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I dont mind if the guide isnt clean. I’d really like to read it! Could you please release it?


New Honda media - Tani (Guile x3) vs. Kusumondo (Honda x3) - Kusumondo (Honda x3) vs. Futachan (Ryu x3)

Put your mouse icon over the blue icon. It should be the 6th from the top and the last one

Kusumondo’s Honda versus Guile and Ryu.

Hows that Honda guide coming along RWD?


I love using Honda but don’t know much about him in reality other than that his lp headbutt is good anti air and to slap for chip. Can someone explain this stored Oicho glitch and how to properly use this move?


Nice, good to see someone wants to learn Honda

First thing you have to consider is what version you are playing. I think its already active in the CCC2 version. If you’re playing Anniversary Edition, what you do is hold down the start button, then while holding the start button down, select the SUPER TURBO version of Honda. You should hear a light tone if you did it correctly.

The stored Oicho Throw glitch is just like what it sounds. Go into practice mode, stand right next to a guy and perform the following: Do the motion for the Oicho throw (forward to down back + fierce) but dont press a punch button. Instead when you get to the “down-back” part of the motion, you hold the joystick in the “down-back” position. This “stores” the command for the throw (unless you stop holding down-back) Now, while holding the joystick in this position, press Fierce or Medium punch. If done correctly, Honda will perform the stored Oicho throw. So learn that first.

Once you get the hang of that, try applying what has already been said in this forum, such as:


One question I have now that I think about it, is when you do the spash (d+mk), when do you do the motion to store the throw? (as in, do you do the motion to store the throw while youre in the air crossing up with d+ mk, or when you turn around after the cross up, but before c.jab?) Similarly, if you store the throw while crossing up, when you land and turn around, is the store on the throw gone?

@ r3ko & RWD: Hows the guide coming along? Ive been dying to read this for forever it seems… :wonder:

EDIT. Crap, You must pick the SUPER TURBO version of Honda, and not the super version


I play the arcade version. Would it work on there without picking the old version of him?


unfortunately i play this match too often as honda. i don’t think there is another match in st where the strategy for a char (honda in this case) is “do nothing” more than this one.
honda anywhere other than the corner while claw is off he wall is just bad for honda; all the options listed above are desperation moves.

if honda is in the corner and vega goes off the wall, same side, standing fierce will knock claw out of his wall dive clean.

if honda is in the corner and vega goes off the wall, opposite side, a headbutt should knock claw out of the dive clean.

i prefer to just headbutt claw out of dives when i’m midscreen and he’s coming from the opposite wall; i’m unsure what happens if honda attempts to headbutt claw midscreen from the same side. that’s prolly the wierd looking grab claw gets grabbing honda when he’s horizontal.

hope this helps…


Crap. My bad. You must pick the SUPER TURBO version of Honda, and not the super version.


I’m looking forward to RWD’s guide as well - just picked up honda in the last few months and only really have the basics down, but am very eager to learn more about him :slight_smile:



O. Honda

Does anyone use O. Honda? If so, got any tips and tricks? He plays very differently than N. Honda, so I wanted to try him out a bit.


This post is old and this may have already been typed, but…hey…read my signature…read my FAQ…it’s obvious why I’m replying. :slight_smile:

While comboing may not be as important with Honda, should you get the opportunity, here are two combos to try…

Crossup d+forward (or even fierce or roundhouse if they crossup, too, but those aren’t easy to crossup with), close standing jab, close standing strong, standing fierce.
Crossup d+forward, Knee Butt (back or forward + forward kick while close), standing strong, jab 100 Hand Slap.

Note that both combos are all links. The first one is based on a combo I saw on the TZW Combo FAQ. You must land the splash deep because the key to the combo is getting the close strong to come out. The second…is one that I experimented with once I wrote my Link FAQ. I know it works on SSF2, but I haven’t actually tested it out on Super Turbo.

You can also try…

Crossup d+forward, Knee Butt (back or forward + forward kick while close), crouch jab or close short XX Super.

Let me know what you get. :slight_smile:


I have been using Honda since his first appearance in sf2. I can talk for hours about his matchups, but i do not have the time here to do so. By far we all know his tough matchups are Ken and Ryu. Chun is a tough matchup as well. but it is winnable. You need to get a big lead early on her and keep it. Just NEVER attack once you have it. DEFEND, DEFEND, DEFEND. Head butt any jumpins. Also his jumping jab works very well vs her air moves.

