Honda tech not alot of people know about thread!

Please suggest to capcom or combofiend to change it. All are -2 on block even vs Tall and Big characters. Honda can do ultra 2 when u use standing block for rufus yan and yang do dive kick to your back. u can use ultra 2 after blcking cammy front side dive kick.

A friend asked combofiend about that some months ago, he said that it wasn’t supposed to be safe. SMH.

Hope he can make some changes -1 or 0 frame on block. It can provide a tools for us to get close to sagat without punishment.

there are actually sometimes setups you can use to get sagat on wakeup i did one this morning.

if you can get good buttslam mixup going you can rape people and annoy the fuck out of them, mixup ex headbutt or oicho

does anyone know if theres a way to make jump HK cross up in the corner? i have discovered this is possibel with guile so im thinking its possible with the entire cast

Not possible with the whole cast.


Fake Cross-Up

  • Super, nj.HP (drift fully back), walk a couple of frames forward, fj.HK – Works on some characters, also makes DPs whiff
  • Super, whiff heavy HHS, jump HK – Akuma, Blanka, Chun Li, E.Ryu, Hakan, Ken, Makoto, M.Bison, Oni, Rufus, Ryu
  • Super, f.Dash x3, jump HK – Sagat and Seth
  • b.throw, cl.LK, walk couple of frames forward, fj.HK – Works on some characters, also makes DPs whiff
  • f.throw, f.dash, cl.HK, fj.HK – Ryu, Ken, Gouken(tatsu ex), Sakura, Oni(ex dp), Yun, Abel, Viper, Bison, Cammy, Hakan, Yang, Evil Ryu(ex dp), Guile, Zangief, Rufus and Fei Long.

you linked this great chart but didnt say what it was for

It’s a headbutt punish chart

Just discovered this: after a bison headstomp, cs.HK stuffs the skull diver followup completely

If a Bison zigzags over you after the headstomp, won’t cs.HK go the wrong way?

I’ll have to test it in training some more, but it seems like even if he ends up behind you the will still connect. if you do it too late, you might get the first hit (30 damage) instead of the full 125, but i’ve seen it do 100 too. I’ve gotten it to trade a couple of times, but i think I was doing the late.

Honda’s EX Headbutt xx EXFA lvl 1 is a true blockstring.

You need to charge it a couple of frames for it to work as a frametrap and score a counterhit crumple.
Important stuff to know imo.

something I myself use almost 100% of the time is if I oicho my opponent and put myself in the corner I n.j. fierce and wiggle out, most cases if they dp or teleport out it autocorrects them back into the corner giving me corner control again and free punishes. If the opponent has caught onto this tactic best to tech as you land, if they do nothing I go with cr. short cr. j xx exhhs or w/e you prefer. It works a lot and I dont see a lot of Hondas using it >.>

The opponent has around 13+ frames to do anything and punish you. Usually it gets punished with a throw or a sweep, it’s why no one uses it.

you can tech the throws, and Ive never been swept out of it lol. 9/10 times they will dp or just wait and tech.

Yes, the throws can be teched, but there’s no way you can get 9/10 times away with it against average or competent players.
I mean, 13+ frames is a lot of time to punish you.

i saw mike ross do it a long time ago - its a trick to make DPs whiff. i have been blown up for it many times. if they delay wakeup at least you are only -2 now lol

it is pretty useful midscreen as a 1 time gimmick to scare thme out of DPing you

another one i learend from here is fwd throw dash dash nj fp float back, will beat almost all DPs. used it in a money match vs a dudley with like 50+ guys wathcing once one of the hypest moments of my sf career lol people went buck

^I’m not sure that midscreen oicho > NJ fierce will let you cross over midscreen. I usually get that setup off of cross up or anti air buttslams. It can be really ambiguous sometimes - I often catch people with cr. mk xx hands or an oicho afterwards.

But yea - that set up is good to use sometimes (see vid at the 7:08 mark) - I missed my hands, but that woulda been confirmed into cr. mk xx headbutt!!

Honda’s U1 needs 30frames travel time to hit an opponent who’s on the other side of the screen.

Vs fireball character: use focus to absorb the fireball and then cancel with front dash then cr. weak punch. If u use focus attack then back dash to cancel the fireball, sometimes ryu with do the second fireball, it is time to jump in with a combo. Jump in is very dangerous vs those character with fadc ultra.

Croach weak punch, straight jump hp and lp are the soul of honda, some honda do not have hhs still can use these 3 weapons to beat good players. those are the safest move for honda
The full screen is 7 body distance, The starting screen is 5 body distance
when opponent get close, try not to jump, using focus front dash orchit throw for 3 body distance
closer than 3 body distance, I suggest to use croach weak punch and headbutt to keep charge

only stand weak punch on block then perform headbutt is safe

Dive kick on head and go to another side

block on 1 then input 321321 ppp
block on 3 then input 123123 ppp
once step on your head, u need to input immediately

Ultra 2 combo

It must at close distance. The 5 hits cannot combo for far distance
croach weak punch > hhs (3 hits) > press level 1 focus
Total 5 hits, opponent will fall and you can do ultra 2
You can count 1 2 by heart to cancel hhs by press mp mk and count another 1 2 to release the level 1 focus attack
even in sf4, ae, 2012 version, it works

Counter attack

All the counter can add a ex headbutt. Always keep the charge and see and abnormal action.

Stand hard kick

vs ryu, Ken, oni, sakura, akuma, guoken, guide release ball is the time to do stand hard kick.
if ryu does not release ball, you dont start to kick him

Diagonal jump

5 characters distance use jump hp or mp. ie. The starting distance. It is good to keep all the time with this distance vs ryu
actually it is very good vs projectile characters
4 characters distance use jump hk or mp
3 characters distance use jump mk or mp
jump mp close can beat ryu close stand hk sid dhalism close hk to hit their head for the hit box.
jump mk is for ambiguous block front or back only. then croach lplk to prevent throw
jump hk is good vs tall characters such as seth and sagat.
Those characters know to use stand hard kick to beat you, you can use jump lp for 5 characters distances
Less than 3 characters distance are not encourage to jump, you can use croach weak to move back 1 distance or use normal only
2.5 characters, you can jump vs zangief, guide or dhalisim to beat their hitbox or their head.

vs ryu, there is a distance which can counter hit with shroyuken. That is a good jumping distance vs ryu when doing fireball release. You can use the starting 99 seconds distance and then walk back 1 character distance to count to jump

