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Great vid! Your presentation is always awesome! A couple corrections tho:
Buttslam: Ex has the most “relative” invincibility(you have one invincible frame with an active hitbox) but only has 9 total invincible frames. Forward kick has the most total invincible frames at 13(the first frame afterwards is a frame with an active hitbox), then Light and Roundhouse both have 12 invincible frames, with one full vulnerable frame without an active hitbox after the invincibility is over.
Super: it has full projectile invincibility in all its active frames AND between its two hits if the first hit doesn’t touch the opponent. It only loses projectile invincibility when it hits. Also both hits can be focused, for some weird reason they don’t break armor. Finally, as almost every super, Jab super comes out the fastest.
Sorry for being a pain in the ass :frowning: Keep the vids coming! :smiley:
PS: The stick that you have there(when you slide) is the one I borrowed for a tourney because is easier to plink the select/back button(allowing to plink the jab! easier jab into hands after ex hands!).



Dem Oichos damn…



S. Yama @ 11:55 and 14:07
Owarire @ 18:09 and 26:22




Sorry for the low quality… Here are some of my matches from some High-Ranked EU Players

Please give me some tips!!!


I can help a bit with the DeeJay matchup since i used to main him.
You shouldn’t give up pressure against him, he’s free to low moves on wakeup since his ex-upkicks wiff crouching opponents, So once you get a kd, meaty the shit out of him with or, c.lp-hands. Your jumping mp doesn’t beat slide clean anymore, so get in the lab to try to get the distance and timing where your hits DeeJay on the head. I could see you tried it a few times, but got picked out of the air or traded in DJ’s favour. DeeJay doesn’t really have an answer for neutral j.HP out of hit upkick range, and if he sobats out of frustration, it’s a free combo for you. Play him patient and once you have the life lead just sit on it, don’t focus slashers, just jump them and you should be ok.


Frech 25th Anniversary Qualifiers




Me versus TS Sabin online @ 0:32:30

Second ultra was trying to nab a yoga sniper that didn’t come out. First time playing a pro online that was being streamed so I was nervous lol


Yesterday I saw this srklive stream: “Hadocon IV”(the baby is finally sleeping all night long sometimes, yay!). I was very happy to see @hoodaman take it, congrats! I only saw the grand finals but I heard lots of praise for him so I checked the archive today for more hot Honda action by him and this is what I found:
Archive link:
05:53:34 vs Disablel(Honda)
10:56:00 vs. PR Rog(Balrog)
12:09:00 vs Crizzle(Viper) - Winners Finals
12:23:37 vs Julio(Yun) - Grand Finals

I was surprised to see Hoodaman beat PR Rog in a convincing fashion. I was more surprised when I heard the commentators say that this wasn’t the first time it happened and they mentioned a “ToF 6” so I tracked it down and found some more hot Hoodaman action!(warning: commentators suck on most of this one, seems like they think honda is top tier or something, LMAO@ the rufus matchup being in honda’s favor!)
Archive link: [media=youtube]b5iQSz3uBmc[/media]
1:46:00 vs El Cubano Loco(Claw-Vega)
2:33:20 vs Ricky Ortiz(Rufus) - Winners Semifinals
3:29:23 vs Kineda(Akuma)
3:50:47 vs LPN(Balrog) - Losers Semifinals
4:09:02 vs PR Rog(Balrog) - Losers Finals
4:17:01 vs Ricky Ortiz(Rufus) - Grand Finals

Great matches!


solid play from hoodaman, i must admit. him and cuongster are getting some crazy rep these days


Yeah, I was really surprised he beat Pr Balrog, since PR always beat Mike Ross, and he eliminated Cuongster at CC. Really great play by Hoodaman, he makes balrog match loos less difficult.


Can some guys teach me how to reverse Blanka ultra 2 without blocking it?


I dont think Honda has anything to deal with Blankas U2. Maybe Ex Buttslam, but i’m pretty sure that’s wrong


IIRC ultra 1 done on reaction beats it clean. Haven’t played in ages so I might be wrong.


I just visit character discussion for blanka. It talks about ultra 2. Are there any video for reference
E. Honda - holding back during ultra flash (not down back, this makes your hitbox just large enough to be forced to block the first hit), you can ex headbut right after the ultra flash, or you can ultra 1 while he’s pounding his fist for the first hit (again, you need to only hold back for this), also jump forward s.rh hits


I know you can jump the first hit and then Oicho him out of the second part if you are close enough. That’s usually what I do if Blankas just throw it out. I don’t know about if he does it on your wake up though. I imagine you can just ultra 1 it, but I haven’t tried.




At Socal - Hoodaman vs Snake Eyez:

starts at 2:43:40.
Hoodaman beating probabelly the best gief in the world. Those triple hands combos, boy Hoodaman is really strong.




Honda at 4:25 onwards