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I’ve seen in a couple a videos, some Honda players do whiff low short into fierce hundred hand slap. Is there a trick to do this or is it just crazy ass button mashing? I’ve seen people do the same trick in CvS2, there I think they’re using “piano tapping” to get the hundred hand slap to come out after a whiff, does that same technique work in Super Turbo?


Hundered Hand Slap this BITCH!

If youre a member of look for the pony canyon SF Turbo video (VHS). It showed many of the input techniques used buy the Japanese Players. You don’t have to press the buttons that rapidly at all. It is very interesting. DL the video and watch it. The techniques are at the end. :cybot:


For the low short into fierce hands, I don’t know the reason, but it seems like it’s easier to get fierce hands out if you tap another button immediately prior to going for fierce. So for low short into fierce hands, it would be down+short+fierce-fierce-fierce-fierce-fierce. You have to tap it quickly, but not ridiculously quickly. I do index finger on the short and ring finger on fierce, and I tap the ring finger a bunch; obviously the ring finger isn’t the fastest one on your hand, but it still comes out most of the time. Pianoing doesn’t work in ST per se, but since it seems that fierce hands comes out more easily if you press a button right before fierce, you can tap strong-fierce-strong-fierce etc and either strong or fierce slaps will come out.

As for jumping short butt, it beats certain attacks if it lands on them, like it can beat/trade with parts of Guile’s low forward for example. It also cuts Honda’s jump short as soon as you press it, so it’s a decent way to move forward, especially if followed up by fierce hands.

If you’re going for tick into command throw, mixing it up with a jumping short butt every once in a while isn’t a bad idea. The best ticks into command grab are crossup roundhouse/forward splash into low jab, negative edge grab, but like with any ticking in this game, you need to mix it up. There are no real negative consequences to getting reversaled out of the grab because you’ll just block and be able to go for headbutt/hands/grab/whatever, but still, you’d rather get command grab than not, so mix up your ticking by adding a crouching short or standing jab or whatever, you know, just to keep the opponent on his toes in terms of when he should try to reversal.

On how to get around fireballs, it’s really character-specific, but in general your tricks are buttslam (not that good usually), jump straight up toward+fierce, walk up and block, jump toward forward/roundhousewalk up toward+roundhouse, and fierce hands dash (get fierce hands out for the smallest amount of time possible and it essentially becomes a dash). Not great options, but that’s what you have.


Actually, and I’m pretty sure about this, piano-ing doesn’t help in ST at all. If you tap alternating Fierce and Strong, you’ll get the Hand Slap out simply because you pressed ONE of those button enough times for it to register. And I think it’s 6 presses of one button within a certain time frame (later games would reduce it to 5, and then they would introduce the piano-ing possibilities even later).

If you are playing on a joystick, oftentimes I use two fingers (index and middle) for tapping one button, alternating. But if you are on a pad, I’m not really sure of any good techniques outside of just mashing like there is no tomorrow.


Anybody got some b’n’bs?
I saw some vids of the best Honda in Japan, Kunimondo or what he is called. And after a dizzy he would do j.fierce, st. jab, headbutt for sickening damage! I’ve tried to do it myself lots of times, but can’t get it down. Has this something to do with arcade - console ports, or is it just me being to slow?


I didn’t mean to imply that pianoing worked; it doesn’t. I only meant that pressing a different button immediately before (almost simultaneously with) the punch button you want to tap seems to help get the hands out. And you only need to press whatever punch button strength you want 5 times.

For combos, Honda doesn’t really depend on comboing. Jumping fierce, close standing jab xx headbutt isn’t really that hard. Honda’s headbutt requires very little actual charge time, so you can just jump and start holding back and you’ll be good. That said, it’s easier to do jumping fierce, crouching short xx headbutt, just because it’s easier to link and then cancel into and from crouching short. Other cool combos include crossup forward splash, standing jab, crouching short xx headbutt and after fierce grab, walk forward, crouching short xx headbutt. But again, comboing isn’t real important for Honda.


Did he ever finish this?? Where is it?? :slight_smile:


I usually just go up and Oicho Throw people when they are dizzy (unless I dizzied him WITH the Oicho Throw… then you can’t throw them when they get up). :slight_smile: You can probably do a better Combo (I use Jump Fierce, Crouch SHORT, into Headbutt), but the Oicho Throw does good damage and sets the enemy up for some fun mind games afterwards, especially in the corner.


He has lots of options after a fierce grab, it sets up for just about everything Honda got. If you do fierce throw in the corner you can walk under your opponent and do c. rh and it will hit your opponent from behind. It’s nice because it really doesn’t look that the move will do that.


That’s what I usually do too. I only combo into headbutt if I want to end up at a distance from the opponent, which is obviously matchup-dependent.

You can walk under after a fierce grab against most characters mid-screen too, although the crouching roundhouse trick doesn’t work there.


Oh, so you can’t oicho them if they’re being dizzied BY an ochio? Didn’t know that, but it explains some thing i belive, haha.

One more question, does Honda have any tools against Chuns lightning legs?


^ if you dizzy with a throw, the dizzied opponent is immune to throws.


Only for Ochio or standard throws as well, even for other chars? What about other command grabs?


ALL throws. Regular or command throws, all characters. Probably a programming oversight.


ST advice: Honda vs Shotos and Chun

Trying to see what I should be doing in those matchups, versus what I do.

Vs Chun I try to guess the fireball and jump in with forward, if I knock her down go for oichios. I try to jump strong/fierce the neutral jump short.

Vs shotos I play more passively, I do look to jump the fireballs, or butt squash them, use more headbutts when they jump, which good ones rarely do (no reason to jump on Honda with Shotos.

These are the only matchups I really have trouble with- everything else I feel my Honda can handle. Just curious what you guys would suggest. Trying to get Honda to the level where I can fight bad matchups and win.


its hard, watch some vids


Try zoning the shotos so that if they fireball you trade with forward hk sweep. It’s fast and long, scores a knockdown. After that you can play your wakeup games.


Check the Honda thread. There is some good stuff in there.


Did check that thread- some good stuff in there, but not everything I wanted.

Looking for stuff like which is better vs Chun’s vertical jump fwd- strong or fierce? I know the positioning is the important thing.

The other projectile matchups I don’t have trouble with.


Let me check the YBH for hit box stuff. I’ll be able to give you an answer. I’ll get back to you!