Jump front

When characters want to jump to you back
jump front hit box is the smallest

jump back prefer press hard kick or weak kick

Diagonal jump for shroyuken character

  1. Sagat, Ryu and evil Evil ryu are shroyuken are stright up, you can use far jump
  2. Ken, oni, seth shroyuken are diagonal up, you can use close jump
  3. Ryu walks front for 5 characters is the time for you to jump hard kick. walk front is hard to do shroyuken

Store air during diagonal jump

diagonal jump move back immediately

Dive kick for non wake up

Back dash and then strong hard punch
Jump back hard kick
Jump front
Far dive kick use medium sumo splash or weak headbutt

Dive kick or ibuki air flying weapons for wakeup

You can only focus front dash for yun dive kick to your back or block

Close dive kick jump to your back

Jump back weak punch or weak kick

Far dive kick hit your front

Jump front weak punch or weak kick

Striaght jump

It is for setting best distance which benefits for you to play normal using stright jump hp, u can use jesus chop after landing
4 to 5 characters distance or more than 5 characters distances
Prevent ryu hard kick or punch
straight jump hk can beat stand hk
usually, stright jump hp or lp is for opponents jump towards us only.

Within 4 character distances, honda can sit down block wait your opponent attack 1st and focus cancel into orchit throw or croach weak punch. For those ryu likes to use croach medium kick, you can stand lk or medium headbutt. Your stand hk cen only do in 2 scenario. 1. croach weak punch on block or hit 2. ryu starts to press button on the ground.
3. when characters walk towards you.
For those know to use focus attack, you can only use 1 or croach weak punch into ex hhs.

After knock down the character in the corner-
1313 can do hhs immediately

Focus attack absorb hit

successful, u can use dash front into orchit throw
cannot absorb hit, just croach weak punch

Focus attack absorb fireball

more than 5 characters distance focus back dash
3 characters distance, Honda uses croach block
ryu croach hard kick distance is Ryu ex fireball position. No focus attack.
2 characters distance front dash croach weak punch
less than 2.5 Characters distances, try to press croach weak punch
2.5 characters distance can do weak headbutt

All stand hard punch counter can combo with ex headbutt

HHS combo

HHS connect to ex HHS then add a stand hard kick, opponent will dizzy.
fo ex hhs input method
123>23weak kick>23weak kick

Vs Ken jump

When Ken is walking back, you can jump. other shroyuken character cannot jump

Air jump

The distance that you jump in without hit by their anti air or able to block their special moves after landing and u are able to press your croach weak punch distance to attack. This need to practice more. as it can bait their meter or give them damage.
For eg. ryu stand hard kick, ryu cannot hit you and you dont need to press any button. Ryu is unable to shroyuken as his shroyuken is very stright go upward.
dhalisim close stand hard kick, rose stand hard punch.
For those sagat know how to move one step to shroyuken are not effective

For those straight up shroyuken such as ryu evil ryu and sagat, u can back dash in the corner to escape their damage

opponent Wakeup with early jump

Opponent with has chance to do stand punch, and you can use croach weak kick to start your attack after landing

Close jump to opponent back during opponent wakeup
It can bait your opponent to do shroyuken with a wrong direction(you can watch Terry vs Diago evil ryu movie)

Knock characters down in corner

lphplphp can release hhs
dont do it for sagat or shroyuken character

Bait ultra

Jump back
press stand hard kick for far distance
press croach weak punch for medium distance
Usually those punch or kick hit nothing

Counter hit plus additional headbutt

3:17 jesus chop counter into headbutt

Honda techniques

  1. 100 percent combos when opponent on hit

  2. seldom or no jump for shroyuken type characters especially in close distance croach weak punch distance

  3. Close distance with opponent use stright jump weak punch or jump back weak punch

  4. Far distance with opponent use jump hard punch

  5. use of croach weak punch and seldom use stand hard kick, if u miss it, you will lose a combo of blood for opponents jump in

  6. use of weak punch has enough time for you to do stright jump hard punch or other stuff. also it will not make your opponent out of your attack favorable area.

  7. let opponent to attack 1st and use croach weak punch to attack him

  8. when you jump in and opponent on block
    you can either sit down do nothing to wait for their mistakes or use croach weak punch to keep honda at close distance, dont use hard kick or hard punch to make your opponent away easily

  9. waste a lot of time to walk away and jump away, you will have high probability to win the match

  10. Try to play with your croach weak punch distance. No jump in this distance.

  11. press lplkmpmk and backdash, it can prevent frame trap and throw

  12. focus attack cancel orchit throw or stand weak punch croach weak.punch hhs or just croach weak punch 3 times then medium sumo splash

  13. After forcing opponents to corner, keep yourself in croach weak punch distance, ready to do ex sumo splash or st. jump punch. Trap your opponent into jail.

  14. know how to use different jump to beat different jump in attack and know how to trade
    for eg. when ryu jump medium kick, honda use what kinds of jump can get him more blood.
    Diagonal jump front hard kick can beat cammy dive kick
    Adon use jump weak kick, u can also use weak punch or kick and see the result, if u use hard punch or kick, adon weak kick will beat u.
    You can test it with your partner and remember it

  15. After orchit throw, honda goes to corner
    if the opponent does not know focus or front dash, u can do weak sumo splash to change positions, after that he jump, u jump
    if the opponent does not know, u can front dash immediately to push your opponent away without doing anything, I think no one like close to honda.

  16. For those opponents like to use focus attack to trap your normal, you can use croach weak punch ex hhs. it is because the start up frame is very fast for ex hhs, they will eat whole set of ex and u can push your opponent into the corner
    croach weak punch cancel into ex headbutt also work when Ryu is forcing you into wall and u have charge
    crouch weak punch cancel into ex sumo splash is also ok because the action is fast in close distance
    but croach weak punch into medium sumo splash has some risks

  17. vs non shoyuken type opponents jump in u can focus attack cancel and then do normal throw.

  18. When you vs players with strong normal throw and combine of weak punch.
    you can press lpmphplk 4 buttons to release throw. You will get 1 more frame for release throw. 1st 3 hits, u can croach block. the 4th hit, u can stand block

  19. For using normal buttons, u should let opponent start the punch 1st and you use croach weak punch to hit him back. If you vs character with good focus attack like evil ryu. Remember all your hits cannot touch his focus attack area, you can only touch his hands or legs only when they attack.

when characters are walking in to you, you can use stand hard kick. dont hit your opponent when opponent is standing (not moving)

  1. Opponents using corner jump weak kick, u can use jump back weak kick, croach weak kick weak punch into hhs or ex heabutt or normal throw.

