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I made a quick frame trap tutorial. I have all the footage for the next video just got to edit it all down, should only take a few days.


I like it, except for the fact its stuff I’ve done by accident lol. Look forward to the next regardless


hey guys sorry if this is a silly question but what is the theme in this old honda combo video?



Here are my matches from the last ranbat I attended.







Good shit, couple questions and things.

Vid 1
-I like the use of jumping jab, never would have thunk it.
-Were you deliberately disrespecting the Guile or what was up with all the stuffed buttstomps lol?
-Awesome tmnt mask lol

Vid 2
-Love the comeback factor on the first round
-If I take anything away from your stuff, I hope its patience. I really struggle with people who are willing to play lamer footsies than I do, and I don’t have the knack for getting them to do shit. This was great stuff.

Vid 4
-Walking autocorrect ultra? sick!


Sagat Tutorial

Latest Honda tutorial, and might I add, dear God I’m glad its over with. Its lenghty too (about 12 minutes) but I hopes its helpful to whoever needs help with the match up. Don’t know what’s next. Maybe Chun or that special move punishment idea. Anywho enjoy.


Great stuff man. It isn’t just the content of your stuff but the wicked delivery and style. Can’t express <3 enough, mad props!


very good video, bighawk

thanks for the shoutout and the compliment,

had i known that you would be making some kinda video like that, i would have lend a hand and give few more content, but still covers a whole lot, its very informative, and well done, major props for sure

the video deserve its own thread.

you and jewel are the only honda worth mentioning on psn, autopilot wont work lol

GGs buddy,… ps i got some new tech against honda btw haha. send me invite, id like to test it out


Sekaino Maruta




just helping out. questions, let me know.

e. honda at 1:04

want to know the vid doesn’t show dudley’s HP DP punishing honda’s buttslam or dudley’s super punishing all buttslams on block. this is for those who don’t know about it, if you do, it’s cool.


Akimo vs AFG


Next set of videos from the Last Ranbat I attended.


The bane of my existence atm.

I should have went in for another chip.

“No mental preparation what so ever.” I threw this set away. :confused:


^ Akimo = clutch


From about minute 15 - 56, i play four best of 5 matches, have a look if you can be bothered.


Yeah that was pretty nuts. The last mp.headbutt was really gutsy. Not sure if I would have tried that in that situation, haha.


asahi lager


Matches from a tournament i went to last weekend.

Losers Semi’s


Losers Final


Grand Finals



Audio levels got screwed up somehow so commentary is mostly in-audible.




[media=youtube]SxiTGyn6cbE[/media] Vs Four Wude (Akuma)

[media=youtube]uHFlbUQWdfo[/media] Vs Krone “We don’t lose that match”

There is more being uploaded and I have a FT5 with a great Gouken player.

[media=youtube]joTTnZ8B1bE[/media] Beating up viper 1 (Amazing Damage)

[media=youtube]93PdNR5TICk[/media] Beating up Viper 2