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nice couple of matches Coungster vs. Alioune


wow holy shit i didnt know you could do that, who knew you could do that?!?! I have never seen that before. still learning new shit, is it only possible from EX?


Coungster gets tagged with low drills way too often, even when he has health advantage. Why no block low?


Could coungster have used nj jab to catch Cammy’s roundhouses?


I don’t think so, the nj. hp passes over them and the rh tags you on the way down.


Casual matches with a coworker who mains Chun/Evil Ryu/Dudley. We play each other frequently so a lot of stuff that you see here is a result of habits I guess.


EVO 2013 pool match of my friend Hoodaman.

He told me the Rufus player almost beat Daigo at a past NCR.
Edit: The video messed up, I replaced it with a working one.


Am I the only one that can’t watch the video?


It’s fixed now, I just replaced it with a working one.


Some 3v3 vids from CEO 2013 I recorded.

LLL Momi (Fei) vs. Mike Ross

Emersion (Vega) vs. Mike Ross


LLL MBR (Akuma) vs. Mike Ross


After I watched it again, it seemed like coungster was able to punish the roundhouse on hit sometimes. Specifically around 9:06 in the video. The majority of the time, the roundhouse hit honda out of the air. Not sure if that was just alioune just pressing buttons, but I thought it was worth mentioning.


I saw Hoodaman do an FADC off of a fierce headbutt in tourney. It’s hard to do, but very doable.




I absolutely love it Mr.SNK!!
Post ultra; backdash fj.HK ~ is this a 4 or 5 frame safejump that sometimes crosses up?
Hands into ultra on cammy?! Sick stuff man.


Last hit on hands is something like +14 if it’s a counter hit, which is what I reacted to when I hit cammy with it.
I think it’s a 5 frame safe jump after ultra.
And thank you! :smiley:




LOL, that’s so good! Gonna use that tech on all Fei long players! <3

Also, nice usage of headbutt FADC to make it safe. The only person who I’ve seen use it, is Hoodaman.


Oh I’m so stealing everything in this video