  2. Opponents do not start the attack, honda just walk towards and backwards. Dont press anything

  3. Bait ultra. 13stand weak kick or hard kick(hit nothing) 13 lpmphp
    When ryu press croach medium kick
    or Hhs (hit nothing) to hit the air then ready to ultra vs fireball characters or bison physocrusher

  4. For those characters with very good normal to anti air such as cody stand lp, dhalisim stand hard kick, you can do an empty jump to his face. You need to calculate the distance accurately without hit by them. You can use jump weak kick, your hit box suddenly smaller and your opponent will press anti button earlier and u will have more chances to go to his front to hit them

  5. For some characters after honda jump in, they like to use back dash or claw will use rotation to the back, you can use straight jump hp

  6. Wakeup sumo splash is welcome to do as it is amour breaks.
    blocked sumo, you can use Straight jump hp or lp or back dash, ex headbutt, u can use orchit throw if the characters do not press weak punch

  7. Ken, ryu, akuma and evil ryu shroyuken in corner, u can use backdash to escape for last blood

  8. after blocking jump weak kick at the corner, I suggest to use jump weak kick to go out of corner immediately. It is to avoid block the position wrongly

  9. You can do headbutt when opponent is coaching, pressing medium/high kinds of punch or kick and jump in and falling down from air to ground

When ryu uses jump back hard kick, you have to delay your headbutt to hit him before go to ground

  1. Those opponents normal with long time recovery can use orchit throw to catch. for eg. akuma croach hard kick, rose stand hard kick

  2. orchit throw.
    when opponent falling down or jump to your back without hitting you.
    abel roll
    after blocking 3 times weak punch.
    jump mk to his back
    St jump hp and falling down
    Diagonal jump hit them and falling down

  3. normal throw
    when u use jump weak punch or jump medium kick
    mainly use for vs abel

  4. when you do croach weak punch hhs successfully, you can do ex headbutt or croach weak punch hhs, if your opponent knows that, they will not jump away, it is time to do dash forward medium orchit throw

  5. The good distances to jump When you select the characters, you can count 5 sf4 characters distances, it is around 5.5 level bar. It is a good distance to jump for jump medium punch

  6. When you vs fireball characters, you walk very close, if they do fireball move your stright jump hp to forward then orchit throw

  7. After croach medium punch, the medium punch does not require to hit anything. you can stand hp or hk. if you see they use stand hard punch likes oni, you can ex headbutt

  8. 5 characters in select characters or 5 super level bar distance is the best distance to jump. Medium punch is the 1st choice as opponents need to have recovery time

  9. usage of stand weak kick
    It can beat ryu croach medium kick and croach weak punch. You can focus dash in and then stand right kick then croach weak punch twice.

When some ken or akuma uses early jump to your back, u can use it to beat them

front air tastu(stand weak kick or medium kick)

  1. delay weak sumo splash, it is for opponent using dive kick and jump weak kick to your back to use. It will be killed by os

  2. stand weak punch can use for antiair dive kick, dhaslim jump back hard punch etc
    croach weak punch is the trap opponent not to jump
    front air tastu

  3. Stand medium punch is good if you can link with croach weak punch cancel into headbutt. r ex headbutt. Kuriso always use this.
    lorddvd likes to jump medium kick stand medium punch into forward downward hard kick. Play with claw to use when you hit him and use medium punch into hhs to chase his dash backward.

  4. Focus attack
    use for focus dash in 95 percent absorb fireball to option select
    Actually it is not good for beat normal because poor hit box.
    Dhalisim long hands (far to use) close for focus dash only
    Fei dash punch
    Ken and Abel step kick
    Oni stand hard punch and sumo splash punch

  5. ultra 2 can beat all safe jump

  6. Beat air tastu
    1st stand when you see ryu start air tastu, move to croach block position and then ex headbutt
    you must stand and then croach to ensure 100 percent hit them

  7. jump mk, stand mp, croach weak punch headbutt

  8. jump mk, stand mp,
    croach weak punch into hhs dash front into lp orchit throw

  9. jump mp, stand mp, weak punch into ex hhs
    case 1 ex hhs on hit, move 3232 to bait shroyuken. if opponent jumps, honda diagonal jumps hk immediately. ready for ex headbutt to beat shroyuken and move 3232 again.
    3232 looks like orchit throw.

  10. If ex hhs on block, ready to do ex sumo splash usually for straight jump or ex headbutt

  11. When opponent is dizzy, you can use jump medium kick stand medium punch cancel into
    hhs croach weak punch into headbutt

  12. For hhs distance, opponent jump, you can jump hk to the front

  13. For close distance stright jump, you can use stand close hp. If close hp counter double kill each other, you can use ex headbutt immediately for 2 hits. If close hp is on hit, you cannot add one more hit
    when you press close hp, remember to press hp twice immediately, because sometimes it cannot release

  14. medium punch cancel into hhs 22323

  15. All close hp both hit each other can combo with ex headbutt

  16. stright jump hp move back, need to croach for 1 seconds for trap air. stright jump mp lp can trap air faster, sometimes you can do headbutt when opponent jumps in especially for straight jump mp.

