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Sim has to pick u2 in that match, anti jump, anti headbut, anti buttslam, stops honda from going completely nuts.




I can’t believe I saw a successful u2!




5:20 Pom@hamu
23:14 Owarire



Owarire @ 12:27










Jumped into some of aquasilk ranked matches on my alt account when he was streaming yesterday, i managed to pull of 1 ex hands combo in the lag and aqua and the stream monsters thought i was using turbo.

Heres the vid of him checking my replay inputs.

Exposed Beast!!


That’s hilarious, nothing better than someone thinking you use turbo than proving them wrong. Good on you man


I recently started taking the time to practise the jewelman combos, and I managed to get two in one match!
On another note what should I be doing in this matchup?



Very nice stev0! LMAO @ aqua’s face! Also congrats Thunder Road Man!

Regarding Cammy: I used to try to stay the hell away from Cammy treating her like Rufus and seldomly attacking her, since attacking equals getting close and that’s where she wants to be. This is also the matchup where I started to use LP+LK+MP+MK option select(focus + tech) and where I also started to use far s.MK as a ghetto anti air. My crappy strat was to hit and run, get a focus crumple(from badly spaced cannon drills/dive kicks) to do some damage or throw badly timed frame traps and go for safe jump setups and then in both cases get the hell away from her.


How does this work? if they go for a throw you tech hit, but if they dont go for a throw you start your FADC animation?

Im guessing this just works when they are not hitting deep?


Exactly. Hold forward/back, press LP+LK+MP+MK, quickly press forward/back again. It’s not something you can mash at all, you have to learn when to use it, and it mostly depends on your opponent’s actions.

Yup. It’s just a gimmick tho. Far s.HP is better overall, MK is just faster in startup and recovery.


A match of mine got uploaded on yogaflame, pretty nice combo in the second round.



that was sick


Best part is after the combo hits, the guy is clearly terrified and mindfucked so there’s the walkup command grab. Heh.


Damn cool combo the Cody player must have been scared shitless free oicho lol. I need to incorporate Jewelman combos in my game. Though it sucks the arcades here are not updated to AE 2012 so I’m still stuck playing Honda without LP headbutt for decent antiair (but I miss it mainly for ‘footsies’ and those quirky stuff you can hit people out of like after blocked hands) thus EX bars are mainly reserved for those.

Also the combo Akimo did to super cr. lp -> hands -> -> super does that work with anyone in the corner?