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I think that’s just character specific, as I know that after hands only works on Chun if she’s crouching.


Read this:

cMK xx EX Headbutt: Ryu, E. Ryu, Ken, Dan, Ibuki, Juri, Rose, Claw
cMK xx HP Headbutt: Gouki, Oni, Makoto, Chun-Li, C. Viper, Dicta, Blanka (standing), Rufus

All crouching besides Blanka. On crouching Blanka it doesn’t work. Of course you can do cMK xx Super too


Thanks man. I really want to know this character specific combos (the only character specific I know is the EX buttslam ender after hands on balrog lol) if only occasionally used it’s still important to get as much as you can out of a combo.


I just used those specific combos in actual matches today! Lol. Against ryu, blanka and chun. At first I forgot that it’s supposed to be EX headbutt on ryu and with blanka he must be standing but I got the opportunity again later in the match.

It even won me the match against the chun player lol cr.lp ->hands->>super lololol

this is good stuff thank you


For those who missed it, now featured on funny & cool moments(00:34):
Very nice combo by Stev0!



Finally got around to recording some of my ladder matches. I am hoping some of you guys can give me some advice, specifcally on 0:35:28 this DJ matchup i am just really lost.

A few things i noticed off the bat is i headbutt A LOT, I should mix it up more. i am dropping some HHS at some key points which makes me lose some matches, so maybe I should spend more time in training. Also I finally thought about something when watching me get dive kicked, the way i am used to reading jump ins is look at where they take off from to determine how to block but against dive kicks i should rather think about it like, just block back no matter where they are taking off from, and then if you notice they ARENT dive kicking you, then you need to quickly react and block cross up if you have time.


Here’s a pretty good honda mirror match. Turns out ex headbutt is godlike.


Hiddie Hoe Hondas. Finally finished my basic Honda tutorial. At 15 plus min, its a longin (apparently I can’t make short tutorials)[media=youtube]hsFiQPtX7Ww[/media] but its good basic material for anyone new to E. Honda.


Great stuff, and hell I learned something. I didn’t realize it was the second headbutt of super that loses projectile invincibility. Frankly, it explains a lot of losses lol. Also I think U1 has a weird invincibility there too, ever try it on ibuki’s EX kunai? Goes through first one, stuffed by the second one.




This is a FT5 i played against a very good irish cody player. He’s the only cody ive ever played who knows how to play this match-up correctly, cody has amazing zoning tools and imo this is a very frustrating/difficult matchup.


Hope this set gives people an idea of what kind of problems exist in this matchup.

Having rewatched this i think im just gonna stop picking U1, it never even occurs to me as an option most of the time, as someone who didnt play vanilla and used u2 exclusively in super i just have never gotten the hang of u1.

Bonus footage of me playing a quick set vs a strong akuma/sagat player whose tryna pickup feilong. Starts at 34 minutes.


old stuff I found of my friend on my HD

[spoiler=liorec (Honda)]




Not a match video, but I always wanted to pull this off back when I played Honda. Today I finally did it. :smiley:


honda has a 720?


In Super his U2 was a 720 input and it was a 0 frame grab like Zangief/T. Hawk/Hakan. They neutered it in AE.


sorry, I understand, I thought you were playing AE


Yeah, I switched the version back to Super to try it with Honda after I got s720 with Gief, Hawk, and Hakan. In the full video of my attempt at it you can see the “Super” emblem pops up between Honda and Dan before the training room loads.


Winners Finals from recent tourney, top 2 got entrance into a 25th anniversary qualifier held in Paris where 16 European countries send 2 players, top 2 in that get tickets to San Francisco.


Hopefully i’ll do well in Paris, most likely college work would prevent me from going to america anyway but it’ll still be worth it for casuals, MM etc.

I played guile in the Grand Finals run-back, I’m really liking guile recently, i know he’s supposed to have a lot of bad matches too but I enjoy the way he gets to dictate the pace of a round as opposed to how honda has to chase and rely on random outputs of damage.


Good stuff as always. Don’t suppose you’re coming out to Canada Cup? I know its awfully far out but hey wanted to ask :slight_smile:


I’m already underwater with the coursework in my masters atm lol, while i’d love to go, it’d be pretty much academic suicide.


Can always give a prof a hundred slaps and then kick them in the knee! Not that it would help but just saying heh.