  17. normal throw stand hk diagonal jump mk
    back throw stand mp diagonal jump hk
    normal throw stright jump hp can move front or back then jump mk or jump hk to set ambiguous jump

  18. The distance blocked weak headbutt by opponent is the distance for ex 28k for ryu fireball and any jump.


weak headbutt beat stand weak punch
medium headbutt beat croach hard punch
weak headbutt beat jump back hard punch
ex headbutt can beat his attack
walk front and block his punch can gain meter for ex
once knock you down, Honda can do sumo splash immediately

You can jump mp for 3 characters distance usually hk sumo splash and hit him stand weak punch twice can do jump mp
You can use st. jump hp at the far distance and wait for dhalism walk to your sumo splash distance
When he walks, you jump in. When he jump up, you dash forward. Do orchit throw, until dhalisim get close in the sumo splash hk distance. ex sumo splash can get in easily. You can use jesus chop when he jumps Then do sumo splash hk immediately. Neutral jump hp press back, it will hit his leg. Remain ex headbutt to beat his normal. U can use bighawk97 method, Kuriso youtube
jump front hk, mp, lp, no need to cross up dhalisim

All successful jump in, you can press focus attack after the landing immediately.

weak sweep in the floor uses headbutt to trade

For full screen, dualism uses croach hard punch, u can use croach hard punch or croach hard kick.
once u knock him down, u can jump
For close distance, u can use croach weak punch,
When dhalisim uses stand weak kick then jump back hard punch, u can use ex headbutt if u have charge
or weak headbutt then jump in without press button and wait for dhalism action, u can use normal throw or orchit throw. If he invisible to back, honda use jump back kick. If he invisible front, u can use front dash

u can listen to his yoga, then immediately strong headbutt to


weak punch can win. let him attack 1st.


stand block his flip kick, it can use croach weak punch hhs
claim down to play
Dont go to the corner, his combo damage a lot.
It sometimes jumps to the wall go to your back, you can press the buttons without release vs guy for the delay ultra
Jesus chop can beat elbow dash


air jump far fireball, u can dash front or weak headbutt croach weak punch hhs
air jump close fireball, u can jump mp to attack him
land fireball only jump at far distance
ex headbutt
croach medium punch can orchit or ex 28k if akuma jump
zero jump in far distance for fireball. only jump in very close distance if u need

He jumps you jump(no fireball is released), far distance use jump back hard kick, close distance use jump weak punch or weak kick
use sumo splash to beat his close jump fireball
use strong headbutt to beat his multiple kick for far distance
if get close, use croach weak punch to play.
if u are knocked down, you can use backdash to escape his air backward tastu.
If you are close to corner, Do a ultra to beat his air hit back tastu
After you jump in for his block,don’t fo anything. just sit
When he do ground fireball, dont jump for far and medium distance.
When he do far air fireball, try to do strong headbutt
When he do close air fireball, you can stright jump hp or ex sumo splash
Try to walk in to play. walk towards akuma

akuma multi kick on block, croach weak punch strong headbutt

His ex hundred ghost attack, u can jump back hard kick


stand weak punch pull back is extremely important for this match. it can beat fei cut down
once get very close u can use jesus chop to beat his croach hard punch
block fei 2nd punch combo can release croach weak hands hhs.
When he do dash punch, you can stand weak punch then hhs
Block fire punch can do ex headbutt
Jesus chop can beat his dragon kick
Zero jump. Let fei long to attack you first and then beat him using croach hands hhs. Suggest to walk front and back to waste time. Don’t let him knock u down
Let him attack 1st, coach weak punch can win this match
fei uses medium cut down kick, use weak headbutt
when honda wakeup in the corner, fei likes to use jump weak kick to cross up u, u can use jump back weak kick


croach hard punch, croach medium punch, stand hard punch
when Ken stright jump, dont press any button
no sumo splash
far distance, jump hp croach hp
block Ken jump in, u must jump after Ken landing
very close must use ex headbutt
hit back air tastu also do ex headbutt
be careful his croach weak kick hit your striaght jump hk, if u need stright jump, u can use jump lp instead

Step kick, use focus attack level 1
lpmphplk for tech throw(u have extra 1 more frame to release throw and u will release stand hard punch after blocking 3 croach weak punch)
let Ken attack 1st counter him
move backward when he attacks or walks forward then u use stand hard kick.
use croach weak punch to beat his dash kick for far
and stand weak punch for close then croach weak punch(let Ken attacks you, then u press button to hit back)
Ken uses jump weak kick to hit your wake up, u can use weak headbutt

pull to back of the wall, weak headbutt can beat his jump. he cannot go to your back except rufus

When you do straight jump hp push back, you press croach weak punch is your best position
Let ken to do step kick first, then you can attack.
Croach weak punch cancel into strong headbutt
step kick on block is minus 2 for ken
His cut down is minus 5
Straight jump hp move backward then press croach weak punch is your sure win distance.
lplkmphp for tech throw
when u are wake up, Ken uses jump weak kick.
Block him and then ex headbutt or jump back weak kick then ex headbutt

block his step kick, croach weak punch cancel into strong headbutt

you can use focus attack level 1 to absorb his step kick . if ken is down, u can orchit throw. if ken is not down, not to move. dont use croach weak punch, u may eat his shroyuken

block his overhead kick

sumo splash is not suggest to use

After ryu, ken, evil ryu or other characters press 2 times weak punch, you press croach weak punch, u can hit them immediately

block 3 weak punch then u can stand block

block the jump weak kick then ex headbutt
or jump back weak kick then ex headbutt

After blocking jump weak kick, I suggest to use ex headbutt

You can use the win lose button to guess the player air tastu direction, if it is in front of the win loss button, it is front attack. If it goes to your back, the jump start after the win lose display

stand medium punch can beat jump medium kick to your back

you can use delay weak sumo splash for ken jump weak kick

Ken use far forward jump hard kick, U can use focus attack back dash. If u block, u can use back dash or jump back hard kick

jump front medium punch can beat ken or Ryu far air tastu

when ken jump weak kick in the corner, jump back weak punch is safe. Jump front will have chances to eat shroyuken.


only use your normal, zero jump
Must get close for this game
walk very close can do jump medium punch.
Play in medium sumo splash distance, when he release sonic bomb, medium sumo splash. Once knock him down, jump medium kick with coach hard punch to beat his back dash focus escape.
Use weak sumo splash, if he jumps to your back during honda wakeup
when u knock him down, honda jump in mk, guide usually focus attack and back dash, you can use croach hard punch to beat him
When Honda wake up, guide wants to use weak lp hit your back, you can use delay weak sumo splash, it works for all characters except shroyuken types characters
once knock him down, jump mk croach hp
Ex sumo splash to get in and ready for ex headbutt or backdash
stand hard kick him, if he release fireball, stright jump croach weak punch, stand hard kick (looping to do)
Stright hp jump for sonic bomb weak punch and then stand hard kick
dont use medium sumo if guide use sonic bomb. weak sumo during guide wake up


