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Just wanted to point out a small mistake I noticed. Ryu can actually punish Jab and EX Headbutt with Super if he blocks it standing, and there are other characters that can punish Headbutt only by stand blocking as well (Honda punishing Fierce Headbutt with st. RH being one example), so you may want to take that into consideration if you continue these videos. Aside from that this is pretty great. :tup:


Thanks, I’m gonna go back and triple check that. I know that there are plenty of characters that can only punish some moves by standing (Akuma punishing Fierce HB with Cr. Roundhouse, Gen with Standing Medium into Hands [Gen’s Hands]). Throw in the fact that some charaters can punish Honda for HBing in the corner (Zangief normals or Gen punishing EX HB with Super [been testing him out lately]), NOT TO MENTION the strength of the move or Super performed (Rog only punishing HBs with jab Dash Punch or Makoto only punishing HBs with EX Hayate), it makes for a lotta freakin variables.

And for the longest time I thought Bison could punish Jab Headbutt with his Scissor Kick, but I could never get it to work in AE. I even put Vanilla SF in to see if that still worked or if it was me and my sucky execution. It did (while standing lol). But not in AE.

Or Ibuki’s Ultra 2 punishing all Headbutts. Unless I’m missing something, Ultra 2 punishes all HBs except EX. I even had Honda pressed all the way into the corner, and could never get it to connect.

Anywho, I’m definitely bustin my ass to make sure the infos correct and I have no qualms about taking the vid down to correct it. I’m skeptical about Ryu punishing an EX but if its true the vid will be down today. FUN FACT: he CAN punish a blocked st. roundhouse with his Super.


Sir you were right and I was wrong. lol Just fixed the vid (as well as one other mistake). Thanks again for the heads up.


Heres part two of the Headbutt video. Let me know if anyone sees any mistakes.


Little known punishes:

Honda can punish all non-EX headbutts with Super. Obviously everyone knows you can punish hp.HB with reversal super. But if you block mp or lp headbutt standing, reversal hp.HHS (one hit) cancel Super works. If you block them close (headbutt still grounded and cancellable) you can punish them from crouch block.

The same standing hp.hhs xx Super punish works on Seth’s stretch fierce (not at max range) and Rufus’s c.hp.


Last video in the series. Let me know if I got anything wrong. Speaking of which, I’m not 100% sure if the Raging Demon grabs that Akuma, Oni, and Evil Ryu are safe or not. Kinda hard to test that out.[media=youtube]k8fV8qIe8aw[/media]


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Thanks for the vids guys! Hey, Akimo is back! Apology Edition indeed!

EDIT: BTW, is that Ken whiffing the forward+MK on purpose, is there some positioning issue or is that a slight nerf to his forward+MK?


Ken cant punish mp headbut with step kick if he blocks it crouching, besides that poor spacing it looks like.


big hawk, great idea, editing, and execution.

What do you think about a followup video series that illustrates specials/normals by the rest of the cast that Honda can punish? Would be a bigger project but man would that be a valuable collection of information.


Maybe we all can make it easier for him and start collecting the corresponding data?


A community project would be awesome.

Some ideas to get started:

-For a given opponent’s special/normal, would we want to list all punishes? or just the most damaging? I could see it getting pretty bogged down if we listed all punishes, but at the same time it might be good info to have; sometimes i like to punish with oicho instead of jab->hands for the knockdown/spacing (just as an example).

-for specials/normals that can be punished with cr. jab, I don’t think we need to worry about listing the rest of the combo. Some people’s BnB is still cr jab->HHS->roundhouse, while others will get fancier with it. Just listing cr. jab would be sufficient I’d say, even though spacing will determine the fanciness of the rest of the combo.


Lol, I’ve been thinking of doing something like that ever since I found out about Ultraing Juri Ex Pinwheel. But then I realized, “Daaaamn thats a lotta work.” But it IS something worth tackling so I’ll get on it, as soon as I can muster the strength. But if you wanna help, that’d be awesome.


Would help any way I can. We should compile the info in a reference thread, which would be a valuable thing regardless. As great as the existing matchup thread is, it doesn’t have a lot of that type of information. Maybe the rest of us could volunteer to examine a specific group of characters and post up. We’ll wait till the patch hits obviously, but could get the groundwork laid in the meantime.


I’ll help, definitely looking forward to this as well :slight_smile:


Sounds great to me. Right now I’m in the middle of a Sagat tutorial, but we can get started after that or maybe after the holidays. Hopefully I’ll be done with this next week.


Just uploaded a few matches!
Vs Chun, Gief, Blanka and Juri


I made a quick video showing my piano method (12123) for blanka’s jab to fierce elec. obviously you use the same technique for HHS