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Hey guys i main honda in SSfHd remix was wondering about two things, i can’t seem to get the hang of the c.s kick into HHS, could someone give me a hint on how to do that? i Was also wondering if someone could play my honda and see how good i was, im trying to get better but i need to know if i am doing a few things wrong.

I know this isn’t really strategy but i don’t know where to post this besides here cause i don’t really see another place to put hd remix threads

#2 <- This is the E. Honda HD Remix thread :slight_smile: Anything you need help with for Honda, post here :slight_smile:

As far as cancelling into HHS, roll your finger onto the HHS button you want (let’s say strong) and then mash it. It takes a bit of time to practice. Incidentally, E. Honda’s close strong and close jab are probably the easiest moves to cancel into Hundred Hands.


For more information, please read the sticky thread with my name on it and my signature. Ok. Close thread. :slight_smile:


Well true that… your faq mentions a crazy amount of strategies for landing combos… its concise… but i’ll be damned if you dont mention it in all of your posts…

You really should have an AV that advertises your faq…


Way ahead of ya.


Yeah, Shari’s suggested avatar is going to be really hard to top. Anyway, I always figure it’s better to teach a person how to fish than to just give them one and walk away…'cause they’ll just follow you anyway. :). Might as well send 'em to my FAQ and call it a day! :slight_smile:


I went through how to do it in the old Honda thread. We should probably move that post to the new Honda thread. I’ll dig it up tomorrow and post it in there.


Here’s the post…