Honda tech not alot of people know about thread!



Please suggest to capcom or combofiend to change it. All are -2 on block even vs Tall and Big characters. Honda can do ultra 2 when u use standing block for rufus yan and yang do dive kick to your back. u can use ultra 2 after blcking cammy front side dive kick.


A friend asked combofiend about that some months ago, he said that it wasn’t supposed to be safe. SMH.


Hope he can make some changes -1 or 0 frame on block. It can provide a tools for us to get close to sagat without punishment.


there are actually sometimes setups you can use to get sagat on wakeup i did one this morning.

if you can get good buttslam mixup going you can rape people and annoy the fuck out of them, mixup ex headbutt or oicho

does anyone know if theres a way to make jump HK cross up in the corner? i have discovered this is possibel with guile so im thinking its possible with the entire cast


Not possible with the whole cast.


Fake Cross-Up

  • Super, nj.HP (drift fully back), walk a couple of frames forward, fj.HK – Works on some characters, also makes DPs whiff
  • Super, whiff heavy HHS, jump HK – Akuma, Blanka, Chun Li, E.Ryu, Hakan, Ken, Makoto, M.Bison, Oni, Rufus, Ryu
  • Super, f.Dash x3, jump HK – Sagat and Seth
  • b.throw, cl.LK, walk couple of frames forward, fj.HK – Works on some characters, also makes DPs whiff
  • f.throw, f.dash, cl.HK, fj.HK – Ryu, Ken, Gouken(tatsu ex), Sakura, Oni(ex dp), Yun, Abel, Viper, Bison, Cammy, Hakan, Yang, Evil Ryu(ex dp), Guile, Zangief, Rufus and Fei Long.


you linked this great chart but didnt say what it was for


It’s a headbutt punish chart


Just discovered this: after a bison headstomp, cs.HK stuffs the skull diver followup completely


If a Bison zigzags over you after the headstomp, won’t cs.HK go the wrong way?


I’ll have to test it in training some more, but it seems like even if he ends up behind you the will still connect. if you do it too late, you might get the first hit (30 damage) instead of the full 125, but i’ve seen it do 100 too. I’ve gotten it to trade a couple of times, but i think I was doing the late.


Honda’s EX Headbutt xx EXFA lvl 1 is a true blockstring.

You need to charge it a couple of frames for it to work as a frametrap and score a counterhit crumple.
Important stuff to know imo.


something I myself use almost 100% of the time is if I oicho my opponent and put myself in the corner I n.j. fierce and wiggle out, most cases if they dp or teleport out it autocorrects them back into the corner giving me corner control again and free punishes. If the opponent has caught onto this tactic best to tech as you land, if they do nothing I go with cr. short cr. j xx exhhs or w/e you prefer. It works a lot and I dont see a lot of Hondas using it >.>


The opponent has around 13+ frames to do anything and punish you. Usually it gets punished with a throw or a sweep, it’s why no one uses it.


you can tech the throws, and Ive never been swept out of it lol. 9/10 times they will dp or just wait and tech.


Yes, the throws can be teched, but there’s no way you can get 9/10 times away with it against average or competent players.
I mean, 13+ frames is a lot of time to punish you.


i saw mike ross do it a long time ago - its a trick to make DPs whiff. i have been blown up for it many times. if they delay wakeup at least you are only -2 now lol

it is pretty useful midscreen as a 1 time gimmick to scare thme out of DPing you

another one i learend from here is fwd throw dash dash nj fp float back, will beat almost all DPs. used it in a money match vs a dudley with like 50+ guys wathcing once one of the hypest moments of my sf career lol people went buck


^I’m not sure that midscreen oicho > NJ fierce will let you cross over midscreen. I usually get that setup off of cross up or anti air buttslams. It can be really ambiguous sometimes - I often catch people with cr. mk xx hands or an oicho afterwards.

But yea - that set up is good to use sometimes (see vid at the 7:08 mark) - I missed my hands, but that woulda been confirmed into cr. mk xx headbutt!!


Honda’s U1 needs 30frames travel time to hit an opponent who’s on the other side of the screen.


Vs fireball character: use focus to absorb the fireball and then cancel with front dash then cr. weak punch. If u use focus attack then back dash to cancel the fireball, sometimes ryu with do the second fireball, it is time to jump in with a combo. Jump in is very dangerous vs those character with fadc ultra.


Dhalism… Do orchit throw, until dhalisim get close in the sumo splash hk distance. Tgen do sumo splash hk immediately. Neutral jump hp press back, it will hit his leg. Remain ex headbutt to beat his normal. U can use bighawk97 method
Fei… block fei 2nd punch combo can release croach weak hands hhs
Block fire lunch can do ex headbutt
Jesus chop can beat his dragon kick
Zero jump. Let fei long to attack you first and then beat him using croach hands hhs
Guide… walk very close can do jump medium punch.
Sagat… far away can do neutral jump for downward fireball, high fireball can croach. When u jump in use hard kick can do combo. Use more croach hard punch
Zangief jump weak kick, u can back dash and then jump back. If you block, you can press straight jump immediately. Ex headbutt also ok.
Jump hard punch, u may focus attack backdash and then jump away. The most good method is block and then block alll his normal. If time is right, ex sumo splash can beat him.
360 larrit u can use ex headbutt
Ultra 2 can catch his setting position using green hands after hit you down and then starting to wake up.
When zangief has ultra 2, you can use jesus chop to beat his jump. Remember not to jump.
Weak headbutt can reduce his blood. Safe
Cviper, after blocking burning dance, jump away immediately
If cviper read you to perform sumo splash, they will do high burning kick, you just need to front or back dash can escape
Jump foward fierce kick can beat all dive kick, jesus chop can beat yun dive kick, when they left the ground start to jump immediately.
Rose, if she uses stand punch or kick, u just need to using croach weak punch. If she uses punch or kick, u just do ex headbutt to beat all her normal
If u do medium headbutt, she will do soul spiral, u can use weak sumo splash to beat her.
All the dive kick go to your back, u can do ultra 2 immediately.
Seth, when he jumps forward to you, you just need to move upwards for normal jump, it can give you big return.
Abel, u do more normal throw when he is down or after normal jump in.
Those character who like to do focus attack to absorb your normals, you can do weak punch into ex hhs because it is quicker than hhs to release.
El furte, he jumps then you jump
Dan only use croach weak punch and weak headbutt
Guide when he is not down, just neutral jump hp and then use normal. Jump in when he is hit by sumo splash. Diagonal jump mk croach fierce punch can beat his backdash
Yun, dash back attack can use normal throw or focus attack. Dive kick u can use stand weak pu nch, for jump dash punch block it and them croach weak punch hhs , if croach weak punch is early, u can then press dash throw. It is not suggest to do ex headbutt for yun 1st jump setup. Block it 1st and do ex.headbutt for 2nd jump
Cammy, use medium sumo splash vs non knock down dive kick or use back dash or jump front hard kick. Focus attack for far dive kick. 90 percent of dive kick is front side. For knock down dive kick, u can focus dash front.
Balrog neutral jump and focus attack when he dash punch. Stand hk for far distance. Hit back when he is down. Jump in when he is standing only. Jesus chop to reverse his croach weak punch. Walk in and ready to throw. Use stand weak punch to beat his dash, but need quick reaction. Dash overhead one can throw him
Rose neutral jump downward fierce or croach weak punch. Stand hard kick.
Ex or weak or medium sumo splash to beat her standing far normals. Jesus chop can beat her down normals
Jump weak punch can help u to get in
Philipnoman movie
Evil ryu get close and then jump in.
Zero focus attack
I m not sako movie