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I had matches recorded on my phone, that is until it got stolen. I managed to upload only two videos to youtube 6 months ago, and this was before the 2012 update. Looking at them now I realize my gameplay hasn’t changed much so I’m looking for critiques, and help. Thank you for watching.

match #2


best honda i meet ><"


my main is blanka, after meet takahiko, try honda ><""



Just trying to show off the potential of EX-HHS if I scored the 3 rep I could have closed the round out.


I still hate using the meter with super being hondas only real comeback factor, but for punishes cr mk xx exHHS - cr jab xx HHS - rh is pretty god damn nasty.



Another video against the same Gouken. "It was a set"
But it’s showing how important on screen awareness is. Also when I have him in the corner I walk up with standing jab to stop the jump and keep him grounded to so I can link into Super.


I want to get back into playing AE 2012 and I get this on my day back. Was this always possible or is it a 2012 exclusive?


Its been around for a while, not actually that hard to block if your aware it can happen.


Okay, it just threw me off seeing that happen. I need to do my research on the new changes so I don’t destroyed and look like a super scrub at tourneys.


Matches from Irish Evo Quals.


Video is like 4hrs long.
My matches are
Winners Semis : 3:32:00. (Most epic button fk up ever)
Winners Finals : 4:04:10.
Grand Finals: 4:29:00.

Feel like i played kinda crap in grand finals, made like no good reads at all and got lucky to win.


Good stuff dude. I wish I was a good enough honda to win my locals much less a trip to Evo. I wouldn’t sweat the GF though, a win is a win and you really had the Seth cracking backdashing SPDs.


old stuff from my HD, felt like sharing



vs a friend:





Here are the videos from my last ranbat.





From a recent tourney here






Guy randomly uploaded some of my matches from an endless lobby, my gameplay starts at about 6:15 in, not sure why he has fps gameplay between the matches lol but the street-fighter cartoon is epic.


Only thing I remember about this lobby was that I was irrationally annoyed at losing a round to that Rog.


That is easily one of the weirdest fighting game clips I’ve seen lol.

On topic though, good rog pressure that was on point.


Sup guys, long time no see! Here’s a very interesting vid from Sabin, about his CEO matches against FChamp(Rose vs Dhalsim) and Mike “Maximum Human” Ross(Dhalsim vs Honda, starts about 34 minutes in). The first part is interesting in itself to get inside a dhalsim’s mind. Second part is the same, besides Arturo playing it very badly, lol. Still, a very interesting analysis.


I watched that video earlier too, and I thought it was pretty interesting. I’ve got like a 4th string Sim myself and its exciting to play because its much more stressful due to things he’s talking about, and I found it interesting to hear how he felt unsure despite it being a good match for Sim. And I think he has a little “my character isn’t that good” disease everyone has. Except us of course, Honda has it rough amirite?

Anyway the fishing for trades at range is by far the most important thing to learn from that I think, and one thing I got from that vid as well was a reminder about the weak damage Sim does, so risking a huge random u1 is not quite as bad when it whiffs poorly as he can’t wreck us for it like how a Sagat would. Good stuff all in all.