Honda thread


Everyone can hit him out of or trade with the headbutt, it’s not hard. Even characters without a rapid fire normal can do it, like Dhalsim does with down-back jab or Blanka with standing short. Some characters don’t need to do this, but everyone can.

And nobody can punish the headbutt on block, it’s safe. The only time you can get hit after it is if you headbutt over a low tiger shot, hit Sagat, and then as you recover fall on top of the low tiger shot.


Gotcha. Thanks a ton for the answer, dude! :smile:


A good thing that most characters can use against the headbutt is to jump back into the corner when you feel that one is coming. When honda reaches the corner after doing a torpedo, he will immediately go into the ending animation of the move wich lasts 25 frames. By this time you are right above him (since you jumped back) and have plenty of time to land a fat combo on your way down. Of course don’t get too predictable and start jumping back non stop, it’s way more effective if used from time to time. The good thing is that the honda player will now think twice before doing a torpedo. And if he doesn’t it’s all good too, free combos for you !


I’ve been playing O.Honda recently, and I have to say that he is a very fun character. I suggest that people give him a try. He plays quite a bit different from ST Honda. You can play a bit more offensively because the chop (which is a great anti-air) is available at all times.

Here’s a video that might add some motivation [media=youtube]kZNVYnpBuow[/media]

This is O.Honda vs CE Guile (Muteki!)


If O Honda had N Honda’s strong and fierce slaps, better jumping short and butt slam hit boxes, and controllable jumping fierce, in other words, if he had N Honda’s better ways of getting in, he’d be a really good character (and he could use N Honda’s crossup jumping roundhouse. Love his cancelable standing/crouching jab, standing kick sweeps, crouching fierce sweep, standing fierce chop, and walking jab slaps. Unfortunately, on the characters Honda wants to get in on, he’s definitely worse than N Honda. I think he’s at least as good and in some cases better than N Honda against the characters Honda wants to keep out or play zoning games with, though. Basically, N Honda is better for getting in, O Honda is at least as good or better at keeping out.


Yeah, I understand that N. Honda is better, but O. Honda isn’t bad either and is quite fun to use. I like both.


Not bad overall at all, but he does lose to keepaway characters worse than N Honda. I like using him too, and I hope Remixed Honda has elements of both O and N Honda in him.


Ok, I know this is a stupid question, but anyways. How do I beat Blanka’s j.LK (and j.MK?)? I dunno if it’s because my timing is off, but my torpedoes get beaten every single time. Same with MK buttslams. Tried jumping Jab, which seems to be good at mid-screen situations, but not near the corner.

I have the same problem against every Blanka I fight. Please someone help this scrub :frowning:


Last-minute jab headbutt. Not so last-minute that Blanka gets to land first, but time it so that you’ll hit him as late as you can and you’ll beat his jump-ins every time. If you’re talking about crossup jumping short, you should probably just block, but if you really wanna get out then go for a roundhouse buttslam.


So it’s my timing then. I’ll try to tune-up my headbutt timing. Thanks.


Who are Honda’s worst matchups? In my short ST experience, I find that shotos/Sagat that know how to zone and SRK on reaction (most of the time anyway) are my main weaknesses. But then again, anyone who can SRK on reaction is a really good player anyway. I know that Deejay is supposed to be a big anti-honda, but I guess I haven’t really run into a super DJ yet.

In HF, Guile and Chun were huge counter Honda picks, but both seem more managable to me in ST.


I’d say his worst matchups are DeeJay, Ryu, and O Ken, and then N Ken, Chun, and Guile after that. I don’t think O Sagat is that bad a matchup for him, to be honest. I think he loses to O Sagat, but I think it’s like 4-6, although I wouldn’t object too seriously to putting O Sagat at around the same difficulty as Guile.

DeeJay’s probably his worst matchup. The maxout is really hard to get over because it’s so wide, comes out so fast, and can be made either really slow or really fast, and when you do get past it DeeJay has a hundred attacks that all seem pretty much tailor made to beat Honda’s jump-ins and buttslams.


I haven’t really had much O.Sagat matchup experience. Every time I find a guy who plays him I usually beat him pretty good, but seeing pro O.Sagat usage from Evo makes me realize that when used right Honda is definitely at a disadvantage.

I’ve also been told that when used right, DJ’s Maxout->Slide is pretty much unbeatable if timed right. I’ve never played against someone who could do it to me without fail (and once I get in, it is usually over), but I know it’s easy to people who play the match a lot.


Is there any way to reliably ochio out of balrog throw traps?


I been playing honda recently, and i like him a lot, he can do pretty well against almost the full cast, o.ken and ryu players who can do srk on reaction are my nightmares :sad:

And for the boxer loop throw, u can do the ochio motion with fierce~strong, if u fail the ochio, u’ll get the bear huge, i think this throw have more range than ochio, and the same than boxer throw (im not sure about this, if someone can correct it…) I do this and almost never fails to me :lovin:


Do stored negative edge command grab to get out of that, it should work every time. So press jab-strong-fierce and half circle back before you get up, hold the stick at down-back, and let go of fierce-strong-jab as you get up. If it doesn’t work because he’s doing a tick from too far away, just drum the punch buttons again.


What are viable things to do to counter Claw’s wakeup wall dive shenanigans, where he times a wall dive that may or may not crossup just as I get to my feet from a knockdown?

The usual anti-air jab headbutt doesn’t work very well since I lose my charge as soon as Claw crosses to the other side. It almost seems the safest way to act is to just guess a direction and block high, but half the time I just get knocked down and Claw does another wall dive…


Block or buttslam, depending on the situation. Buttslam will usually get you away from Claw and basically set both of you back to neutral positions, but in some situations, depending on where you are on screen and how Claw controls his dive, he can actually punish you at the end of your buttslam with slide and then start a new dive. Try to identify those situations and just block them.


Buttslam indeed works like a charm, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Any tips for turtle Guiles who are also incredibly patient and can reversal nearly all the time? It’s like fighting a spiked wall that throws fireballs at you.