force him into wall and becareful his tiger knee when u walk front.
Some sagat likes to use stand weak kick to beat your normal, you can use stand hard punch
far away can do neutral jump for downward fireball, high fireball can croach. Do more medium headbutt to pass through fireball. When u jump in use hard kick can do combo. Use more croach hard punch
coach weak punch Hhs and weak headbutt to beat the tiger knee.
weak punch can trade his tiger knee
ex sumo splash can beat tiger knee and upward close fireball
Ex sumo splash for sugar cross up
when u push sagat into corner, if he use tiger knee, u can use weak headbutt or ex headbutt


you can back dash for his jump weak kick then u can use croach weak punch hhs immediately
poham method just use croach weak punch hhs is good.
Whether u win this match depends on your approach when zangief knocked u down
Not to straight jump even you knock him down
when he jump hp, Honda jump diagonal towards medium punch or hard kick
stand weak punch, stand hard punch and stand hard kick can do for normal
when he knocked you down, try to do ex sumo splash
ex headbutt also works in some situations
All stand hard.punch counter can combo with ex headbutt
jump back to eat his jump weak kick and then jump back again to hit him
Waste your time walk to and back, dont let him knock u down
jump weak kick, his next move is 360 throw. u can back dash and then jump back. If you block, you can press straight jump immediately. Ex headbutt also ok.
Jump hard punch, u may focus attack backdash and then jump away. The most good method is block and then block alll his normal. If time is right, ex sumo splash can beat him.
360 larrit u can use ex headbutt
Ultra 2 can catch his setting position using green hands after hit you down and then starting to wake up.
When zangief has ultra 2, you can use jesus chop to beat his jump. Remember not to jump.
Weak headbutt can reduce his blood.
medium sumo splash can beat zangief green hands

croach hard punch

Once zangief knocked you down and want to cross up you and do ultra 2, ex headbutt can help u escape


weak headbutt beat his phychocrasher
sometimes he will step kick fall in front then physchrocrasher
starting do phychro, u can croach weak punch hhs
becareful his phychrocrasher cancel
feel free to do weak headbutt when bison is down
weak headbutt when bison is close
croach medium punch when bison is far let him kick 1st and then u press it.(croach mp is a key to beat bison)
when bison uses air punch, u can stand to seduce him to press punch, you use croach hard punch immediately
After stepping you, u may try back dash then jump hard kick to escape
When Bison dash in forward, it is time to jump mp or jump hk
easy matchup
medium sumo splash when he is in the corner.
let him attack first. use croach weak punch
His air fire hand dropping can use headbutt
When he was down, he will use ex steps to escape you can use straight jump hk belly to hit him.
use weak headbutt when very close and use ex headbutt if he counter you.
If he uses physnocrusher during honda wakeup, u can use ultra or strong sumo splash
all his air hands can use croach hard punch or kick to beat him

when u hit him down, u can use straight jump hard kick then croach weak punch hhs


weak headbutt can beat his burning kick
medium distance feel free to do medium headbutt
very high burning kick, u can use close stand hard punch
weak headbutt to escape air burning dance
After blocking burning dance, jump away immediately. Once viper knocked you down, press down and then press 4 buttons twice , u will wake up fast and you can front or back dash immediately to escape.
If cviper read you to perform sumo splash, they will do high burning kick, you just need to front or back dash can escape
when she has ultra 2, dont jump in
For super high burning kick, this is to beat your sumo splash. You can press dash forward or backward to escspe

Jump foward fierce kick can beat all dive kick, jesus chop can beat yun dive kick, when they left the ground start to jump immediately.
Stand hp can beat his thunder dash ground punch


You must force her to the wall before starting attack.
Dont play normal with her.
Once u walk close, becareful she dash in to throw you.
only use jump forward medium punch, no need stright jump hp for 5 super level bar distances.
if she uses stand punch or kick, u just need to using croach weak punch. If she uses punch or kick, u just do ex headbutt to beat all her normal
If u do medium headbutt, she will do soul spiral, u can use weak sumo splash to beat her.
All the dive kick go to your back, u can do ultra 2 immediately.
Stand close medium punch can beat his ex spiral punch. Use croach hard punch to play normal

Dee Jay

walk in to let him attack you
block his fireball, it costs you 30 per hit. just walk in
play a close distance using croach weak punch can win
You can use empty jump to prevent his slide down attack. His jump in just block is ok.
Dee jay Close distance jump, you can use weak punch or kick to hit him.


weak headbutt beat all hits jump
one leg step kick only ex 28k can escape
cycle kick to the air, u can use any headbutt to beat the kick recovery, but he can control when he goes down, I suggest to use ex headbutt when he comes down
same as claw use croach weak punch beat his long normal
let him attack 1st
use medium punch
Let him attack and play counter. croach weak punch and weak headbutt
if he has super zero jump
close hard punch can hit his forward jump
only weak headbutt can vs his jump hit back
weak headbutt for his st. jump


HhsHhs. Don’t let him to have oil, ex headbutt him if he uses oil


After blocking dive kick, u can use jump back medium punch, as rufus may use jump hard kick to hit to kill u in an ultra. weak kick is to reduce hit box.
For your stright jump hk or hp u must be careful about his air rotating kick
After blocking air rotation kick, u can ex sumo medium sumo or focus attack. jump back hk, striaght jump hp
diagonal jump use weak punch
stright jump also good to escape from kick
medium sumo splash vs his dive or get close
stand hard punch can do
Rufus in high, dive kick will hit back
Rufus in low, dive kick to front
Ambiguous use focus front dash and then croach weak punch
jump back weak kick can beat rotating air kick
medium sumo beat his medium distance dive
medium headbutt to beat his far dive
weak heabutt or jump back for close dive
if he does ex kick, you can jump back
Dive to your back, your can use delay ultra 2, by pressing the 3 punch button without release
his rotating air kick connects with cut down, u can use focus attack or stand block it then croach weak punch


release ball is your jump in time
use jump weak punch is she uses stand weak kick to hit your jump in


use croach weak punch
weak for close distance
backdash to absorb the fireball is safe


u can stand block or back dash his dive kick. and ready for ex headbutt. The dive kick can hit the front only.
Slow sonic bomb dont jump
Ex sonic bomb u can jump
seth absorb then throw, Honda st. jump
if seth uses punch, u can block

when he jumps forward to you, you just need to move upwards for normal jump, it can give you big return. Sit down and let him attack 1st.
sit down to wait for chance to attack