The most under utilized move for honda is his 100 hands. I have never seen anyone other than myself use this effectively. People depend on the oichio and use it once or twice and say “yeah did you see that i can do that move” then proceed to get raped the rest of the match. That move should be used in close range situations and not be planned. no need to store it when your opp is full screen away. The 100 hands is much more practical and useful. You can do so much block damage, that your opp will be like What the #$%$. I prefer the steam roller approach. Give them no room to breath and hope that they go into what i like to call Block syndrome. Where they sit in the corner afraid to do anything. Or the other approach is that they are clueless as to what to do and they proceed to jump up and down in the corner. Now you can punish them in the air with jump fierce or jump jab into butt smash. Also pray for the psychic Dp game, if they miss one you must punish it with a counter headbutt, hands or trip or throw if close. He does have good foot game but you must realize he has great range with stRH. It can reach very far and you can trade with FBs. This is very effective and necessary vs DJ and shotos.

The Sagat matchup is not as tough as you think, jump fierce is a great air move vs him, and Sagats FBs either miss you or they are easy to jump over. Do not butt smash vs him unless he is in the corner. Remember Hands!!
The Sim matchup is nice one. not easy but basically you just need to knock him down once and it is 50% damage to SIM. ill explain that in another thread.


More on Dhalsim vs Honda. I have played this matchup over 1000x. He has an answer to almost all of Sims moves. the Cj stops the slide and his hands pretty much owns everthing else. Dhalsims objective is to keep honda away. If you can keep honda guessing and keep him out you can win easily. i just need one knock down and this sets up the buttsmash insanity. When i do crossup butt smash (after a knock down) i can do many things. either a low short into head butt or another smash, a Lrh to trip him and crossup starts all over again. next i will do the oicho grab ( after buttsmash). crossup butt smash again. and hope he tries to conter grab then do another low move or smash. but @ this point sim has lost over 75% and is pretty much toasted. Once in the corner punish with hands again. The Slide beats hands cleanly so change up with low jabs to stop the slide then link the jab into more hands. also you must learn how to cancel your med hands into another med hands. tough to do but once you get the timing down it can lead to big chip damage. Another way on knocking Sim down or stunning him is through Jumping fierce or jumping med splash. Constantly change up your jump ins. once you get your meter built up sacrifice it to get in close by going through one of his FBs with it. also learn the timing of his Yogo Flame to sneak a full screen F.HB in as it dissipates. Once Sim has his meter built up things change and you need to bait him into blowing it off at the wrong time. Sometimes you can get over it with a butt smash but this rarely works. I still try and remain aggressive, don’t let sim get his feet settled or he can keep you away again. His drills/mummys can be tricky the trick here is to not use your instincts to headbutt them but buttsmash them instead. or block them and attempt an oicho, its tough b/c of block stun against this move. This pretty much sums up that matchup.

EDIT* any info on this matchup the other way would be much appreciated.
Edit #2 when i say cancel med hands into another med hands i mean do only the minimal 100hand button pushes and start doing another set of button pushes for another hands to come out just as the initial hands stops its animation. There will be only a split second in between the 1st and 2nd volley of hands.


^ Pasted on to the wiki!!

Also I listed the advantage-disadvantage matchups on the bottom. Let me know if those are ok?

EDIT: Oh wait you’re nothingness? Uh huh wow I’m a jackass. Sorry.

But, seriously, don’t you think that Honda-T.Hawk is more lopsided than Honda-Blanka? I mean, it’s all relative, eh?


For the matchups (pretty much in order):

Serious advantage: Gief, Cammy, Fei
Advantage: Hawk, Blanka, Dictator
Fair: Claw, Boxer, Sagat, Sim
Disadvantage: Chun Li, Ken
Serious disadvantage: Guile, Ryu, DeeJay

About the combos, Honda always wants to end his combos with hands, knockdown, or tick into ochio, and the hands is really only good if you have the opponent cornered. I’ll try that hands thing out though, didn’t know that close standing forward linked into standing strong.

