Honda drops out of LK super in Ultra



So I was playing a match online against a Honda and punished a blocked headbutt with LK super. Much to my surprise Honda fell out after the 3rd hit. I went into training mode and sure enough it happens every time. I tried picking the SSFIV version of both Cody and Honda and it works fine. Not sure what changed. I also tried it on a bunch of other Ultra characters and it worked fine.


If you look at Dantarion’s difference list for Cody ( it looks like all the supers have had tweaks. It’s not obvious to me from the data what exactly they’ve done to LK super, but maybe Eternal can shed some light on it…


Don’t really need a whole thread for this, coulda posted in cody general…

nnnnneeee ways

The way Cody’s super was put together is so damn messy I’ve never fully been able to figure out how it works. However my best guess is based on how they changed the damage data. The first 2 hits of LK super now cause more pushback on hit vs standing opponents (which is how you would have hit Honda) and then the 3rd hit knocks the opponent up a bit higher than before for all versions of super. This all combined to screw up the move vs Honda and possibly other characters in an attempt to “fix” it.