dont know the exact percentages.

It’s definitely flashier though.

EDIT: Hold on, does it even truly combo? Did you set the opponent to “Auto Block”?

it truly combos or it wouldn’t add up the hits. And it does work with auto block on

that’s a nice combo but damage isn’t there. If you have 4 bars you should just look for landing super. Any thing less store it for ex headbutts because you will always need them since normal headbutt has so much startup.

When we say “True Combo”, we mean that the opponent wouldn’t be able to block or recover during any point in the combo. The hits will add up regardless if the dummy never blocks. But with “Auto Block” on you can see the points where they will be able to defend and thus this is not a “true combo”.

It works with auto block on? Cool beans. But like ddr_gakusei says, for the damage, it just isn’t worth it. Headbutt-> Super is the way to go if you want to exhaust full meter like that, but Honda requires good meter management through heavy usage of his EXs. Hell, four naked HHS would be better than using four of them in that combo. Because the game prorates shit. Lessening the damage.

I would only use that combo in a guaranteed situation for flash when I have a life lead and full meter towards the end of a match. Good shit though.

Why are you bashing his combo based on damage? One-two reps is huge damage. Obviously repeating it will be less effective but it is free damage and it at least has flexibility in being open to extensions.

Unlike c. Mk -> headbutt, it allows you to hit confirm, is safer, and more practical without a jump in. Though, the c. Jab ex hhs loop has been known for a month. If you can get the ex hhs deep, you can c. Jab and ochio if the are sitting back hoping you miss the loop.

Its just funny seeing people hate on an obvious flash juggle. I hope you arent so judgemental when watching combo videos.

Wtf?? I didn’t hate on his combo AT ALL. I can appreciate the combo and gave Menik much props. But he said, “I figured out the ultimate combo…”, and so ultimate surely utilizes the most in terms of damage right? Sure the reps are open to extensions. That’s not the point. He was saying the combo AS A WHOLE. Four EX HHS. I use the start-up my damn self and end with EX butt slam. Or do another rep and then ochio. No one ever said the loop didn’t have its uses. But AS A WHOLE it’s lacking and you’re pretty much left shitless afterwards. That’s all.

Again, I gave Menik props and I love flash as much as anyone, probably more. But would I use this in anything but a lighthearted match when I’m down and its not guaranteed to finish my opponent? HELL FUCK NO.

This isn’t true. If you can block it, the hits reset.

lol. well, one thing that the combo does that the super does not is rack up stun like crazy.

if you get it in the corner or use a deeper combo, you get 4 loops of ex hands, 1 loop of fp hhs, and a s.rh. or 4 loops of ex hands and an ochio opportunity. i’m not so good with calculating but here’s a previous post:

so… yeah. super doesnt contribute any stun. so imagine a few loops, finish with an ochio, and now get your dizzy with a reset off the ochio? that opens up alot of possibility for raping.

just saying.

edit: so i messed around with this on practice mode against ryu (1000 stun). my execution isn’t on par, but 4 loops should dizzy, if not get very very close. you can also replace close strong with close fierce to chain the c.jab ex hands for more damage and stun (130 dmg, 200 stun). one loop does mid 500 stun with this, 2 loops high 600. i was messing with jump in rh, close fierce, c. jab, ex.hands, c.jab, ex. hands, c.jab ex buttstomp, and it was high 800’s (near 900) on stun. so i assume that 4 loops would indeed dizzy, but it might be overkill. having the ochio option after an ex hands is great for a reset on damage incase you do get that dizzy with it. with the ex butt stomp i was able to do, you are literally one c.short, c.jab, headbutt/ochio/trade fierce mixup away from a stun.

so just assuming, 4 loops would dizzy, then you get lv3 focus, close jab, close forward, headbutt? that wouldn’t give them much life to battle back with. i’d like to see what’s good with that.

still working on my pianoing so i don’t have to premash, but i’m sure someone’s execution is up to snuff.

Found this out by accident today.

I am always using F.HHS as pressure with a C.Jab,
So today while fighting gief I hit a full C.Jab+F.HHS I then took a tiny step forward and did C.Jab+F.HHS full 15 hits everytime and the stun dmg is great with no bar useage.

It can be hit on any character just depends on if you get the last hit in there while close enough.

HHS is Hondas best move by far in this game IF you can combo C.Jab consistently into F.HHS.

Thats funny all of the videos I have seen so far HHS is the least used move. Its all belly flops, EX Headbutt and Buttslam.

… Every time I connect a Cr.Mk a headbutt comes out right after for massive damage!

On a side note I’ve got this new gimmick:rofl: Ochiooooooo Ochiooooo Sumo Splash 1 if it hits do it again if it blocks random Ultra. :smiley:

Its becuase it has to be used with a C.Jab or a S.Jab.
What makes it so hard is that the jab ends so fast you have to buff 4 inputs into it.
The way I use it is I am constantly tapping out 4 Jabs each time I press for a poke jab. If it is either blocked or hits I hit fierce with my ring finger.

Its really hard to do and took me about 4 days of just getting use to doing it in pratice mode for a couple hours each day but it was worth it.

The CvS2 method that all intermediates picked up was to piano left to right. You hit jab, strong and fierce with you three fingers and then automatically tap strong and fierce with your middle and ring finger. You don’t to piano right to left because fierce is not special cancelable.

The easiest method to hit the HHS tho is j.fp, s.lp, c.lp xx FP HHS where you just piano right after c.lp for 5 easy inputs. Akimo does this A LOT.

Nice but for me with all the poking Jabs i do its much easier to do it with the method I am currently using :slight_smile:

what does FP headbutt stand for?

lp = light punch or jab
mp= medium punch or strong
fp = heavy punch or fierce

What is the exact input for headbutt xx super? I’m trying the ST way (charge b,f+P~b/f+P) but it doesn’t seem to work. Does it have to be specific level (l,m,h) or anything specific like that?

I never bothered to check if this game has charge partitioning or buffering like 3S. And even if it did, I suck at them, lol.

I’ve only been able to pull it off by starting with a lp headbutt xx into any strength super, and only when I am up close. I guess the first b,f of the super is buffered with the initial lp HB, and right when it connects I enter in the additional b,f FP.

Thanks man. I’m trying this on a 360 pad so that might have something to do with it, lol. (I’m a long time stick player.)