Edit: Honda v Hawk is more lopsided than Honda v Blanka, but not by a whole lot. Hawk is a little less mobile, but can play defense alright and, if forced, can jump toward Honda with jab and fierce and at least trade with the headbutt and sometimes beat it. Hawk loses the match, obviously, but it’s not a baste like Honda v Gief, Cammy, or Fei is.

Edit 2: Sim could really be under “disadvantage” matchups, but I’d keep him in “fair” instead.

Edit 3: More waffling.


hm, check out honda’s fair matchups.

the 4 best characters in the game, lol.


THawk cannot jump in on Honda with nothing. his jHB has enough invincible frames to hit all of his jumpins. If someone is successfully jumping in on you with Hawk than your timing is off. Yes T.Hawk is more of a disadvantage than Blanka in a few ways but if i was to give one reason why T.Hawk is a tougher match it would be b/c of his Uppercut move. He can just walk forward and if you have fast enough reactions just psychic DP any of Honda hands or headbutts. Thawks 360 can be devastating to Honda but you must not allow him to knock you down at all. or risk him doing an early jump in and forcing Honda to either counter early with a mistimed HB which is then countered by a DP. or he can then link in with his 360 after he blocks Hondas mistimed HB. Unlike against Blanka (who should run when ahead)Thawk must keep on the pressure b/c Honda has a good enough attack game to go after Thawk when behind in Life. But Honda cannot (usually)attack a turtling Blanka that just jumps up and down in the corner.
I can agree with the Ken, Ryu and DJ match-ups but not so much with Guile. I’ll go into the Guile vs Honda match later.


Here is how i rate Hondas matchups:

Serious advantage: Thawk, Fei, Cammy, Blanka, Zangief
Advantage: Bison, Vega, Dhalsim
Even: Balrog, ( i would give a VERY slight advantage to ROG)
Disadvantage: Guile, Chunli, Sagat.
Serious Disadvantage: Ryu, Ken, DJ

Nohoho why that reaction to me being Nothingness?


I don’t mean that Hawk can jump at you from any range, I mean that he can jump at you from so that he lands a character space or so away; if you go for headbutt, it’ll either trade or lose, depending on the strength of buttons you pick and he picks. He can also jump at you if he’s already close enough so that he can cross you up, but sure, there’s definitely an area in between those two where he can’t jump, and good Hawks will know that. If Hawk gets into that first range, though, he can make you guess between dragon punch and walk-up 360. Of course, you can stop this with preemptive hands or by antiairing with neutral jumping fierce, but if Hawk thinks you’re gonna do either of those, he’ll just dive or not jump in the first place. Hawk can also play reasonably competent defense by sitting back with crouching jab, which beats headbutt and hands, but obviously this’ll only last so long. The point is that while you have the advantage at almost all times, the advantage isn’t huge like it is with Honda v Gief, Hawk does have games he can play that’ll make you lose.


Yes i have seen these tricks and i know exactly what you are talking about. If i see a Thawk jumping from far away, i simply use buttsmash or a straight up jump RH or fierce. or catch him early with a F.HB. Far jumping is a common CPU move. SRH works well against this too, as well as having them land on the hands. I also like to take hits on purpose in that situation to get into range for throws, point blank supers or point blank hands into HB. Thawk jumps in and hits my hands i do HB or smash, which hits him then i go on offense. Thawk can only get close enough to Honda for a Crossup if he knocks him down which is tough enough.

If he starts to do jabs to prevent HB or hands i do Standing RH (remember to block back while you do this) to trip him up. Ill also let him jab my hands to trick him into thinking i do not know how to counter this move. But all i’m doing is building up my meter.
The 1st move to do against THawk is to jump back and do hands then repeat.


Buttsmash isn’t a great idea at that range, since Hawk’s jumping fierce will beat it, go through it, or trade, and if Hawk then blocks it, depending on circumstances he can 360 or dragon punch. But yeah, the hands are good, sac throwing is fine if you have good ochio timing, early fierce headbutt is good. Far standing roundhouse beats Hawk’s low jabs, but if Hawk sees you walking up or jumping up to get there, he can jump and do the dive, dragon punch, walk toward and/or jump into shenanigans, etc, because he knows you don’t have charge. You can beat those options too, but again, the point is that these are all games that, although they usually go in your favor, can go in Hawk’s favor a significant percentage of the time, and that’s most of the reason why this matchup isn’t 8-2 for Honda like the Gief, Cammy, and Fei matchups are.