if u do ex headbutt 1st, abel ultra will be hitted by you.
when Abel down use 28k
jump back hard kick to not let him setup when you wake up
u do more normal throw when he is down or after normal jump in.
Those character who like to do focus attack to absorb your normals, you can do weak punch into ex hhs because it is quicker than hhs to release.
When abel uses dash front medium kick, you can move backward and then move to neutral position and then move backward again. then use croach lp hhs. This is honda special move.
wheel kick, you can use close hp
medium sumo splash or ex sumo splash
ex punch 3 hits , you can use strong headbutt for far distance
close one, you can block 1st hit and then weak sumo splash
For abel cross up jump or roll to your back, u can use ex sumo splash
After you jump in or sumo splash blocked, they will use ex throw, u can straight jump or normal throw


keep headbutt distance to let hawk do headbutt on you and then hit him.
Turtle , feel free to do weak headbutt when hawk jump
once get close, weak punch strong headbutt
jump back can beat thawk jump to my back
condor drive, u can walk front stand hard kick
Jump in when he do condor dive
weak headbutt can beat close condor dive
Straight jump hp weak punch hhs
When you hit him down, just cross up him with jump mk strong orchit throw or mix up with hhs combo

If he uses jump eagle attack your back when u are during wake up, u can use strong sumo splash or reverse ultra 1 (press the 3 buttons without release)
or you can reverse block and then croach weak punch hhs or stand hard kick


weak headbutt, medium sumo splash
croach weak punch
jump mk into front can use
Dont let her get the chance to do air cut down
wait the cut down in the ground then ex headbutt
use jump mp, she jumps u jump
block her medium punches twice before u attack
ultra her if u knock her down and she uses back dash
force her to the wall when she doesn’t have ex
better to keep 8 characters distance, once he dash in, you can use stand hk
If she catches nothing, you can ultra
Her ex cut down and ex hayate are armour breaks
ex cut down needs to stand block, other cut down can croach and stand block
u can focus attack the normal cut down and hayate.
All her hand cut overhead are armour breaks
All blocked hayate, hand cut overhead can use croach weak punch to attack
Keep 5 characters distance
you can croach down to bait her to do cut down and then close stand hard punch
close stand hard punch can beat her close cut down
close stand hard punch can counter with her cut down together and then ex headbutt immediately for combo.
jump diagonaly weak kick to beat cut down for hhs distance
for hhs distance, you can use level 1 focus attack to beat her far cut down
Ex cut down, I suggest to block.
only far cut down can use medium sumo splash
After makoto uses 2 times medium punch, you can use croach weak punch hhs
weak punch hhs for blocked hayate
hayate blocked can use ultra 2
no headbutt except anti air
You can use focus attack to absorb her air kick.
Front dash to escape for air kick during honda wakeup
block and then throw her
You can use close hp to hit her jump
close hp around light punch hand distance above honda head. dont use jesus chop for her far jump in
better not to jump
sumo splash can do for hhs distance
close distance does not good to use


same as Ryu method distance, jump in when she fireball
croach block all her kicks.
ex headbutt can escape her one leg dive
stand hard punch will hit each other for the one leg dive
weak punch
walk in to play
Remember to block high for her quick jump in dive
play at medium headbutt distance
After blocking the wheels kick, u can use croach weak punch


medium headbutt
let him attack 1st, croach weak punch and croach hard punch

El furte

Backdash can escape, except he hits your back
he jumps then you jump. focus attack and jump.
headbutt beat his ex wakeup escape
Use stand hard kick after u block his down.
orchit throw can catch his running butt press down


only use croach weak punch and weak headbutt
Guide when he is not down, just neutral jump hp and then use normal. Jump in when he is hit by sumo splash. Diagonal jump mk croach fierce punch can beat his backdash


front dash and then jesus chop
once he stright jump ex sumo splash no need to think
dash back attack can use normal throw or focus attack. Dive kick u can use stand weak punch, for jump dash punch block it and them croach weak punch hhs , if croach weak punch is early, u can then press dash throw. It is not suggest to do ex headbutt for yun 1st jump setup. Block it 1st and do ex.headbutt for 2nd jump. you can jump forward to beat Yun startup of dive kick with forward jump hard You can hold on the end screen do neutral jump hard punch. once he gets very close, you can prepare to do ex sumo splash to knock him down.
Yun do dash fly punch, you only need to do fierce headbutt to trade.
if he gets very close, u can ex headbutt

block 3 321321 3 punches


Yang is more easy to play
stand weak punch, headbutt, sumo splash, jump front or jump back
medium sumo splash is useful


momo dash front works
once jump in or he tries to dive, back dash and then croach weak punch
far straight jump hp is useful
block one dive then do ex headbutt immediately
cammy hits back or jump back, u can front dash
only ex dive kick can go to back
cammy walk front, u can jump hard punch or kick. she is unable to shroyuken
jump back hard kick can beat dive kick 55
or double kill
use hit back normal
ex dive can beat Honda o
Stand hard kick for normal
ready to jump back hard punch for wakeup dive kick(it needs time to startup especially for non ex dive kick)
Use straight jump hp to set distance and then use jesus chop after landing
after eating cammy one dive, u can use straight jump lp after getting close
After dive close to Honda, u can use stand weak punch to prevent her 2nd dive or 2nd jump
use medium sumo splash vs non knock down dive kick or use back dash or jump front hard kick. Focus attack for far dive kick. 90 percent of dive kick is front side. For knock down dive kick, u can focus dash front.
Use close stand hard punch trade his dive kick.
You can try ultra if u are in the corner
when she uses croach hard kick, use st. hard kick or block it better. For medium kick, u can use medium kick to beat her
She dive then headbutt
block 1st dive move backward and attack her later or 2nd chance is good when honda is wakeup
suggest to use croach hhs croach hhs when she is standing
Her normal dive needs to jump front and then dive(when cammy jump, u can use jump hard kick to trade)
Her ex dive kick, she jump up can dive immediately, dont press release throw lplk, I suggest to use ex headbutt or straight jump lp or just stand block for this

when she dive and just pass to your back, u have to start doing the half circle and press 3 punches
3 123123 lpmphp press without release

jump back mp is important after blocking 1st attack and 2 croach weak punch

her air rotation canon ball has to croach block


Just press croach weak punch can win
When he slide down, u can do headbutt
Once you wakeup, press downward and 2 punch button twice and then ultra for blanka ultra 2
croach downward hard kick can beat blanka ball
overhead ball can be blocked
use short to beat long.


