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ALL throws. Regular or command throws, all characters. Probably a programming oversight.

ST advice: Honda vs Shotos and Chun

Trying to see what I should be doing in those matchups, versus what I do.

Vs Chun I try to guess the fireball and jump in with forward, if I knock her down go for oichios. I try to jump strong/fierce the neutral jump short.

Vs shotos I play more passively, I do look to jump the fireballs, or butt squash them, use more headbutts when they jump, which good ones rarely do (no reason to jump on Honda with Shotos.

These are the only matchups I really have trouble with- everything else I feel my Honda can handle. Just curious what you guys would suggest. Trying to get Honda to the level where I can fight bad matchups and win.

its hard, watch some vids

Try zoning the shotos so that if they fireball you trade with forward hk sweep. It’s fast and long, scores a knockdown. After that you can play your wakeup games.

Check the Honda thread. There is some good stuff in there.

Did check that thread- some good stuff in there, but not everything I wanted.

Looking for stuff like which is better vs Chun’s vertical jump fwd- strong or fierce? I know the positioning is the important thing.

The other projectile matchups I don’t have trouble with.

Let me check the YBH for hit box stuff. I’ll be able to give you an answer. I’ll get back to you!

Chun vs Honda is a really difficult fight for Honda. It’s tough for him to deal with something as simple as jab FB followed by low roundhouse. He also has a really tough time with her jump back forward kick, and once she has her super charged, his options are even more limited.

Good luck :frowning:

Getting around Chun’s fireballs is really your biggest hurdle. If you can manage to accomplish that, the match isn’t so hard.

Hundred Hand Slap is really good against Chun, 'cause she doesn’t have anything solid to beat it consistently. So say you j.Forward over a fireball, hit or blocked, you’re guaranteed some free chip damage with hands unless she has super.

She also has a tough time with the butt slam in the corner. If she doesn’t predict it, the only thing she can really do is Short upkicks, but that’s kinda hard to time.

Also, just his regular punches (st.Jab and st.Strong especially) are great pokes. If you’re in close, but not close enough for an Ochio, you can do a st.Jab or st.Strong and keep mashing on punch to get free block damage. Charge down while you’re doing this, so that if she throws a fireball, you can butt slam.

That’s my random advice for now.

i have been playin honda for about a year now and against chun best thing i saw is just jumpin hard punch if she throws a fireball its prol the safest thing u can do

As I asked earlier in this thread…

Lol, that was me who was writing that ST Honda guide - it actually got about 95% finished, the only section I never completed was the character specific options after both types of grab because there is hella amount of stuff to cover.

I have no idea when it will get released as I don’t have my own PC hooked up atm, I might allow r3ko to release the ghetto version of the guide (which has a lot done except match-up coverage iirc) if people are interested in seeing it but it probably sucks and has a few errors compared to the version I have done now.

Just to clear it up, the minimum button presses for the HHS is 4 on ST.

Not really, you can use HP Headbutt which will sometimes trade hits with her, but the chances of that happening are really small and is pretty much a desperation technique. You can use jump HK and aim for her head which is a clean hit everytime, but I suspect whoever is using Chun against you isn’t using lightning legs when you can actually do that.

Yeah, Chun sucks for Honda… :xeye:

Could you release it anyways? Maybe as a beta? Then add stuff later? I’m certain there are Honda players like myself who would be very grateful to you if you did.

Sure thing, it would be nice to finally release something from it since a lot of love went into that guide. What i’ll do is get the copy I sent to r3ko and do a quick clean up making the thing at least respectable for a first public release, then we’ll take it from there depending on the feedback.

Sounds good. I look forward to it!

(you’re releasing it in this thread right?)

please do :slight_smile:

have you released it yet?

I spoke with RWD recently. Hes working on it.

Awesome! I havent been using much Honda lately, but no doubt reading this will revamp my interest hardcore. All it will take is one good trick to have me addicted.

Do you guys know if Honda’s headbutt can counter Claw’s super wall dive grab?
A friend of mine was playing Honda vs Claw in the finals of a mini-tournament and
it came as a surprise when Claw just grabbed Honda out of his headbutt.