Honda Shin-Etsu Grease from amazon $16.95!


Just want to let you guys know its on sale for $16.95. If you have amazon prime its free shipping.

Bought one today and just wanted to spread the news . Only 5 left in stock


I get a better deal from my local Honda dealer.


Want to help make that Honda dealer rich?


What are you thinking?


This post belongs here


I’m thinking a tech talk group buy! LOL.

On the other hand, Molykote is just as good and PAS already sells it. But, I guess if people need some, they could get some through you? Perhaps if we’re modding and need a supply for a lot of sticks, like at an event or something.


I might pick up a bunch and just gift them to those who are worthy. Is it secret santa time yet? :slight_smile:


Haha, that would be slick! GET IT?!!?!?!?!??!