He dash punch with good distance, just hit you, you can use weak hesdbutt to hit him after blocking the punch, you will hit him by just touching him. If distance is far away, same as Yun dash punch, you can use strong headbutt trade with him.
neutral jump and focus attack when he dash punch. Stand hk for far distance. Hit back when he is down. Jump in when he is standing only. Jesus chop to reverse his croach weak punch. Walk in and ready to throw. Use stand weak punch to beat his dash, but need quick reaction. Dash overhead one can throw him
When he is start to wakeup, honda uses jump mk, claw will focus backdash, honda can use jump hard punch move forward to continue the attack
You can use ex sumo splash when he uses safe jump


orchit throw her stand hard kick for far good distance
let rose stand the attack
croach weak punch when rose do normal.
croach weak punch twice and then medium headbutt. if she tries to counter you by spiral punch, you can use weak sumo splash to counter her.
empty jump and go to her front
neutral jump downward fierce or croach weak punch. Stand hard kick.
Ex or weak or medium sumo splash to beat her standing far normals. Jesus chop can beat her down normals
Jump weak punch can help u to get in
Philipnoman movie

Evil ryu

only evil Ryu walk front can do stand hard kick
weak punch is into stand hard kick or headbutt if he focus
weak punch to bait focus attack for headbutt
weak punch can add with stand hard kick
ex headbutt or ultra for ex air tastu
His dive kick, you can use back dash and then stand hard punch
Evil ryu does not have ryu stand hard kick, stand hard punch to hit your stand hard punch
Your pull back straight jump hard punch can best his stand hard kick
He has stand weak kick likes honda stand weak kick which can beat your croach weak punch and stand hard kick. (Use stand jump hp get close to him, Use stand hard punch can beat his stand weak kick and croach medium punch also good.
Straight jump hp is important to beat his close fireball
get close and then jump in. (5.5 level bar)
Zero focus attack
focus his fireball
either weak punch or orchit throw
if he jumps, u may do st. jump hp or diagonal jump mp
dont do strong headbutt, u will have chances eat 1 set combo
Evil ryu performs focus attack, you can use croach weak punch ex hhs
If evil gets close, croach weak punch cancel into ex headbutt
croach weak punch cannot hit his focus attack area. only hit his legs or hands
dont jump when he has ultra and 2 meters, he can cancel into ultra especially near the corner

His dive kick uses stand front block

when u wake up, ryu uses fireball u can do sumo splash

when he is coaching, u can do headbutt

After blocking ken Ryu evil ryu akuma croach medium punch, u can use croach weak punch cancel into headbutt immediately

Evil ryu likes to use dive kick when you wake up, u can use ex headbutt, block or back dash then press stand hp

Evil ryu jump hard kick can use stand hard punch to anti air

Once evil ryu is down and wake up, you can use weak sumo splash
If you wait for his escape fly to the back, you have to use delay headbutt

Wakeup sumo splash can do, if u are sure to hit him

when evil ryu walks towards u, u need to do headbutt


ground game croach weak punch and medium headbutt when she doesn’t have ultra
after hit back and stand hard punch, Honda needs to fo back dash immediately
use weak sumo splash to trade then ex headbutt.
ex sumo splash beat the jump attack
Focus attack dash front to escape knock u down.
weak headbutt to beat her forward overhead medium kick.
Jesus chop beat air weapons
Ibuki has 3 consecutive kicks, the 3rd kick
honda can do focus attack or croach weak punch with headbutt combo
st. jump hp croach weak punch st. hard kick
For ultra 1, I suggest to press the 3 punch button without release.


Try to keep yourself and Ryu with the starting screen distance or more
Once you jump in u can only use jump hk croach medium kick fierce headbutt.
stand weak punch is important. it attracts for fireball and recover fast
Always stay at the position that ryu just cannot hit you when are croaching or straight jump, this is the best position for Honda. Then Honda can do
croach weak punch, stand weak punch

select 1
Ryu focus attack, dash in or walk in, Honda ex headbutt
select 2
walk in croach medium kick or croach, Honda weak headbutt or croach weak punch
select 3
croach only or 1212 up down up down, Honda stand hard kick just a touch only is perfect position
select 4
ex fireball, Honda jump in

The position that ryu just cannot hit Honda is the ex fireball position

Ryu is hitted by ex headbutt, Honda walk in is another ex fireball

ryu forward hard punch, it should not jump or headbutt
u can stand hard kick

focus type
croach weak punch headbutt or stand hard kick
ryu jump weak kick can use close hard punch
jump to back need to block
whole defensive play
keep 5 people distance
when Honda is down, some ryu like to use early jump to your back and then do weak punch, if u press stand hard punch early, u can hit him.
jump weak punch beat his stand hard kick
:Use coach medium kick to beat ryu medium kick.
I m not sako movie. Don’t jump. coach weak punch . If ryu knows Focus attack the hard kick, then only do weak punch. jump backward. no need to do focus attack the fireball can win this match. Some ryu likes to use jump weak kick, you can use stand jump weak punch, jump forward weak punch or kick. If it is close distances, Use straight jump weak punch is safe
His diagonal jump hard kick, you have to block, if u jump he will use strong shruoken
When you wakeup, when he do air tastu with 1 body distance, it hits your back. You can use back dash to escape
for 1.5 body distance or more, it hits your front, you have to block front and then he will go to your back
Actually for those jump just touch you a bit and can walk to throw you, I suggest you use focus attack and then back dash away better. It does not give chance to option select you
For Ryu medium jump which hard kick which hit you a bit, you can use jump mk (for medium to far distance)
jump mp for close to medium distance
hit box problems

use the startup of match distance as an example
1st fireball st. jump hp
2nd fireball st. jump hk(for those no jump ryu stay st the ground)
3. Honda can jump in the 3rd fireball distance

for those Ryu likes to do fireball doing croach weak punch are the exception case

when ryu does a honda wakeup air tastu
when ryu at the head of honda 1 body distance
honda can do a ultra when you press 3 button with 1 second, it can hit ryu

if you press the 3 buttons without release, the ultra will release at 1.5 sec, this may not hit ryu for his air tastu

If u don’t have power to block reverse air tastu, you can back dash or use stand medium punch for those air tastu to your back

Those ryu know to use stand hard punch to beat your stright jump hp, you need to play ground game, focus attack cancel orchit throw or croach weak punch stand hard kick


zero or few headbutt
Diagonal jump mp for 2 characters distance can beat his stand hk, you better hit him with stand lp or stand lk before you jump.
Jesus chop can beat land roll
jump mk is good for good position
Stright jump hp is good to chase his escape roll back
Dont press too much lp
After hhs, you can try ex headbutt
When he jumps to the wall, immediately press jesus chop 1st, his air rotating claw is super fast
you still have time to block his cross hand claw
Let claw hit you 1st then u can hit him
Dont attack 1st
claw press 2 weak punch, then it is your chances to press croach weak punch

after beat him down, u can use front dash hhs to chase or weak punch hhs

reverse block when he jumps to your back wall for ex flying rotation claw

When claw uses land rowing claw, u can use weak headbutt

seldom medium headbutt
Sumo splash get in, u can do ultra 1 if he jumps back
Jump hp, claw may uses focus attack, u can ready ultra 2

croach weak punch>stand block then croach weak punch again
croach weak punch then medium sumo splash
Use fierce headbutt to trade his far attack
Jesus chop can beat flying rotating claw or straight jump
When he uses land rotating claw, you can jump front using mk. or use strong headbutt to trade
His Barcelona flying cross claw on his side (does not attack you)can use strong headbutt
I suggest honda sit in the corner to play this matchup

If he uses hands up 1st ex, he will go to your back
if he uses leg raise up 1st, he will go to front

his backward back dash roll, u can use front dash orchit throw

delay sumo splash is good to beat his air cross up claw or air throw。

if he goes to your back and you cannot block, u can use focus dash to or backward. Jump back is another option. I prefer stay in the ground to punish


weak headbutt vs non ex scissors
his ultra needs to stand block

ex headbutt vs ex scissors
Honda play at defensive mode
weak headbutt can beat scissors hands during wakeup
toward hp -9 on block 0 on hit
toward mk step kick -1 on block

toward hp, when you see him press
you press focus level 1 immediately
2nd time, you can focus attack backdash, because oni will do shroyuken

toward mk usually will do shroyuken, throw
you can use weak hesdbutt, if oni does not do shruoken. after blocking step kick, u can move 2323 to bait shroyuken

better not to jump oni fireball. his fireball loses your blood so less

all scissors hands can use weak headbutt or sp headbutt to beat

stand medium punch if oni know to use stand medium kick
croach weak punch hhs
after block croach weak punch twice, remember to do ex sumo splash
focus attack his hit ground punch
ultra 2 to catch his dash scissor hands
let him attack 1st.
If you eat his combo, remember to jump back and don’t block, because oni can do strong scissors hands to your back.
pull all back into corner can beat his scissors hands at all positions
weak headbutt in the corner can best all scissor hands
Use croach medium punch to induce him to release stand hard punch, that croach medium does not need to hit him. After that, if you see him to use stand hard punch then ex headbutt. If nothing is release, u can stand hard kick

after blocking croach weak punch twice, oni uses stand hard punch, you can use stand hard punch to reverse

oni jump, u can jump mk

usually oni will use a step kick like ken to start up attack, you can use ex hesdbutt

if he use a oni splash after step kick, u can use focus attack
or step kick croach weak punch splash, u can use sumo splash
stand hard punch can beat his step kick
step kick stand weak kick fireball
step kick jump hard kick hit your back honda ex headbutt or jump back hard punch
step kick croach weak punch stand weak punch scissor hands honda ultra 2 or weak headbutt


when you knock him down, let guoken attack 1st. His invincible can beat you, except ex headbutt.
better not do sumo splash frequently, his invincible can beat you
Delay to press lplk
use strong headbutt
once you knock him down, get ready to use stand lp to combo into hhs, as he likes to use ex jump to escape
use focus attack to absorb fireball
Striaght jump with good timing can escape 2 up and down fireball
Guoken jump usually slow, suggest ultra 1 him
When honda is down in the corner, he will jump towards weak kick, u can jump back weak kick and then wait or ex headbutt
block his hands can do croach lp cancel into headbutt
after sumo splash on block, u can press croach weak punch
All his dive can use sumo
close dive kick use ex headbutt
Better not to keep yourself into corner, he can combo with high damage
when he gets close, you may ex headbutt or better jump back hk to prevent his throw.
No jump for far distance more than 5 characters.


after blocking wall dick kick, u can do weak sumo splash
jagar kick on wakeup, u can do focus attack and dash forward. Block his jaguar kick then u can coach weak punch into hhs
Stand close hard punch is good to trade dive kick and beat hit back.
U can use back dash if he does jaguar kick, then orchit throw him
u can use ex headbutt to beat his wall dive kick

non corner stright jump for adon
you can use back dash

Stand weak punch can beat jaguar kick in close distance
stand hard punch can beat far jaguar kick

ex headbutt for his far jaguar kick

Far jaguar kick, Honda can use straight jump to see whether it can hit his jaguar for far distance

I seldom see Honda use crossup or diagonal jump for this matchup

Use block his jaguar kick to start attack is not easy to win back the blood, it needs a little bit offensive for this matchup

safe type adon
Medium headbutt when he is coaching or walk front to u or falling down when he do stright jump
hard sumo splash when he stright jump (ready to back dash)
press back for this matchup
ex headbutt is for all of the jaguar kick
Adon likes to do a st. jump setup when he knocks u down. His option select can use ultra 1
If his straight jump not good, u can ex headbutt.
If he presses it immediately, u need to block 1st
If he uses stright jump in and press the kick during falling, u can use close hard punch.
Adon hit back can try ex headbutt close hard punch or weak 28k

28hk hard sumo splash is really useful for trade, get in or beat his straight jump

when u are in the corner, he do air jaguar, u can use ex headbutt or weak headbutt or close hard punch for trade
This is a crashing together matchup

double press the stand hard punch button twice can speed up to input

Back dash for front jaguar kick during wakeup
front dash for ex hit back jagar kick for hitting your back during wakeup

His wall air dive kick, after u block u can ex headbutt or stright jump hp if he jumps

Option select input
press croach weak kick 13 weak punch 131 three punches

The last 1 is to delay the ultra, u can use your eyes to see whether the opponent does the backdash

Try to press weak punch for 13 weak headbutt
then u will 131 for ultra

Strong hhs left hand croach lp, right hand mphpmphp

ex hhs left hand lp right hand mphpmp fpr 1st 4 input
for 5th input
left hand lp plus right hand hp or right hand lp+hp